Slaves of death

Rating: T

Genre: Suspense, drama

Summary: The team goes to England to investigate a mysterious case involving the sudden appearance of a mansion, only to find themselves facing something they've never seen before....

Chapter 1

The helicopter landed on the field, its propellers sending the grass in all directions. Five agents jumped out of from it and ran towards the big mansion across it. Agent Prentiss and Morgan drew out their gun from their holsters and positioned themselves outside the large oak door. Morgan signaled for them to move in. With Hotch behind them followed by Reid and JJ they ran through the great hallway, everyone ready for any sign of danger.

"Clear!" Prentiss called when she entered the first room, which was a big lounge with lots of old furniture and a fireplace. Morgan and Hotch ran into the other rooms, followed by another "clear". Reid called for them from upstairs, saying he found a body. All the agents ran up the wooden stairs, Hotch reaching Reid first.

"Where is it?" he asked, Reid led them through another big lounge and into a bedroom where a woman laid on the bed, very much dead. Another body was laying crouched in a corner, as though trying to protect itself from something.

Morgan took out his pocket radio and reported the bodies. "We need an ambulance and there might be more bodies here, we haven't searched the whole place yet" JJ told them she would search the rest of the rooms. "I'll go with her" Reid announced and scurried away after her.

"There is no blood and no signs of a struggle, what happened here?" Prentiss said not really expecting an answer.

"We need the crime lab to process fingerprints, fibers everything they can find" Hotch said and turned to leave the room. JJ's voice echoed through the mansion as she yelled that another body had been found. They all went to the master bedroom where a body sat in an armchair, a woman, her eyes still open.

"She was strangled, but no signs of a struggle, I think this was personal" JJ spoke and turned to the others. "We'll need to hold a press conference, first of all, this building shouldn't even exist, nobody had ever seen it until this morning, the media is all over and I don't want to give them a reason to send out false accusations"

"A building doesn't just magically appear, there has to be some logical explanation" Reid said furrowing his brows. A loud noise from below startled them all, Hotch drew out his gun and signaled for the others to be quiet and stay put.

Slowly he walked down the stairs, he was thankful they didn't creak under his weight. When he reached the source of the noise he breathed out in relief. A young woman was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, her eyes filled with tears, she had a hole gaping in her abdomen with blood gushing out. Hotch lowered his weapon and ran over to her, calling for an ambulance.

"I'm from the FBI, you're safe now, the ambulance is on their way" he spoke rapidly and applied pressure to the wound using his hands.

"Guys come down here!" he called for the rest of the team and prayed silently for the ambulance to hurry up. The sound of several footsteps was heard as the rest of the agents hurried over. Morgan ran outside to lead the paramedics in, Prentiss, Reid and JJ watched as Hotch held his now bloody hands steady, pearls of sweat forming on his forehead.


"Where am I?"

Emily looked down at the girl laying in the hospital bed, her wound now stabilized. She'd lost a lot of blood but no organs had been damaged and she would be fine in a couple of days.

"In the hospital" Emily responded "you were stabbed with a knife, do you remember?"

The girl stirred in her bed, grimacing in pain. The woman had not spoken in a british accent she noticed.

"Am I still in Suffolk? I do not remember you, may I ask your name?" she was clearly confused by what had happened.

"Yes" Emily's gaze lingered on the side of the bed, not daring to look her in the eyes. "Um, my name is Emily Prentiss, I'm with the FBI" she paused. "Your family was murdered this morning" she continued and lifted her eyes to check the girls reaction which was very unexpected.

"Oh.. they weren't my family" her voice indicated no remorse and no hint of surprise. Emily was at a loss for words, had they been wrong about her? Was she the unsub?

"Then what were you doing there?" Emily asked, she had a feeling this conversation wasn't going to be pleasant so she sat down on the stool beside the bed.

"I lived there"

Prentiss blinked a few times. "I don't understand. What's your name?"

"Angelica" the girl responded sadly, as though the name brought bad memories.

Emily rummaged through the bag she was carrying and found what she was looking for.

"You had this ID when we found you, it says your name is Sandra"

Angelica shook her head.

"No my name is Angelica" she said her voice empty of feeling.

Agent Prentiss was more than confused, she scratched her forehead and exhaled deeply.

"Okay you weren't family but you lived there. The house was a big place, did you work there?"

Suddenly Angelica looked up, her dark brown eyes staring straight into Emilys. Until then she had kept her gaze at the foot of the bed.

"I was their slave" she said softly, then leaned her head back onto the pillow. "Their bedslave" she whispered and looked out the window.

Though Emily had never heard that term before she had a small idea of what it meant, except the thought was so extremely aggravating she didn't know how to feel about it. A feeling of disgust crept into her as she pictured what might've been going on in that house for who knows how long? Finally she came to her senses and tried to the keep the conversation going.

"You mean they.. abused you?" she asked, not knowing how to put it in a way that seemed less awkward.

"Agent Prentiss was it? I.. I know this might sound strange to you but" she paused for a moment before continuing "I was born into being their slave, I've lived there since I was little" Hearing those words Emilys eyes widened in shock. Had they..? When she was a child..? As though the girl knew what she was thinking she added hastily. "I wasn't their bedslave then of course, I helped them in the house, cleaning and cooking and such"

Still that was little comfort to Emily. She reached for her cell phone in her pocket and stood up to leave.

"I've got to make a phone call" she told Angelica. "I'll be right back"

Emily paced back and forth in the corridor, nurses passing by giving her irritated looks. She muttered under her breath when she dialed Hotch's number for the third time. Was he deaf?

"Agent Hotchner" the mans voice was heard on the other line.

