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Chapter 13 "Steal this Planet!"

Previously: In the aftermath of the battle with anti-Mutant group Humanity's Last Stand, Doug Ramsey was shot and taken to the hospital, where he was operated on by Doctors in order to save his life, leaving his friends to wait, hope, and pray. Some, like James, mused on their past, others made friends, like Illyana, who befriended Kitty Pryde and gave her a pet dragon from Limbo, who was then named Lockheed. Meanwhile, Wolverine met with a mysterious woman about keeping tabs on the team. Eventually, Doug woke up alive, much to the joy of his friends and teammates.


Two days after his operation, Doug was cleared to leave the hospital, and was wheeled outside in a wheelchair by a nurse, as he was still slightly woozy. It didn't take long for him to be loaded into the van that served as the group's all-purpose car (and when a motel wasn't nearby, a make-shift home).

"He should be fine now, just make sure he doesn't do anything horribly strenuous for the next day or so, so that the stitches can heal properly." The nurse said once things were completed.

"No problem Ms. Ghazikhanian, we'll keep him out of trouble." Sam replied as he opened the side door to the passenger's seat in the front of the van, the others already following suit and getting into the van.

The nurse nodded her head appreciatively, "Good, I'd hate to see the boy I watched over all this time to get sent back here because he and his friends didn't follow the right advice." she said, "and please, call me Annie."

"Right Ms.Gh- Ah mean, Annie." Sam replied, "Y'all can rest easy, Doug's in good hands, if we need anything else, we won't hesitate to call you or Doctor Reyes."

With that, he waved good-bye and hopped in the van and buckled up, as James started the car and drove out of the Hospital driveway.

It wasn't very long afterward that Roberto said that he had an announcement to make to everyone.

"Well everyone, it took some string-pulling and a not so modest amount of cash, considering our number, but considering what we've gone through lately, I think it's more than worth it." he said to the others, who had turned to look at him (with the exception of James since he was driving), "But I have tickets for all of us, which include backstage passes, to Lila Cheney's concert tonight!"

"Whoa, Lila Cheney, _the_ Lila Cheney?" Sam asked, shocked, "Ah mean, her concerts have sold-out all over the world, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Melbourne, Ah mean, you name the city and chances our she packed the house to the rafters."

Roberto just gave a shrug and smile, "Hey, there are just advantages to having being the son of a multi-billionaire, I guess." he said, "This is just one of those, and wait until we finally settle down in California, then we'll be in style. Anyway, the concert doesn't start until eight fifteen tonight, so we have a couple hours to get settled."


Later that night, the group arrives at the stadium where the concert is being held, and true to Sam's words, the crowd is enormous, the parking lot already swamped with cars. British born Lila Cheney had only just debuted two years ago, an eighteen year old phenomenon from at the start of her career, her music, which had influences in it from classic rock, blues, techno, and punk, among other styles, found a wide audience of people from all ages and walks of life with it's adaptability style, and Lila's showmanship was second to none, turning her into an overnight smash, yet her take no prisoners attitude and refusal to give up her roots (she would often times just pop in at random clubs throughout the world and play small sets) kept her fans loyal to her.

"Wow, this is incredible, the line stretches all around the stadium, it will take at least an hour before we even reach the front entrance!" Illyana exclaimed as they approached the line.

"No we won't Illyana," Roberto said with a rogue-ish grin, "Just follow me."

The others did so, following Roberto to the front of the line, where he showed the security officer the tickets, who immediately let them in.

"See?" he said once they were all in, "Not a problem. It just happens that the ticket promoter owes my family a little favor, so I cashed in when I bought the tickets."

Amara smiled. "Well this certainly is exciting. I mean, this definitely beats the old gladiatorial games back home in Nova Roma. Much less bloody for one thing." she said, linking her arm with Roberto's.

The groups continued their walk inside, where they found their seats with ease, just as the band, (minus Lila) was finishing it's sound check.

"This should be great." Doug said, "Good seats, backstage passes, the works!"

Roberto just gave a nonchalant shrug, "Well naturally, and you'll finally get to listen to some English music, instead of Japanese stuff you always play on your CD player." he said.

"Hey, it's not like I have any trouble understanding it anyway, thanks to my powers, " Doug replied, "and besides, 'Priss and the Reploids' toured with Lila on her last tour of Asia."

Before the argument could escalate any further, Rahne stepped in,

"Oh hush, the both of ye, although I'm rather partial to 'Go West' myself, the show's about to start." She said, pointing to the stadium doors opening as the rest of the concertgoers entered and the lights began to dim.

