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I woke up to see my own personal Adonis, Edward Cullen, sitting in his usual spot. He was so amazing I don't know what I did to deserve him or why he loved me, plain ol' Bella Swan. But I loved him and he loved me and that's all that matters.

"hey" I said my voice thick with sleep.

"hey yourself" he replied in that perfect smooth voice of his that I would never get tired of.

I climbed out of bed and pulled him in a kiss, his lips were tenser and more rigid than usual. I pulled myself away and scanned him up and down to see what was wrong thats when I spotted his usually gold beautiful eyes were balck with dark purple shadows under them.

"Oh!" I exclaimed " I'm so sorry Edward I didn't know"

Seeing my remorse Edward put of his confused face and replied, " what would you be sorry for, love?" trying to play dumb.

" you know exactly what. Kissing you when your thirsty" I scolded "now go hunt. Your so thirsty!. I can tell"

"Fine" Edward said, " but Stay out of trouble and promise me you wont go out to Port Angeles or anything like that. I don't want you getting hurt."

"Me!" I joked "getting in trouble. Where did you hear such a crazy thing?" we both laughed but then I turned serious, " no, really Edward I'll be fine, I'm just gonna stay home and do laundry,clean up around the house maybe catch up on my reading, there isn't really much trouble for me to get in. I'll call Alice if anything goes wrong, which probably is not gonna happen. Don't worry!"

"o.k fine. See you tomorrow. Emmet, Jasper and I are gonna head up to Canada to get some good grizzlies and mountain lions. I should be back be 11 p.m. tonight. As soon as I get back I'll head over to your house and stay with you for the night, and I better find you asleep, o.k. missy?" He joked.

"I'll make sure to be in bed, love you, have fun!" I told him

"Love you too" he replied and with that he jump out of the window and disappeared into the woods.

I sighed. I loved my vampire boyfriend so much. Well, even though I was still tiered there was no use in going back to bed now so I grabbed my toiletries bag and jumped in the shower. I took a long hot shower and it relaxed me immensely.

I don't why but I had this nagging feeling something was going to go wrong. But I pushed it aside and got out of the shower.

I changed into a pair of grey sweats and a forest green tank top. I used to hate forest green, I had hated moving to the small, rainy town of Forks,Washington too, in my own words "it's too green!"

Everything in Forks is covered with moss or grass or trees. you can see why I would hate the color, because my eyes got so tiered of it. But now the color reminded me of the town I had met Eward and his amazing vampire family, the Cullens, in. I loved his family almost as much as I loved him.

The day went by quickly as I organized and tidied up the house. After I was done with everything I sat down and started reading Wuthering Heights, my favorite book. About three hours passed and when I eyed the clock on the wall I jumped up. I forgot to make dinner for Charlie. He should be home by now, I thought, but I ignored the fact and went downstairs to make dinner. He waked in as I was making dinner.

"hey Bells, sorry I'm late," he said as he was hanging up his gun and badge.

" no problem," I said " looks we were both late today. Sorry I got sidetracked and forgot to make dinner."

"It's fine, Bella, I guess it worked out so that you could make dinner right before I got home"

We sat down and ate dinner in silence. Neither of us were talkative types, and we were fine with silence. We respected each others privacy and both beilved that if the other person wanted to talk they would say something. This is how most dinners went in this house.

Charlie plopped on the couch and started to watch the remainder of the game that he missed because he got held up at work while I cleared the table and did the dishes.

After I was done with the dishes I was about to go up to my room when I realized that I had forgot one last load of laundry. I picked up the laundry basket and dumped the clothes into the washer.

I turned the washer on and went to pour the detergent when I realized I had used it all up on the last load.

I sighed and pulled a navy blue sweatshirt. It was summer but it was night and we were in Washington. I pulled my hair into a sloppy bun and turned to leave. I grabbed my keys and informed Charlie that I would be going to the super market to buy detergent. He just nodded and told me to be careful.

I glanced at my reflection for a second and realized that Alice would have a heart attack if she weren't a vampire and she saw me in this outfit.

I had promised Edward that I wouldn't leave the house but he probably meant Port Angeles not the supermarket. A trip to the supremarket was perfectly safe, right?

