"Love Thy Enemy."

By: XPeaceful-RainX


Dib muttered and grumbled angrily under his breath as he sat at the kitchen table. His face held a look of uncomfortable pain.

"Well, I have to go back to the lab and finish unpacking those new test tubes and install the new computers," Professor Membrane spoke, directing the statment toward his son as he walked from the kitchen and left the house.

Dib heaved a heavy sigh, causing another bolt of discomfort through him. He looked down at the bowl of cereal in front of him and quickly looked away, just the sight of the soggy chunks caused him to gag. He shrugged and went back up to his room, laying on his bed and staring to Zim's house, as he usually did when he was sick.

"What is he up to?" The raven-haired teen asked himself, adjusting his glasses, as everything looked calm and silent, which isn't a good sign when it came to alien matters. "Usually, he's heading here to ramble on about another attempt that he swears will destroy us all."


"Master! Master! I made waffles!" Gir shouted merrily as he danced in little circles, holding a plate of tweleve waffles stacked on it above his head. He ran to the couch and climbed next to Zim, sitting the waffles on the table.

"No, Gir. I'm not eating anymore of those putrid earth spheres of filth and sugary tree pee," Zim explained, referring to the waffles that were drenched in syrup, syrup, and more syrup.

", Master! Eat one! Eeeeeatt oneeee!" Gir whined, causing Zim to cringe and glare at the robot with anger.

"No, Gir, I can't. I'm busy, I must make sure that stupid hyooman doesn't risk or harm the smeet."

"Ooh, how are you going to do that?"

"Zim is not stupid! I placed a tiny chip-"

"Ooh, sourcream or bar-b-que?" Gir cut Zim off and asked what the alien truely believe was the dumbest question he heard come out of the tin pot.

"Not that kind of chip, you moron. A microchip. Now, don't butt-in again!"


"Like I was saying," Zim continued, his tone a bit more bitter and exasperated now. "I placed a tiny chip inside that stink beast so I can keep up with his every move on this computer that doubles as a human wristclock. I'm genius!"

"So, no chips?"

Zim let out a frustrated sigh and slumpped depper into the couch. He slapped his hand to his face and shut his eyes.


"D'aw," the tiny robot released a small cry of disappoinment. "Well, I'm going to go roll around in the mud with piggy. Bye-bye, Master."

Zim said nothing, his magenta eyes transfixed on the tiny computer that was fashioned to his wrist. Dib was completely stationary on his bed at home, causing Zim to smile at the readings.

"Wow, I didn't think my plan would work so well. I haven't even had to kill someone yet."


As he laid on his best, the warmth and comfort of the matress beneath him was pulling Dib in for a nap. He tried to fight the strong urge to sleep by keeping his mind focused on what Zim was really up to. He couldn't help but think something bad was going to happen. A small lurched from his stomach caused him mild pain as he groaned.

"Hey! Shut up in there. I'm trying to sleep," Gaz called out, feeling no concern for her brother's groaning. She snuggled back under her covers and pulled her skeleton plushie close to her chest.

Dib wanted to shout back but the tiny smeet that he was unaware of was beginning to form within him, placing his in horrible and sudden pain.

"Gah! What the hell?" The boy cried out as the pain got worse, the smeet rapidly growing. Unlike any human pregnancy, a smeet would grows to full term within three days of conception, the first being full of agonizing pain and the second and third mainly causing weight gain. The smeet grows to full size within a matter of days, but must remain within its mother, or in this case Dib, for nine months to develop a tiny pack that all Irkens had attached to their backs that all their organs were connected to.

Dib felt his stomach lurch more argressively as the smeet strecthed and grew, limbs bursting from it's tiny body, a head forming, and the whole "child" spasming violently. Before anything could register, Dib felt vomit force it's way into his mouth. He quickly clampped a hand to his mouth and rushed to the bathroom, eyes wide and slightly watery with tears at the horrible pain. He bent over the toilet and vomited roughly, the sounds of his gagging causing Gaz to get up and slam her door with all her might.

Zim, following all this on the small computer, smiled at this scene.

"The smeet is growing. My plan so over is a success."


Back at Dib's home, the boy was finally able to stagger to his feet. He wiped off the little vomit that rimmed his mouth and then brushed over his teeth to get rid of the foul taste.

"What is wrong with me?" He muttered to himself. "It feels like something's ripping me from the inside out."

Zim listened in and laugh manically. "Something like that, Dib-worm... something like that."

He loved watching Dib going through the first morning of the pregnancy. While Dib wasn't his favorite person on the filth-ball Earth, Zim knew he would be the most beneficial for the smeet. The human did, after all, have smarts, power, and, even Zim had to admit it, a charming look about him. That smeet would be the best, and Zim knew it.

It was important for the smeet to have these three key factors from the both of them. It would have to be smart to survive, have power to rule planets and crush his or her enemies, and good looks to attracted a mate in life to continue to spawn more Irkens.

For years, the Irken population had slowly been declining for an unknown reason. Now, with the population at only a few hundred Irkens, it was up to Zim's generation to spawn with whatever strong beings happened to be on the planets they were assigned during Impending Doom 2.


Dib laid on his bed and gently curled into a ball, his hands clutching onto his stomach. He groaned a little, when just as quickly as the pain had come, it left his body and he began to feel normal again. This was strange, what pain did that? What kind of sickness did that? That's when it hit him.

"Zim," he growled under his breath. "That alien scum is behind whatever this is, I just know, he has to be."

Zim laughed harder from the safety of his couch, looking at his tiny computer screen. "Gir! Pop some of that popping earth corn... this is great!"