Soon, amid flashing lights and a crescendo of music, Lila made her grand entrance, her black hair crashing around her face as she walked on stage with a purpose to her stride, her red guitar slung around her back via her right shoulder with she soon unholstered as she approached the microphone, ready to start her first set as the crowd went wild!


The concert went on for two hours of pure hard rock, the crowd loving every minute of it, Lila already having gone through two encore's before finally launching into her final song. Meanwhile, the New Mutants had decided to catch the last part of the performance back stage, so that they could meet Lila herself afterwards. However, with all the vibrations from the concert, one of the smaller speaker towers (three separate speakers chained in top of one each) was beginning to come loose. Doug was the first one to notice that the tower was beginning to look more than a little wobbly.

"I don't like the look of that tower guys," he said, pointing towards it, just as the chain snapped. "Oh great! The chain snapped!"

Illyana nodded her head in agreement, "It's going to collapse on stage, someone might get hurt, and the music is so loud nobody has notice!"

Immediately, the team sprang into action, Roberto and James securing the chain and trying to wrap it back around the speakers to prevent them from falling, while Doug, Rahne, Dani, and Amara ran and secured the middle speaker, meanwhile, Sam notice that the top speaker was still going to fall.

*If Ah can cut mah power just as Ah get to the edge of the shadows that make it to the stage, Ah can make it look like Ah wasn't fly-wait a minute, how'd it get to bright?* Sam thought as he blasted towards Lila, hoping he could shove her out of the speaker's path.

Just as Sam thought, things were getting brighter, as if Lila herself was emitting some bright glow. The audience themselves didn't think a thing was wrong, since the band was well known for having extravagant stage effects during it's performances.

Just as the speaker finally became loose, Lila broke into one last final guitar solo, the light getting brighter and brighter until it became so bright that the audience had to shield their eyes, and as soon as the music hit it's final crashing note, the light suddenly disappeared, and with it was Lila and her band, with a speaker strangely on the floor where she had stood. The audience cheered, amazed by such an impressive display, not even realizing that a group of teenager's back stage also disappeared, having been caught in the light..


Interlude #1

She couldn't believe it! One minute the kids are backstage, risking getting caught using their powers in public to save that singer, the next minute, after that bright flash, they were gone!

"Unbelievable." She muttered to herself, as she adjusted her jackets collar to cover up her face. "Next time, old friend or no, Logan is not talking me into this."

Then she walked off towards the arena's exit, opening the door, and hoping she could avoid the crowd. Already, the backstage staff was trying to find Lila and the band, almost as if something was unnatural with the finale. The woman ignored them though, knowing that it was already a hopeless search, having gone through the place herself. She wasn't completely worried though, from what Logan had told her, the kids were pretty resourceful.

"Of course, now I have to figure out how I'm going to explain this to Logan.."

End Interlude #1


A galaxy away, a most strange object is getting some unusual guests, as inside of it, a room lights up, and twelve people appear out of the light.

"Home again, home again, jiggetty-jig." Lila playfully out as she stretches.

"Uh, Lila, we got some stowaways," one of the band members, the bassist, said. "looks like they must have been in the area of the energy expansion and got caught up in it"

Lila nodded her head in agreement. "Looks like it. I set things so that it'd just transport humans. I didn't expect this. Of course I didn't expect that speaker accident either, thankfully we jetted out of there before any trouble started but." she then trailed off and looked at Sam, "I still have to say thanks for the effort, handsome."

She then leaned in and gave him a not at all lady like kiss, winking at him afterwards. Sam's only response was blushing and stammering, while the others just murmured in various states of surprise, except for Roberto who had a jealous look on his face, and Dani, who's expression on her Cheyenne features was unreadable.

"Well, I'm sure you all are wondering how you got here, right? Well it's simple, I'm a mutant. A teleporter to be exact, and yes, the guys in the band know about it. Of course, I'm not just a run of the mill teleporter either, with the exception of the first time my powers activated, I can only teleport to places I've been, and I only teleport stellar distances."

"STELLAR DISTANCES?!" Doug exclaimed, "you mean we're in space?!"

Lila nodded, "Yes, we're in outer space. Are any of you familiar with the concept written out in Niven's 'Ringworld'? she asked.

"Ah've done some reading on sci-fi, an' the basics of what you're talkin' about." Sam said, a little taken aback by what the singer was saying, "enclosing at least a hundred million miles around a sol-class star, and generating of the necessary atmospheres.shouldn't a Dyson Sphere be impossible?"

Lila then gave a shrug. "Well I just found myself here the first time my powers started, and have only figured a few things by trial and error, and since there have been no problems." she said, nonchalantly.

Amara crossed her arms at that, "Hmph, grave-robber mentality, don't you think?"