"Hey it's me, I spoke with the girl she just woke up. She says her name is Angelica and that she wasn't related to the victims"

"Didn't the Id confirm her as Sandra Richards?" Hotch asked.

"Yeah but she seems pretty certain about it, and also she says she's lived with them her whole life and that she was, well, their slave" She kept the other information to herself, not quite ready to expose the girl just yet.

"Pardon me?" Hotch sounded as surprised as Emily had been.

"Yeah I know I don't get it either but listen can you come down here and continue the interrogation? I don't think I can handle this much longer" Emily sounded exasperated.

"Ok, will you inform JJ about this when you get back, I'll be there in half an hour"

"Sure" Emily hung up and sighed. They had flown all the way to England from their last case in Kansas and they hadn't had a break since then. She was exhausted.


Five days later they were all gathered in the local police station, cooperating with a bunch of British people had not turned out to be as hard as they had imagined. They were all willing to help with the case. No murder weapons had been found and the cause of death was still unknown, puzzling everyone involved. The victims had been two females and one male and neither had been identified. So far they didn't have a single clue as to what had happened in that house.

"How is this possible?" Morgan spoke. They were alone in one of the offices, by request from Hotch.

"Not finding the cause of death is very unusual though it has occurred in the past, usually they've had something in their systems which didn't come up in the test results" Reid spoke in his rapid manner, quirking his eyebrows as he did so.

"We got to talk to Angelica" Hotchs eyes connected with Emilys and she nodded.

"Alright" she said and turned to leave for the hospital.

"Take JJ with you" he added. The blonde spun on her heal and scurried after.


When they arrived the girl was still sleeping. After arguing with a nurse for five minutes they were let in. JJ crossed her arms and sat down in one of the chairs.

Emily sighed, she knew she had to tell her. After she'd spoken JJ was silent. She looked at the girl taking in her features, wondering how the hell someone could be so unfortunate. Her hair was a darker brown like her eyes, she was small and skinny. Angelica then stirred in the bed and opened her eyes, finding the two agents staring at her in disbelief. Exhaling deeply she sat up, her face contorted in pain. JJ got up from her seat and kneeled next to the bed.

"You should lie down" she said softly. The girl immediately obeyed and layed back down. JJ blinked, surprised by her behaviour. Emily felt worried, more worried than she'd felt during her first visit.

"Angelica we have some questions we'd like you to answer"

"Whatever you desire" she answered and sat herself straighter. JJ looked very confused but decided not to say anything.

"Do you have any idea of who killed your, uh-" Emily hesitated.

"My masters? No" she answered firmly, shaking her head. "They were like a family to me.. except, I had different obligations to them" Both Emily and JJ looked away and pretended not to be affected by her words, which seemed impossible.

"Do you have any idea who stabbed you?" JJ asked this time, looking back at the girl.

"Yes.. I do." she paused before continuing.

"I.. I knew they were dead, I didn't want to live without them, they're all I know" Tears began to form in her eyes as she continued quietly "I know you must think I'm crazy, that I'm just a filthy.. " she was sobbing heavily and clutched at the blanket. JJ stretched her arm out and patted her knee softly.

"You're wrong, we know you're a victim. It wasn't your decision. They probably threatened to kill you if you tried to leave, right?" She nodded.

After a while silence fell upon the room and Emily felt that she could continue with her questions.

"We need to know their names" she stated and took out a piece of paper and a pen from her pocket. Angelica lifted her head and answered almost proudly.

"My masters names are not to be spoken of" Emily wondered how many times she had said that to various people. Or maybe to herself?

"They're not your masters anymore, Angelica look at me" JJ spoke and forced her to look at her. "You're not a slave anymore, you're free to do and say what you want" Angelica looked almost bewildered for a moment but her expression soon changed to that of worry.

"No.. I can't" she said her voice trembling. "Please.. " she whispered to no one in particular. "I can't do this, please take me back, I wanna go home"

"We can't, the place is a crime scene now, besides you're free to go wherever you want why do you want to go back?" Emily asked already knowing the answer.

"Because it's all I know" the girl responded, her eyes resting lazily on Emilys.


"God, this is unreal" JJ said after they'd left the hospital. They got into the black SUV with Emily behind the wheel.

"I can't imagine what her life must've been like" Emily said. There was only one male living in that house, she remembered his long pale hair and face laying on the floor. Had she not looked closer she would've thought he was a woman too.

The woman on the bed had worn a black dress, reminding her of a witch of some sort, her hair and the rest of her clothes in the same color. The woman sitting in the armchair had resembled the man on the floor, they were obviously a couple.

"It must be some sort of love triangle" Emily thought out loud while hitting the gas pedal.

"Can we talk about something else?" JJ pleaded and Emily sent her a knowing smile. Sometimes you have to think about something besides work.

It came out of nowhere, both women screamed as they were hit so hard their car was overturned and ended up in the ditch. The dark shadowy figure watched them in triumph before it turned and left the scene.

Emilys eyes fluttered open, she felt something trickle down her head and onto her nose.

"JJ?" her voice was so quiet she wasn't sure if she had spoken at all.

When she received no response she shifted and looked to the left where her friend lay, her head bent down, her hair obscuring her face.

"JJ?" Emily spoke again. "Jennifer, wake up" she fidgeted with her seat belt trying to unbuckle it. "Jennifer!" she called again and felt a surge of pain through her right leg as she tried to move.

Digging into her pocket she retrieved her cell phone and dialed 911.

"This is FBI Agent Prentiss, we're stuck in a car.. location.. location.." she felt her mind drift off and felt the cell phone glide out of her hand.

To be continued..

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