A Great Love Chapter 11:Hidden

Bella's POV

I was shocked and angry. Victoria. She came for me and McGee almost got killed! It's my fault, and I have to do something to fix it. Gibbs and I drove into the forest, panicking. I pulled out my phone and frantically started dialing Jacob's number. He was still a werewolf, he hasn't stopped phasing. He picked up immediately. "Bells, what's up?" "Jake, she's back. Victoria's back. One of our agents was almost killed by her. You're the Alpha, right?" "Yeah, Bells. Where was she?" Jacob replied, sounding eager. "She was in the forest. We're headed there now." "We'll be there soon; let me get the others." He hanged up. I took a deep breath. I can't let anyone die.

"Bells, you okay?" Gibb's voice broke me out of my thoughts. "I'm fine, Gibbs. I just needed that." He nodded. When we drove up to the forest, we had to start hiking. Where we ended up, you'd never believe. It was my meadow. The one where Edward and I had declared our love. I felt a stab of pain here. He left, and the only thing that was left behind was this. "It's beautiful." Gibbs said quietly. I smiled faintly. Then I heard some rustling coming out of the bushes. We both turned around, looking for the source of the noise.

Then I looked and saw...Alice. Where did she come from?, passed through my mind for a moment. But it was overshadowed by happiness. She looked the same, physically, but her eyes...they were vacant. Not like when she was in a vision, but in pain. She looked as if she would cry. I smiled, tears running down my face. "Alice, you're here." Gibbs was standing next to me holding my hand tightly. "I didn't see, until now. I feel so stupid. All of us should never have listened to that dumbass. But you've grown. Jasper is on his way, I think he wants to speak to you." Her voice was shaking, and I ran over to hug her, Gibbs forgotten.

Her 4-foot frame was so much shorter than my 5'6, but I didn't care. She was here. My best friend was back. Gibbs cleared his throat. "Oh, Alice. I didn't inroduce you. This is Gibbs, my boss. Gibbs, this is Alice, my good friend." I couldn't use boyfriend to describe Gibbs. He meant to much to me. He was like my other half, my true soulmate. Although Gibbs would find that too girly, I don't care. Labels weren't needed. Alice smiled cryptically. She knew.

"I think you have a friend down there, he had been hurt by Victoria. No worries, Jasper's takiing care of him. He was scared at first, but Jasper made him calm down. I missed you so much, Bella. We all did. Edward had his stupid reasons for leaving, but we wanted to stay. Even Rosalie. She was just starting to warm up to you." I snorted. Like she would ever feel anything for me other than hate. She walked at human pace, and showed us where McGee was. He was on the ground, sleeping, probably Jasper's doing. Jasper was holding his head and cleaning his wounds. "Jazz, we found her." Alice's blinding smile made him look up.

"Bella?" His deep baritone voice answered. I smiled. "We need to talk." I said uncertainly. He nodded. "Gibbs, will you stay with McGee, I have to talk to an old friend. Do some catching up." Gibbs didn't answer, but looked at me in that 'I trust-you' sort of way. Jasper and I walked through the meadow, awkwardness filled the air. "I know you must be very angry at me, so just out with it. I deserve your anger. Us leaving was entirely my fault-" I cut him off. "Jasper Whitlock-Hale! How dare you say that you all leaving was your fault! I do not hold it against you, not at all. It was instinct. It was Edward who pushed me, and I got cut. I am not angry at both of you. I am grown now. I still feel pain from back then, but I don't care much about that anymore. Now since you know that, it won't bother you for the rest of your damn existence. I am a 30-year old woman, and I do not want to deal with this. Jasper, you are a vampire. Start acting like one and grow some balls! Alice once told me you were a military man, act like it! I won't hurt you."

Jasper's eyes bugged out at my tirade. He hugged me. It felt weird, but nice. He could grow to be a good friend. "Alice tells me you were in the military." He smiled happily. "The army, I hope?" "No Jasper, I joined the Marines. And I don't regret it. It was an epiphany. I learned a lot about myself." I told him. His face fell in disappointment. "Why? Why not the army? It would have been nice to talk strategy with a fellow army veteran." I smirked. "Hoorah! Army sucks! Marines are better!" Jasper scoffed. We went on like that the whole walk back. Gibbs smirked when he heard that Jasper was in the army. McGee was already at my house. "Army, huh? Did you go off to Iraq?" Gibbs eyes were blazing, and I could tell that he was honestly curious. "No sir, I'm far too old. Bella told me that you know our secret. Would you like to guess what war I fought in?" Jasper asked teasingly. Gibbs looked at him. "I'm not guessing. What did you fight in?" Jasper smiled. "Civil War. Confederacy." He said simply. Gibbs' jaw hung out. "I was turned in 1865." I smiled at him. We still had to deal with McGee.

When we got to my house, Charlie was watching a game while McGee was eating with a bandage on his neck. "Hey dad. How's he holding up?" Charlie just pointed at the table. He was too caught up in his basketball game. Celtics vs..who cares. I walked up to McGee and put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey Tim. Are you alright?" He looked up to me with fearful eyes. "The woman, she wanted you. She kept asking for you. When I didn't answer, she tried to strangle me. I felt terrible. Then she turned like she heard something, and ran off like lightning." Tim gulped. "I'm not going out there alone again." Gibbs walked in. "Damn right, you aren't. We have to take care of this, Bells. My agent almost got killed! We have to deal with this now!" His voice was getting louder, and Charlie was peering in the doorway. "Gibbs, this isn't something that's dealt with quickly. She's after me, and I can't let anyone else get hurt. I think that I should give myself up."

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