Lila chose to ignore that comment, and continued on with the conversation.

"Anyway, since you all are here, I might as well let you have the grand tour, right?" Lila said, "just follow me."

She then turned back to her band mates. "You guys just kick back, I'll send us all back later."

She then motioned for the New Mutants to follow her out the room. Nobody however, noticed a small panel near the floor starting to blink..


Interlude #2

The concertgoers had finally dispersed, and now there were only a few people that hadn't left yet. Standing on the street corner across the street from the arena that Lila Cheney had performed at, was a man in a long coat with a brown hat resting on his white hair. Although he hadn't actually attended the concert, he had an interest in some of the attendants, specifically a group of mutant teenagers.

Of course, he hadn't expected them to disappear as they did, but if there was one thing he learned from Xavier's brood, it was to expect the unexpected. They would show up again eventually, and when they did.

He then began to walk away from the arena, passing by a group of teenagers. One of them lifted up his arm to check his watch.

"Hey, my watch froze.."

End Interlude #2


It was about two hours later aboard the Dyson Sphere, and Sam was walking along a pathway to one of the makeshift guest rooms that had been picked out for their brief stay. The tour had been interesting, though uneventful, aside from Lila constantly flirting with him, which Sam had mixed feelings about. On one hand, it was Lila Cheney, world famous (and apparently a mutant) rock star, she was beautiful, talented, and had a fortune, although money was never really a big thing for him. On the other, he'd only just met her, and really didn't know her all that well, and that was only the tip of the iceberg concerning his mixed emotions right now.

*Guess Ah can always sleep it off,* Sam thought to himself, *always did think better with a clear head anyway.*

He continued walking, but he stopped as he neared a room with the door slightly ajar. He could hear noises emanating from it, and slowly peeked inside. What he saw confused him. Inside was an assortment of control panels and monitors, and the middle of it all was Lila herself.

"Just a few more switches to pull and buttons to press." she said aloud to herself, "Gonna be pretty amazing, even if I'm not going to through with it all the way. I mean, I've used this thing to swipe small stuff all the way to uninhabited moons, but the Earth? Well, that's something else. Of course all I'm going to do is send the energy field around it, not actually transport it. That'll be enough to prove to myself I could do it."

She didn't get anymore time to talk to herself, however, as Sam immediately barged in, having heard enough.

"Lila, what on earth is going on? Y'all are talking about stealing planets? Are you nuts?" He asked, trying not to fly off the handle.

Lila, for her part, was trying to diffuse the situation as bests he could.

"Now Sam, luv, I can explain all this, really I can. Just give me sometime," she said, motioning her hands for him to cool down, "You see- Wait...what's that noise?"

The noise that Lila had been referring to was a small rumbling noise, that almost sounded like something crashing into an object, and it was steadily getting louder and louder, until the wall behind them suddenly crashed apart! Sam immediately grabbed Lila and jumped clear, making sure they were both out of harms way. Stepping out of the hole in the wall was a fairly large sized robot, silver and black in color, part of one of it's hand already starting to shift into a cannon-like appendage.

"Oh, bugger." was the first thing that came out of Lila's mouth.


Little did Lila or the others know, was that when they had arrived in the sphere earlier, they had set off one of it's few remaining (not to mention working) security measures, in this case, a security robot programmed to eliminate all intruders from the sphere. For a machine that had been inactive for as long as it had been, it was in remarkably good condition, and although subtlety was not at all one of it's strong points, it more than made up for that with it's efficiency in it's job.


Thankfully, with all the noise and damage it had caused, Sam and Lila weren't alone with the robot for very long, as the rest of the team came running in to investigate what was going on. While Doug and Illyana got Lila to safety, the rest of the team engaged the robot in combat.

"Sam, you want to explain what the heck is going on?!" James yelled out as he dodged a blast from the robot's cannon arm, before he and a powered up Roberto dashed in and slugged it as hard as they could, sending it flying through the wall.

Even as it staggered to its feet, the robot sent loose another blast from its cannon, causing the team to scatter to avoid the attack.

"Ah can't really explain it James," Sam finally said, "One minute Ah'm talking to Lila, the next minute that thing busts on in with some sort of attitude problem!"

Afterwards Sam immediately blasted towards the robot, hoping that a well aimed attack could knock it out of commission, unfortunately, the robot was quicker on the draw, firing a powerful shot of energy at Sam, who, while unhurt thanks to the barrier around him that his powers generated, was still sent wildly off-course, slamming into the wall in a daze.

"SAM!" Dani yelled out as she saw the boy get attacked and get sent flying out of control. "Rahne! Attack the head! Keep it distracted! Amara, use your powers to melt that cannon to slag, and Roberto, use that strength of yours to tear off the other arm!"

