"Edward, sweetheart?" I kept trying to ask Edward if he was all right. His volvo go smashed by sombody(s).








Really, it wasn`t healthy to love your car that much. Last week, he spent nine hours washing his car. Nine hours. Really? He could have spent that time with me and the two month old twins. But noooo, he had to wash his precious volvo.

I got the idea when Alice and I were hanging out with Alex and Ryan. I was running my hand softly through Ryan`s bronze locks and I was wishing Edward would come and take me and the twins off somewhere so we could have alone time.

Then Bahm. Out of no where, an idea hit me. When we put that plan into action, Edward couldn`t believe what I did. He was a sputtering fool. And watching a vampire sputtering, is quite funny, really.

So I asked Rose if she could watch the boys, and of course she agreed. We couldn`t tell Rose what we were doing because she loved cars and she would get pissed at us. Emmett decided to come so he could get back at Edward for when he put blue dye in his shampoo. He wasn`t really mad, he just thought it would be funny to watch Edward`s reaction. Emmett was so right!

Later that night, Al (Alice),Em, and, I drove the volvo to the field Edward and the family usually played baseball at. We got six cans of gaseline and squirted three in the inside of the car and the other three on the outside of the car. When Alice got a glazed look in her eye, me and Emmett glanced at each other nervously.

"O my god! Edward`s coming! Hurry!"

She practically screamed my eardrum off. But when what she said sank in, I quickly grabbed the shirt, lit it on fire, and threw it at the car. Em grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulder and took off to the other side of the field where Edward, Esme, Jasper,and Carlisle were standing.

Edward was just staring at the car open mouthed. When the car finally exploded, Edward was finally able to look at me and scream, "Why?"

I just smirked his favorite smirk and said "Well, next time you want to clean your car for nine hours, instead of spending your time with your fiance and baby boy`s, think of this."

When I was done I started to walk to where Alice drove my car and got in and hightaled it out of there. When they finally came home, and Ryan and Alex were in bed, everyone started laughing and Edward just looked at me and said, "I`ll get you back, love." Then he walked up to out room.

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