"What Bella that's crazy, we're gonna get out of here just fine. You watch and see." Alice said, but everyone saw through her false hope. She sighed and sat down next to Jasper.

I looked towards Bella who was growing paler by the second (If that were possible). Beads of sweat formed on her beautiful doe eyes seemed slightly disoriented. I raced to her and pulled her into my arms.

"Bella? Bella talk to me? Are you ok?" I checked my pockets and rummaged through them hoping that I had put a spare bottle of pills in there. It was to no avail. I started patting her face gently hoping she would pull out of this state. Dazed, she took a hand and pressed it to her forehead.

"Is she ok?" Tanya asked with fake concern. If she doesnt' care she shouldn't ask.

" What do you think?" I snapped.

"Well if you ask me-" Lauren started.

"Which no one did." Rosalie said from the floor on Bella's right.

"I think we should just kill Bella." A chorous of loud gasps came from everyone except Lauren who rolled her eyes. How dare that thought ever cross her mind? How could she even think that.

"You lay one finger on her and I will rip you limb from limb." I growled. Lauren look taken back. No one, and I mean no one ever threatens to kill Bella.

"She's gonna die anyway!" She countered. Her words had been trying to fight her illness for a very long while now...no Edward don't think like that she's gonna be just fine.

"You don't know that!"

"What I do know is we're all gonna die if we don't give her up." She said smoothly.

"You're sick."Alice spat.

"No, she is." Lauren said pointing at Bella who was now breathing heavily.

"Lauren-is-right." She said gasping for breath.

"No she's not love, you're gonna be just fine I promise."I assured her.

"Hey, spooky kidnapper guy. we made our decision!" Lauren yelled.

"sHut up Lauren!" Tanya shouted. I always thought Tanya hated Bella..but maybe not. "I'm beginning to think that you're the one we should throw to the dogs. The door opened, and a box clanked to the floor. In it was a hammer, a pistol, and a knife a note lay on top of it.

you choose.Was all it said. gasping Tanya took the knife out of the bag and turned around quickly sinking it deep into her own chest.

"That was against the rules!" The man shouted through the speaker. "You'll all pay. Especially you little Isabella." Tanya looked at Bella and in her last breath she whispered,

"I'm so sorry."

Sorry its so short I've been really busy...you'll get another chapter soon hopefully