Boy was I wrong. I, Isabella Marie Swan am a danger magnet an there was no place in the world where I can't attract danger...


As soon as my angel woke up she came to kiss me. I wanted to push her away, I was so thirsty and dangerous, but another part of me wanted to kiss her forever. she was actually the one to break away from the kiss, she could tell I was tense. The second she saw my black eyes she insisted I go hunting and I agreed with her but I also didn't want to leave her there defenseless. I reluctantly left her room and darted through the forest.

When I got home I found everyone in the living room watching t.v.

When I walked into the room Emmet jumped up and pounded his fists into the air.

"woo-hoo were going hunting, were gonna get those grizzlies!" he said while jumping up and down like a little kid in a candy store.

I just chuckled and said " Not yet Emmet I need to check on Bella"

Emmet just pouted but he didn't argue

"Alice I need you to check on Bella to make sure shes gonna be o.k. while I go hunting"

Alice's eyes glassed over and she got a distant look on her face. But she soon came back to reality.

"As far as I can tell shes gonna be perfectly fine. But that outfit on the other hand is in horrible danger of me swapping it in for something much prettier."

Emmet, Jasper and I burst into peals of laughter. Alice frowned at us, clearly aggravated.


That just made us laugh even harder. after we stopped laughing she glared at us and said icily

"Are you done yet?"

"yes Queen Alice" she gave me a glare and then went upstairs still angry.

" o.k. boys lets go" I said.

It took us about an hour to get to our destination. when we got there we set up camp to not raise suspicions just in case.

Then I let my instincts wash over me and I smelt a mountain lion. I darted to it and decide that to entertain it. We were going to have a fight, even though the mountain lion had no chance of winning. It would be something to take my mind off of Bella.

I darted around the mountain lion, confusing it. It had no intention of putting up with me, to it I was just a nuisance, when in reality I was its predator. So it pounced. I darted to left and pounced on it in return, but I did not miss. A look of confusion and agony darted across the lion's face as I snapped its neck and sunk my teeth into its throat.

It was probably wondering how what looked like a puny human had killed it so easily. Little did it know that I was far from human. I was a menace to everyone around me, I don't know how ,I, a monster, got a kind, sweet, caring, beautiful, funny human to fall in love with me. I chuckled darkly as I walked away from the corpse, yes I was far from human.

I drained two more lions and a grizzly. I had been really thirsty. It had been a good idea to go hunting. I shuddered at the thought of what might have happened to Bella if I had been around her much longer.

"Well well well, looks like Mr. perfect just played with his food," Emmet said in mock shock "Gasp who would have thought!"

"I guess I did play with my food Emmet. Sorry for making fun of you last time we went hunting"

"You better be! and by the way it wasn't just the last time it was the last 50 YEARS!" Emmet yelled the last part.

At the sound of Emmet's yells Jasper returned to camp

"what happened?! Is everyone o.k.?! Or was that just Emmet being Emmet?"

I chuckled, "the second one"

Jasper nodded his head in understanding then went over and punched Emmet in the arm.

"Dude! you scared me" he said

"Sorry man" Emmet said feeling truly sorry

"well we might as well go now" Jasper announced " I'm full and judging by the fact that you were fighting and not hunting I would say you are too lets go."

We both nodded and started packed up the "provisions" we brought.

I stared at my watch. It was 10:00 P.M. Hopefully I would be in Bella's room in less than an hour.

After we had everything packed and ready to go we broke into a sprint.


Uh, I knew who it was without looking at the caller I.D.

"annoying pixie...." I muttered under my breath

"hey! don't go talking about my wife like that..." Jasper piped up, defending Alice. We stopped running so I could answer the call.

"Yes, Alice?" I said as soon as I picked up the phone.

"Edward get back here now..." Alice replied

"What happened to Bella!!" I almost yelled

"Don't freak out." she said trying to calm me down and failing " but I was checking up on Bella and I saw her doing the laundry nad not having anymore detergent and leaving to go to the store to get it... but as soon as she walked out of the house she disappeared "

"DAMN IT! I'll be there as soon as possible" and I hung up.

I broke into a sprint and ran as fast as my legs could carry me with Emmet and Jasper trailing behind and trying to keep up.

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