Ippo always wondered what kind of training Miyata-kun did in order to have his fancy footwork. He knew that to be faster there was obviously a lot of running and strengthening of the legs, but he wondered what else Miyata did.

So one day when Ippo ran into him, he asked him. They were talking a bit and drinking some juice when Makunouchi dropped the question.

"So Miyata-kun, I was wondering if I could ask something regarding your training" he waited for Miyata's response.

"Go ahead", Miyata figured it would be standard stuff.

"How did you learn all of your fancy footwork?" Ippo asked, being honest and direct as ever.
Miyata froze, then quickly regained composure.

"You know running and weight training for my legs." He was hoping Makunouchi would be satisfied with that response.
But Miyata wasn't so lucky.

"Well I know that, but how did you get so flexible and, um, eto...."

"What?" Miyata asked warily.

Makunouchi blushed and said, "Graceful."
Miyata was literally taken aback. He was about to retort when Makunouchi spoke again.

"Don't take it the wrong way, it's just that it may be graceful but it looks really cool, and there has got to be something special that you do."
Miyata considered this then abruptly turned to Makunouchi.

"If I tell you, you promise never to tell anyone?"
Makunouchi gulped then nodded his head earnestly.

"I promise Miyata-kun, I won't tell anyone."

"Alright then, follow me" Miyata said, figuring Makunouchi was a man of his word.

I know it's short but it is just the intro