The other three mutants nodded in agreement, and went to work, Rahne, in her transitional werewolf form, leaping and clawing at the machine's head, while Amara 'flamed up' and sent out a steady stream of flames from her hands, turning the robots cannon-arm to a melted hunk of metal in only a few seconds. Roberto followed all this up by rushing in and grabbing the robot's other arm, yanking at it and splitting it like a leg from a cooked chicken.

Despite that impressive effort from the mutants however, it soon became apparent that the robot was already attempting to initiate self-repairs.

Now recovered from the earlier attack, Sam ran up to the others. "James, y'all remember what we tried against the Demon Bear not too long ago?" he asked the bigger Apache teen.

James nodded his head. "Yeah, that 'Fastball Special'?" he said, "I remember it, but are you sure there's another maneuvering room for it?"

Sam gave the other boy a daredevil smile, "Well, Ah guess we'll find out soon enough." he answered with a shrug.

The 'Fastball Special' was a simple, yet very effective maneuver. James (although Roberto could also work in a pinch, if the situation needed it) simply picked up Sam, and using his enhanced strength, tossed the other boy at the target, and immediately afterward Sam would ignite his powers, blasting off at an even greater speed than normal, creating an even more powerful impact against the chosen target. The two mutants immediately went to work, James launching Sam at the still recovering robot, before Sam blasted off and flew at the robot like a missile, slamming at it at high velocity and actually plunging right through it, and veering into a turn away from the robot as it flew into a nearby row of computers and exploded on impact. This time there was no evidence of it trying to repair itself.

Sam soon landed with the others, as Doug, Illyana, and Lila also rejoined the group.

Turning to Lila, Sam asked, "Now, Lila, y'all want to finally explain things?"

Lila gave out a sigh, "Well Sam luv, it's like this, Yes, I've stolen a few things, but I swear they were all from dictators and crime lords, I wasn't robbing innocent people, I was just pulling a Robin Hood, that's all." she said.

Dane rolled her eyes, "Right, except instead of stealing from the rich and corrupt and giving to the poor, you're stealing from the rich and corrupt and giving to yourself." she said, "Although I guess there's not much we can do to detain you, there's no way to use any evidence, and with powers like yours, you can't be contained either."

Lila just gave an embarrassed smile at that, "Well look, how about this, from now on, I promise to go on the straight and narrow path, no more stealing whatsoever. Heck, I'll even put those moons back, well as soon as I figure out how..." she said

Roberto uncrossed his arms, saying "Well I guess we'll just have to be satisfied with that, although that doesn't explain that stupid robot."

"I think I can take a guess at that," Doug said, "My best guess is that it was probably some old security measure, meant to defend this place from intruders. Although I guess whoever made it wasn't expecting anything like us."

Before anyone else could speak however, alarm klaxons suddenly started going off, alerting everyone to another problem.

"Oh great, now what?" Illyana asked aloud, exasperated.

Lila quickly ran to the still working computers, using what she knew of them to try a search.

"Well, from what I can gather, it looks like the computers that were destroyed by the destruction of the tin man were tied to the engine room, and so all the energy is getting stored up isn't getting released anywhere!" she said, "At least my band mates don't have to go through this, I teleported them out of here earlier."

"Well excuse me for being rude, but I think we ought to try and fix things before we all get blown to kingdom come." Rahne said, "How far is it to the engine room from here?"

"We passed by it during the tour, it's not too far, but given the situation, I don't think we'd be able to get there and figure out what to do in enough time." Lila said grimly.

"I think I may be able to solve that problem" Illyana replied, "You're not the only teleporter around. I can get us there with enough time to spare, hopefully."

"Uh, 'yana, isn't that a bit of risk?" James asked, "I mean one, we're in space, so can you even access limbo from here? Number two, isn't this almost like a blind teleport?"

In response, Illyana just shook her head. " No James, limbo is a realm all it's own, I can access it no matter where I am. I just can't use it to teleport back to Earth." She said, "and I know the risk, but we don't have any other choice."

With that, everyone crowded around Illyana as she summoned up a stepping disc and teleported off to the engine room.


Only a few seconds later, the group re-appeared in the Dyson Sphere's engine room, which was full of machinery that helped power the entire sphere, as well as the computer terminals that run them.

"Ok, we're here, I'll do what I can, but I learned my way through a lot of this by trial and error, and things still may not be enough." Lila said, as she started to walk off towards a nearby terminal, but a hand stopped her on her shoulder. It was Doug Ramsey

"Look, this may be just as much of a gamble, but let me take a crack at it." He said, "My mutant powers are language translation, and if we're lucky, I should be able to understand whatever language the system is written on."

