The New Mutants

By: Joey

Disclaimer: Sorry, I don't own these characters, Marvel Comics and I believe KidsWB! (or at least they do for the Evo version) does.

Chapter 1

"The Open Hand-The Closed Fist"

It had started with an incident. A bank in Bayville was being robbed, and the new recruits had intervened, using their powers to stop the criminals and escape before scaring anyone too badly. They had hoped that things would blow over, they didn't expect it to headline the local news.

Xavier's School for gifted Youngsters, Bayville, New York.

"And so, with the help of several unknown youths with seemingly incredible powers, the robbery attempt was thwarted. I'm Trish Tilby, Channel 11 news."

Charles Xavier had hoped that such an event would not happen, but it did. He did not want his students to act so brazenly, even in such a heroic act. Not yet anyway. He was afraid of the backlash, afraid of what may happen to the students he had grown to consider his children. He sat in his chair, pondering what may come. He heard a knock on the door, he knew who it was. "Come in Samuel. We have a lot to discuss."


Bobby Drake had led his life with one reckless act after another, never caring about the consequences, he was surprised to find that this time he was regretting something. "Man...did we do the right thing today? Should we have stepped in and stopped those guys? I mean, the cops could have done things, right?"

Ray Crisp, the boy who Bobby had grown to consider his best friend, shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know, I mean, we took out those guys before they could do some serious damage, right?"

"But what about those people? The looks on their faces...they looked horrified!" Bobby's girlfriend, Jubilation, or as she was more commonly called, Jubilee, said.

The others looked downcast at the mention of how scared the bystanders looked.

"I say it we did a good thing! Who knows what the heck those guys would have done, I mean, Madre di Dios, they had guns!", that was said by Roberto DaCosta, the hot tempered boy had dislocated one of criminal's jaw with his solar enchanced strength.

"Yeah but where do we get off doing this? What if we go too far? What if we become the bad guys ourselves?" Bobby said, for once trying to be the voice of mature reason.

"Well, maybe walking that thin line is what we've been doing this whole time, we just never realized it." Dacosta shot back.

The others remained quiet.


"It is simply about the LAW Samuel! What if someone had had gotten hurt?! You're actions could have cost someone a life!" Xavier said, his voice rising. "It's about MORALS and ETHICS, about the right ways and the wrong ones! What you did could have had dangerous consequences!"

"It's about you're DREAM ain't it Professor?" Sam shot back, " It's about whether we're gonna use the OPEN HAND," he raised his hand up, opening the palm, " Or the CLOSED FIST!" he punctuated his words by driving his fist into the air.

"Maybe that is what it is all about, then." Xavier said, trying to calm himself.

"Well, what d'you want from us, sir?" Sam said, turning his back on the man, " YOU took us in, you set us on this road...but did you ever prepare yourself for the time when we'd learn ta drive the car by ourselves?" he turned back around. "Are you ready ta let us do that?"

Xavier was silent. He suddenly felt old, older than he should have. He sent a mental note to the other new recruits to meet him at the office, while Sam stepped out.


Once everyone had assembled, Xavier spoke.

"I realize that you all did a great thing today...however it was also a very dangerous thing. I still believe that humanity is not ready for us, and we can do, I feel the world is not ready for mutants to be so...proactive. But....I realize that you all are not the children I thought you to be. Therefore, I will let Sam speak his piece, since he was he one who lead today's actions. "

Sam cleared his throat. "Ah'm sorry sir, But Ah don't think it's any more simple than your dream, or what you've told us about Magneto's...or even the 'Get them before they get you' idea that some of the radical people take about mutants. Nothin' is as simple as y'all wanna make it! Ah've come to learn that much, now the next step is seein' what do with what you taught us." he said, trying to get his point across to a man who'd probably heard it all before.

"It can all be boiled down to a simple question Sam: Will you walk the path of violence or salvation? Disruption or Unity?" Xavier said, with an ice- like calm. "The Open Hand or the Closed Fist?"

"Funny you should bring that up sir," Sam said, before suddenly thrusting his hand out in a punch, stopping only inches from Xavier's face, who retained his calmness. He didn't even flinch.

"Here's mah closed Professor! It can used be the way Magneto said, ta hit, ta pound. Ways you don't agree with, right?" He then opened up his fist to reveal a small mouse, shaking, but unhurt.

"But it can also be used ta warm, ta support and protect....and as for the peaceful approach of the Open hand?" Sam lashed out again with his other hand, the palm out, stopping only inches from his teacher's face.

Xavier grabbed the hand and pushed it away. "You've made you're point Sam. You may not be the children I thought you to be. I should not be your judge."

Sam nodded. "Ah'm sorry sir...but Ah think it's time for us to leave." he said, seriously, not backing down, even after the gasps of the others.

Even though it was tearing his heart out to do so, Xavier nodded. "You should be all free to choose your own destiny. Those of you who wish to go, step up and stand beside Sam. You will not be judged."

Though they were only a few brief seconds, they felt like hours for Sam Guthrie. Then he saw them. Roberto, Amara, and Rahne stepped forward. He silently gave a prayer of thanks.

"So be it." Xavier said. "Good journey, my children."


A few hours later, the foursome were out on a highway, their bags piled up, Amara's thumb jerked out. Sam was pouring over a Map, while Roberto was zoning out to his Shakira CD, and Rahne was reading a book. Eventually a van pulled up.

They were prepared for crazies, anti-mutant thugs, aliens, heck even the Brotherhood. They weren't prepared for five hippies and a Great Dane.

"Uh...Thanks for stopping, y'all." Sam got out, not quite sure WHAT to say. "Would you be able ta give us a lift?"

The eldest looking of them, a man with slicked back blonde hair and scarf smiled said, "Yeah sure! Hop in! We'd be glad to give you a lift!"

Meanwhile, the others were deliberating. Amara thought they must be crazy, and could not be trusted, while Roberto thought they looked harmless, thankfully, Rahne managed to intervene.

"Ach, where are yuir manners? These kind folk dinnae have to stop for us but they did, and we should accept their hospitality, so let's just get in the bloody van!" she said, though in closed whisper she threw in "Besides, if they turn out to be whack-jobs, we aren't exactly helpless."

Roberto and Amara shrugged and followed the other two into the van, praying they hadn't made a mistake.

End of first chapter.

A/N: Well first chapter is done! Not really much of a timeframe for this fic, I'm thinking maybe a year from the current season. Oh, and by the way, if there are any fan artists who want to draw some scenes from this, go right ahead. And as long as you email me first, you site archivists can put it up on you're site. A major inspiration for this was X-Force #19 (A recommended read) and X-Force #71 (for the end part with the hippies). C&C is greatly appreciated!

Next chapter: The gang is in Boston! But what's this high profile academy all about? And why the heck is the chess club so dang important? And, the team gets a new Member! (maybe even two)!