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Bella POV

On the plane ride over I snuggled into Edwards shoulder. My unbeating stone heart ached at the thought of him being taken... what if it he had not been fortunate enough to escape the Volturi. Even the thought of it made me cringe.

" My dear Bella what pains you so greatly? Please do tell me, when you are in pain I am too." Edward asked.

His face was contorted with sadness and agony and I could not stand to see that so I confessed.

" I cant help but think that you might have been taken." I whispered sadly.

Edward wrapped his comforting arms around me. He stared into my eyes and kissed me softly.

" Don't worry yourself over the past my love, we are together and now we need to focus on getting back the rest of our family." Edward said.

" I suppose you are right. We will defeat the Volturi and get back our family no matter what it takes." I said

" Thats the spirit love." Edward said.

Even though Edward was comforting me I knew that inside he was going through as much turmoil as me. I know him well enough to know that, at this very moment a million things were probably going on inside his spacious vampire mind. He

was probably wondering why the hell the Volturi had captured half of our coven and had taken then back to Volterra, why they had not taken the more talented of our coven, was it simply because we were too powerful to capture or did they

have a hidden motive behind their strange actions, whatever they were doing it was definitely out of character for them.

I cast aside all the thoughts in my head, rested my head on Edwards shoulder, and shut my eyes even though I couldn't fall asleep and thats how we stayed for the rest of the flight.

I stepped outside and glanced around the busy rome airport. We walked over to a empty parking lot where rwo cars and two motercycles waited. I hopped onto my custom made violet motercyle.

"Oh no! you are not riding that thing... its a death trap." Edward declared firmly.

"Honey, I dont know if you have noticed but I'm a death trap." I said with a chuckle.

" True" Edward replied then flashed me his perfect crooked smile.

We all got in our respective cars and motorcyles and zoomed off to Volterra.

The long drive gave me time to collect my thoughts, think strategy, question fate, and calm down my intense rage so that I don't start up a thunderstorm and get us electrocuted... for now.

The six of us stood outside the old gated city up on its own hill.

"O.k, heres the plan. we are going to penetrate the castle from the inside. I got a hold of Callista's old journal that she kept while she was prisoner to the Volturi. Apparently there is a secret passageway leading to the hesrt of the castle and

if she was correct when I do this it should be opened up." Jasper explained as he pressed on a old rotting stump.

A dank old tunnel opened up. We all filed in and started on our way into the castle.

" The Volturi is expecting us, I've thought long and hard about this. The reason they captured some of us is because they wanted us to come and try to get them. They figured that we were too powerful to take on alone so if they got us all

into their castle we would be weaker. This is why we need to take them by surprise, we need to penetrate the inside and catch them when they aren't expecting us. We then need to get the rest of our coven and get out as soon as

possible. We will fight for our family and our mates to the finish remember, keep strong, always be thinking, don't let your emotions get the best of you unless they will help you fight well, and whatever you do, DON'T fight like a newborn."

Jasper told us.

I took it all in and then I focused my mind on what lay ahead of me.

We got into the dungeon of the Volturi castle, of course no one was here because this was where they expected us to look first. We headed up to the main floor staying sharp and swift and keeping our eyes out for any threats.

When we got up to the main room they all turned to us startled then startled getting in battle formation.

"We weren't expecting you this early." Aro said with a smile managing to keep up the theatrics even now. " But our little fortune teller here wouldn't tell us when you were coming" he said pointing to a small corner of the room where we

saw the rest of our coven caged up.

Alice was in her own special cage and looked like she had been in pain. Jane had probaly tried to get her to talk. Jasper let out a snarl and was about to charge. But I held him back and gave him a calm-down-or-else look. He nodded and

took a deep breath.

" Aro, as much as we would love to stay and chat we came here to get our coven back." I pronounced firmly

" Im afraid, My dear Isabella, that we will need to compromise. You may have the ungifted members of your coven back, but we would like you and the elementals, Edward, Alice, and Jasper." Aro told me

" Well that just wont do, our coven needs to be together." I declared. " and I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but I guess it has to." I said

With that I gave the signal and we all lunged. (a.n. music starts now)

I lunged at Aro but his protector stood in front of him.

We fought and fought untill Renata was merely ashes. turned to see that even though we had elementals on our side we were losing. A lot of the rest of our coven had been put in the cages too. the only ones left were me, Meg, and

Jasper. I promised myself though I would fight to the finish. I kept on fighting and when I looked over I realized I was the only one left.

Bella, its Callista. Do a power fuse. Its your last chance. I know you can do it. take care of them. For me, please? Don't worry you are a great leader. I'll always be with you.

Some how I knew what a power fuse what. Confidence surged through me. I knew I could do this. I transported myself over to the cages and let out the elementals. The members of the Volturi stared at me baffled as I bended the

vampire proof metal that the cages were made of.

"Power surge!" I sent out into the rest of the elementals brains.

"What?" Haley questioned.

"Get into a circle stick out your power hand and beam out your power." I construsted

They did as told and our powers started to surge together. The immense force of the power made the ground rumble. I took the glowing orb of power and threw it at the Volturi. The force blew most of them the pieces. I threw a bolt of

lightning into the pieces and they caught on fire. The only ones left were Aro, Caius, Marcus, Jane, and Alec. I took Aro, Meg took Caius, Haley took Jane, Delilia took Marcus and Aubree took Alec.

Me and Aro fought hard. To be fair he was a good opponent. I was aware enough of me surrounds to know that everyone else had taken down their opponents. I had mamnged to get and arm and a bit of torso out of him and he had

gotten a foot off of me. I would constantly transport to different sides of him to confuse him, pelt him with lighting bolts, and change into different animals. I turned into a tiger and grabbed onto his legs and tore them off. He lay there

defenseless trying to fight back as I tore him limb for limb.

" This is for Callista!" I said as I turned back to human form, grabbed onto his head and with a sickening snap tore it off. I took all the bits of him and threw him into the fire.

The giant fire blazed purple as the leader of the Volturi turned into ashes.

I opened up all the cages and mates ran together, embracing each other tightly, friends hugged each other and as I looked around at my large coven I wished I could shed tears. Tears of happiness that our stuggle with the Volturi was over

and we could forever live in peace, happiness that we had all survived, happiness that all my loved ones and I could go on forever. I thought about my other family back in Forks. The wolves and Fiona that had helped us inour stuggle with

the Volturi . Yes if I could cry I would be crying tears of joy right now.

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