Zoey woke with a headache. The cause: boys. She lifted her arm to shut off the alarm and accidently hit something hard with soft hair. "Hell," Zoey muttered as she remembered Stark. Her fingers reached the snooze button and pushed down.

"Zo?" Shark answered sounding tired and adorable. The name reminded her so much of her ex, that she didn't answer. "Is my priestess alright?"

"Peachy," Zoey muttered as she sat up and put her legs over the bed. She was tired, but didn't have the energy to even yawn. Stark's arm wrapped around her waist and she felt his head press against his lower back. Zoey half smiled and rubbed Stark's arm with her hand.

"I better get up if I don't want to be late for breakfast," Zoey told him.

"I can give you something to eat," Stark answered playfully. She could almost see the smart ass smirk on his face that she fell in love with. Zoey didn't respond with her usual remark.

"I love you Stark, but I'm being serious," she said. Stark fell silent Zoey got up while gently holding his hand. "You still need rest," she added when she saw the bandages on his chest.

"Zo, malady, your'e not your usual self," Stark said as he sat up. His face changed from smartass to serious. "This has something to do with Erik doesn't it?"

"Stark, not now," Zoey answered keeping her voice melancholy. She let go of his hand and walked off to the shower. While in the bathroom, she looked at her beautifully tattooed body and then her eyes stopped on the horrid bruise on her upper right arm. The hell was Erik thinking! She scowled him mentally. Zoey ran the shower and winced as the pressurized water hit her injury. The pain caused her to tear up. She made the shower shorter than she intended because of the pain. When Zoey got out, she hurt so bad it was impossible to put her bathrobe on. She needed help.

"Priestess are you okay?" Stark asked as he knocked on the door.

Hell he heard her crying. "No," Zoey answered with her voice breaking. Stark kept his eyes respectfully at her face. He wrapped a soft wool towel over her and wiped her tears away. "Stark," she breathed and then he pulled her into his arms. Zoey rested her head against his bare shoulder since the only thing covering his chest were the bandages.

"It's alright. I'm here my beautiful Zoey," Stark whispered softly. Zoey felt like a baby crying over the smallest of injuries. "I'll help you ok. I knew what he did to you." Stark pulled her away gently and helped her dress. He eved brushed out her hair and got her books ready. Before Zoey left, she stopped to look at him.

"Stark," she said softly. He was laying down again.

"Yeah," he looked at her with his cocky smile.

"Thanks. I couldn't do this without my Warrior," Zoey said.

"Anything for a hot chick," Stark answered with his normal attitude. Zoey smiled and told him to feel better, though he could tell it was forced.