Lila nodded in agreement, and Doug went to work,

"This is a slow process, but I'm starting to sense the patterns, things are getting more clear, once you know what to look for the linguistic structure is pretty basic." He said, as his fingers flew across the terminal's keyboard, trying to work as quick as he could.

Unfortunately, the room was starting to get brighter, and more hot, the effects of the energy in the engines overloading.

"Hurry up Doug, we don't have much more time!" James yelled out, " It's hotter than a desert in here, and getting worse!"

"I'm doing the best I can!" Doug yelled back, " This is the first time I've ever translated a language of another species! I think I got it, but I need a little more time to fully translate it!"

"No time Doug, just do what you think is right!" Roberto yelled, falling to his knees as the heat started to overcome him, "Things can't get any worse than they are!"

"I hope those don't qualify as famous last words!" Doug replied, before his eyes lit up, "Never mind! I just got a break through!"

His fingers flew across the keyboard like lighting while the room itself was almost incandescent from the light, the heat almost unbearable, until Doug hit one final button, and with a whine from the machines, it was over.

"The room and lights, their back to normal!" Rahne exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief before she rushed over to Doug and gave him a hug, "Ye did it Doug!"

Doug meanwhile, had the largest grin on his face. "Yeah, if I do say so myself, I am impressed." He said, beside himself with pride.

"Well, I guess the very least I can do as thanks is get the whole lot of you back to Earth." Lila said, "So step right up on everyone, for the interstellar express!"


London, England

In a brilliant flash of light, the group arrived in the backyard of a spacious mansion near London.

"Sorry, but this isn't Boston." Lila said, "Like I mentioned earlier, with the sole exception on when my powers first manifested, I can only teleport to places I've been, in this case, my London mansion, my home away from home. But hey, at least you're back on Earth, right?"

"Well I guess so, and Illyana can always just teleport us back to Boston anyway." Amara said.

Lila smiled and nodded, "Exactly, so everyone, just make yourselves at home for now." She said, "Mi casa es su casa"

Everyone then headed back inside, however Lila stopped Sam from following the others.

"Look, Sam, I'd really like to talk with you, luv." She said, "I'm really sorry about what happened, and I have to tell you that I really think you're something special."

Sam blushed at the compliment, "Look, Lila, apology accepted, but don't snow me, Ah know y'all have got the pick of the best guys on Earth, Ah'm nothing special." He said.

Lila just smiled at that. "Of course you dummy." She said, "So when I tell you I'm fond of you, you'd better believe you're something special."

Sam sighed, "Look, Lila, Ah'm really flattered and all, but this is all.well it's pretty fast." He said, "Ah may be stupid for pushing a girl like you away, but Ah'm not sure if Ah want something this fast."

Lila's smile faded slightly at that, but only for a second. "Y'know Sam, that just makes you more endearing, and if there's something I love, it's a challenge." She said, "So if I have to take it slow and win you, that's just what I'll do."

She then leaned in and gave the boy another solid kiss on the lips.

"We'll keep in touch Sam, I promise."


Meanwhile, inside the mansion, the rest of the team was watching on and listening, the conversation's results yielding some interesting responses.

"Unbelievable!" Roberto exclaimed, although not loud enough to be heard by those outside, "She likes Sam! She actually prefers him over me!"

Roberto overly dramatic response to his own bruised ego elicited laughter from Doug and Illyana, while Amara just rolled her eyes over this latest showing of her quasi-boyfriends bravado.

Rahne meanwhile, dramatically out a hand to her chest, replying "Oh ye poor wee lad, how awful."

James just gave a grin and said, "Suffer shorty."

Dani stayed silent however, although her eyes seemed to mix both jealousy and relief in them.

Roberto of course, protested once more. "You all have turned on me too?" he asked, " By all the saints in Heaven and all the sinners in Hell, there's just no justice!"

It didn't help Roberto's ego any however, when not soon afterward, Lila's newest single raced up to the top of the charts, it was a love ballad entitled 'Sam'

End Chapter Thirteen.

Author's Notes: Wow, talk about your unlucky number thirteen, huh? I'm really sorry about such a long delay in between chapters. School, writer's block, and a lack of inspiration all took their toll on me, although I'm now back in the saddle again. Next chapter is titled 'Ballad of Fallen Angels', by the way. Is this the last we'll see of the evolution-ized Lila Cheney? No, although I'll have to think of ways to include her. As for the mysterious woman? Her identity will be revealed soon. Major inspiration for this chapter is New Mutants annual #1, which should be available in most comic stores.

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