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Anyway, enjoy! (Oh, and the link is legit. The story will make more sense if you watch it when Prussia does...just take out all the spaces! There are five.)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himuruya!!!!

SUB: Bar Pics

From: Francis Bonnefoy (monsieurAmor)

Sent: Thursday April 1, 2010

To: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (senortomato), Gilbert Weillschmidt (TotallyFuckingAwesome)

I had the pleasure of taking Angleterre out drinking the other night. No idea why he agreed. He must love me 3

In any case. He became rather…inebriated. Truly, I didn't know at the time that the place had video surveillance. Nor am I at liberty to reveal how I got my hands on the tapes…but you may enjoy the footage at leisure. Obviously, Arthur has no idea what YouTube even is, so there's no need to worry about him discovering this video. He's really behind the times, non?

Ton Ami,


http:// www. youtube. com/watch ?v=dQw4w 9WgXcQ

Gilbert opened the email and scanned it. He cackled, and clicked on the link.


The albino snapped the window shut the second he saw Rick Asterly smooth back his hair. That loser Francis! He should have known Arthur would never go drinking with that Frenchie.

He closed his laptop shut and slouched into the next room. Ludwig was sitting at the table, reading a newspaper.

"Anything good going on?" the Prussian asked, casually.

Ludwig pushed his reading glasses up his nose and said, vaguely, "mmmm…" he flipped through the pages until he came to an article. "Well…" there was something…ah. Here…it says that Russia's taken over all the world and Austria helped him." The blonde's eyebrows rose a fraction. "Most interesting…"

Gilbert had gone even paler than normal. "WHAAAAT? AND YOU JUST SIT THERE!? WHERE'S MY GUN? I HAVE TO GO-"

Ludwig looked up, a faint smile playing about his lips. "April Fools, Bruder. April Fools."

Gilbert facepalmed.

Tee hee~ It's short, and it's fail, and YOU GOT RICKROLL'D (hopefully you actually put in that link XD) But man it was worth it. C: