27 March 2008- I have edited this to make it... slightly more friendly for younger veiwers. it is still to be rated M. Meaning VERY ADULT SITUATIONS!

Pirates of Dark Water' and the characters belonging to that show do not belong to me. I am just borrowing them to play with them for a while. I will return them eventually. perhaps a bit worse for wear, but I will still return them. Also, I can't remember all of he swearwords coz I haven't actually seen the show for several years. Also I'm sorry to all those people who are waiting for my GW continuations. This helped me releave some stress at the time, and i didn't want to be putting Duo through too much hell... right now...

This story is an experiment.

When Tears Won't Fall

Part 1

by Zuzanny

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Bloth studied the map on the table in front of him that showed all the known regions of Mer. Islands that once were before the dark water devoured them had been crossed off with black squid ink. The remaining islands and land masses were yellow blobs among the vast swirling gray-blue of the ocean. Yellow the same as His hair. Blue just like His eyes. Bloth stroked his oily black goatee, his smile distant as he thought about that particulaly annoying but increadibly sexy young man.

"Captain! Captain! Come quick!" The voice of the one legged runt, Konk, broke through Bloth's thoughts. Bloth slammed his fist down on his heavy wooden map table and stormed out of the cabin bent on tearing the other leg from the pigglet's body. When Konk saw the expression upon Bloth's face he back-peddled quickly. Unfortunately he was not able to move quite quick enough and really started to sweat when Bloth grabbed hold of him by the throat. He could see the murderous intent in his captain's eyes. That was until Bloth noticed the small riot on his deck. he promptly dropped Konk and swaggered over to the writhing crowd of men.

"What have we got here?" Bloth bellowed reaching into the swarm, and to his delight, pulling out the crown prince of Mer by the arm and dangling him a good two feet from the deck.

"Get your dirty jettuttan hands off me!" The young man that had just invaded Bloth's thoughts yelled, trying to kick Bloth and yank his arm away at the same time. Bloth just laughed and held him out at arm's length.

"My, my..." Bloth let his amusement seep into his voice. "It does look to be Ren, son of Primus, right here on my ship." He swung the still struggling Ren around when he turned to face the no longer brawling men. "So, who was it who brought me this fine gift?"

A trio stepped forward, and Bloth's second in command Mantis swaggered up to him. "These three were able to follow the Wraith into one of the neighbouring islands where it was docked, and kidnap the young prince while his so-called friends were out gambling and drinking. He resisted, of course, and had to be beaten unconscious for the ride here. He only awoke a few moments ago, but as you can see is not that hard to deal with."

"Fuck you!" Ren yelled, trying to attack Mantis now as well. Bloth continued to laugh at Ren's actions, his brow raised as a thought struck him, and turned to the three. "Excellent, my men. Mantis, take them to the treasure hold. Reward them with one hundred gold each." A murmur went up amongst the crew. Mantis bowed and escorted the three jubulant cut throats below. Bloth turned his attention back to Ren, pulling him close so the were chest to chest. "Now, boy..." Ren squirmed, Bloth's arms squeezing him so hard that it was difficult to breath. "We shall... talk." There was a kind of promise in the tone of Bloth's voice that sent ice-cold water down Ren's spine. He struggled harder when Bloth stomped back to his cabin past leering men, and slammed the door shut.

From the door Bloth threw Ren across the room onto the bed. Ren bounced a bit, then jumped off to sway little before being able to stand. The beating had taken a lot out of him, but he was resolved to hide his hurts from his enemy for as long as possible. He looked around for any kind of escape. The port holes were too small, so that only left the door. The sound of a bolted lock being slid home made his heart beat faster with fear. He raised his chin in defiance of the huge man stalking towards him, looking more preditorial than normal. Ren backed away, shifting to the side when his legs brushed the bed to try to move around it. Bloth unbuckled his belt, leting it slide across his palm very much like a whip. His eyes wandered up and down Ren's form in a way that made Ren's skin crawl. Bloth tilted his head to the side in a manner that suggested he was trying to decide something.

"I don't have the treasures." Ren blurted out horrirfied at finding his back to a wall. "And I won't tell you where they are either."

Bloth's eyes narrowed, but his eery smirk remained. "What do I care about them right now, when I have you in my possession." Bloth came closer, Ren shrank back, flinching when Bloth reached out to touch his yellow-white hair. "Your hair..." Bloth's voice went distant, almost gentle. "This color is rare. Very rare to be mixed with your dark skin. And your eyes..." Bloth brushed a stray hair out of Ren's eyes.

Ren was now more afraid than he had been before. And confused. Bloth's behaviour was just not... right. This was more along the lines of what Tula would and had done. But she was different. She was female for one thing, and wanted something from him that he understood. At least a little. This, he knew about -Ioz had warned him about being too pretty- but was not able to comprehend. By the time Bloth had cupped both of his cheeks and was leaning his head in far too close for comfort, Ren was shaking hard. Bloth pushed him back to the wall, holding him there with his bulk, and captured his lips with his own. Ren started, and tried to push Bloth away. Pain in his head and side shot through him. His gasp was all it took for Bloth's tounge to slide into his mouth, trying to smother him. Ren turned his head away quickly, Bloth's tounge leaving a trail of saliva on his cheek, and spat in Bloth's face. To Ren's utter disgust, Bloth just smirked and licked it up with a swipe of his tounge. Ren found himself fighting not to vomit. He really, really wanted to wipe his mouth.

"What...what is this?" Ren was barely able to whisper. For a moment he was worried that Bloth was going to kiss him again, he was leaning in so close. He squeezed his eyes shut. Fingers gently touching his face made him jerk his head away and snap his eyes open.

"Your eyes are beautiful. You are beautiful." Bloth snaked his fingers down Ren's side and around his waist, drawing him in close. The hand on his side made the pain blossom again, and Ren heard a small noise escape his lips.

Ren pushed harder against Bloth's chest when he felt the hardness pressed against his belly, drew in a breath, and kicked Bloth's bulky legs. "Alright! That's enough of this!" Bloth puffed laughter into Ren's ear as he pulled him away from the wall and swung him around to have his back to the bed. Bloth hooked a leg around Ren's knee and Ren went down upon the matrice. Ren struggled, but could not get Bloth off of him. Bloth pinned Ren's legs and his right arm under the great bulk of his belly and legs. When Bloth worked his hands under Ren's shirt Ren went very still. His heart pumped loud in his ears. Bloth was wriggling ontop of him, getting a knee between his legs and parting his thighs. Thick fingers brushed the bruises on Ren's belly.

"Your skin is so soft here." Bloth said, continuing to gently stroke him. Ren shuddered.

"Did... someone put something in your food?" Ren asked quietly, almost hopefully. If this was some drug or poison induced madness, he could almost handle it. But the thought that Bloth WANTED to do this... what ever this was.

"No," Bloth replied, much to his horror. "but that wont stop me from getting between the sheets and between your pretty thighs." Bloth kissed him up and down his neck, sucking him hard enough to mark, tounging his ear. It made Ren shiver and his hair stand on end.

"Stop it." Ren said his horror evident, looking around for some kind of weapon and finding none within his reach.

"Such a brave boy." Bloth murmured, leaning back enough to pull at the lacings of Ren's top. "Such a brave boy to sail the sea looking as pretty as you do. You have no idea how long it has been..." Ren thought he could guess. He arched up and squirmed, trying to get Bloth off ballance enough to push him off. For a few munutes they wrestled together, until Ren's head dropped back against Bloth's pillows, sweat covering his face from pain and exhaustion. After a few deep pants for air he opened his eyes to look up at Bloth. Perfectly dry, perfectly un-fazed, Bloth. Grinning down at him. "Had enough of that yet? Good. Now don't move or you will regret it." Bloth reached across Ren, pressing a knee into his gut. Ren grunted. When Bloth leaned back he was holding a long knife. Ren's eyes went wide and he froze to the spot. "Good boy." Ren fixed his eyes upon the shining, obviously exceptionally sharp and well cared for blade, as Bloth slowly lowered it towards Ren's neck, letting the very sharp point of it pierce his skin enough to draw blood. Ren drew in a sharp breath, his eyes going wide.

"You want to live, boy?" Bloth gave him the ultimatum in a dangerous low voice. "You will do as I say, when I say." Bloth pulled the knife away from his neck and licked away the drop of blood from Ren's neck. "If I have to tell you twice you will be severely punished. If you disobay me in any way you will be punished. You want to die, which you will... the timing is up to me. You belong to me now. Who knows, I may even let you go. One day. But if you try to escape me, I will hunt you down to the ends of the oceans. I will make you watch as I have your friends skun alive and leave their entrails hanging for the vulchers. Then I will give you to my men to do with as they wish. Do you understand me, boy?"

Ren nodded.

"Do you doubt my word?"

Ren shook his head.

"Good." Bloth almost smiled. Ren felt sick. "Don't fight me. You will only hurt yourself." Ever so slowly, Bloth sliced away at Ren's tunic, revealing dark skin and well shaped muscles underneath. Ren was breathing hard. Bloth let the point of the blade press warningly against Ren's ribs, before he shifted the material to the side, revealing first one dusky brown nipple, then the other. Ren turned his head away.

"Ahhh, my pretty..." Bloth said before latching his lips onto one of those nipples and sucking hard. Ren gasped, virtually crying out, and tried not to squirm too much out of fear of the knife and Bloth's deadly promise. He closed his eyes and concentraited upon breathing and chanting 'this isn't happening, this isn't happening' over and over again in his head. He didn't fight when Bloth shifted to bring both his arms up above his head and bound them together with his belt and then to the board of his bed. He felt himself flushing with shame as Bloth moved down his body, cutting his clothes away as he went until he was completely naked. Ren closed his legs, trying to gather some amount of dignity. He couldn't believe that he gave up fighting so soon or so easily. But he knew Bloth would carry out his threat against his friends. Especially if the pirates knew where the Wraith was anchored. Which they did. Ren felt his heart sink with despair.

"Such a pretty one you are." Bloth was murmuring now from the foot of the bed, admiring Ren's nakedness. Ren shivered. He kept his eyes closed and listened to Bloth moving around the cabin. What sounded like jars being shifted off shelves. Then he was back at the foot of the bed. "Spread your legs for me."

For a moment, Ren hesitated, but then he complied. Pain flared through the sole of his right foot and up his leg. Ren arched up and screamed kicking with his free leg, only to have that one caught by a large, hot hand and held firm. He continued to writhe and scream as the pain continued. "I said to do what I say when I say it!" Bloth hissed at him. "And that means no hesitations! I thought we had an understanding!"

"We do!" Ren cried. "We do! Please stop!"

"Will you be a good boy?" Bloth continued to clamp down on the pressure point in Ren's foot..

"Yes! I'll be good! I'll do what you want! Just stop! You can stop now! Please stop!"

Bloth mulled over it for a few seconds, enjoying to sound to Ren's pleas before releasing him. Ren lay limp, gasping for air when the pain stopped. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Bloth smiled gently and moved to Ren's side. He leaned over Ren's shuddering form and slowly licked away the tears. "Tell me, son of Primus, truthfully." Bloth inquired quietly, idly playing with a lock of Ren's hair. "Did you ever let Ioz fuck you?"

Ren was shocked. "N-no!"

"What about his fat bar tender friend?"

"No." Ren feared where this was going. "I've never... With anyone."

"Hmmm, not even Tula?"

"No." Ren focussed up on the boards of the roof above his head. He had no idea how this kind of conversation was even taking place between himself and the pirate lord. Bloth ran his thumb over Ren's bottom lip.

"So no one. At all?" Bloth sounded amused at that. "My, my, my, my, my... So the heir to the throne is a virgin? Plan to save yourself for your wedding night?" Bloth's laughter puffed fettid breath into Ren's face. "Well... tonight is your wedding night, and you are my bride. And I plan to enjoy you to the full."

--EDITED/censored below--

Outside Bloth's cabin the pirate crew swarmed like angry wasps, each trying to peer through what ever cracks were available in the walls to get the best show of their leader taking out his lust-filled rage on the young prince.

To be continued...?