Chapter One: New Co-Worker

"Alright everyone gather round now." Paul Edgecomb called out to his co-workers and they gathered round his the desk, the local inmates paid attention to it as well curious as to what the Boss was going to announce today. "Seems that the Warden has a little bit of an equal opportunity issue on his hands." He looked up from the paper work he had for a new inmate coming in.

"Equal opportunity issue?" Brutus Howell spoke up from his position beside Paul; he had been given the name Brutal most likely because of his size.

"Yes, seems the state is now employing female worker in all fields, and the warden doesn't want politicians cutting funding on his prison system so . . ." He dragged out a bit looking to each of the men "….So we are getting a new co-worker in about an hour by the name of . ." He paused flipping through another set of paper work. "Alexandria Davis." He looked up as all the men exchanged glances between each other.

"You got to be kidding right?" Harry Terwilliger spoke up looking to Dean Stanton for a little bit of a push into the argument. "Is that even smart here on the mile?"

"Harry's right, I mean she could get herself hurt or worse?" Dean spoke up looking to Brutal and back to Paul.

"The warden has informed me that they have all been given the proper instruction on how to handle the situation." All the men sighed and shrugged their shoulders. "But I can assure you at no time will she be left alone, do I make that clear?" They nodded. "I'll have her work on some administrative things that have been needing to get done so for now, be nice to her."

"When she supposed to be here?" No sooner had Brutal asked about their new co-worker the door opened and the warded followed by two guards came in and over to where the group stood.

"Warden." Paul greeted simply as he looked back at the two guards, one had escorted the warden with the keys to even have access to the block the other their new co-worker.

"Well exciting day for you boys I bet . . ." The warden smiled and turned to the new guard. "This is Alexandria Davis, your new co-worker." They all gave small smiles as the warden motioned for her to come forward. She was taller for the common female but no taller than dean; her dark brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun giving the assumption that her hair was long. "Well ill leave you gentlemen to get acquainted with Miss Davis. The warden and his escort walked out locking the door behind him. Paul looked around at the men standing by just watching her. He sighed stepping forward and holding out his hand.

"I'm Paul Edgecomb." She gave a small smile and shook his hand before being introduced to the others. "This is Bruits Howell, Dean Stanton, and Harry Terwilliger, you'll work with them most often, you'll meet Percy tomorrow wish I didn't have to subject you to that but." She smiled and nodded to each of the men and looked up and down the mile before looking to Paul. "We won't have you handling inmates just yet, if that's alright with you of course."

"Whatever you say." She said simply then followed him into the office where he pointed out the various different cabinets and where to find what. He soon assigned her to start organizing the files a bit more, they had a stack of paper work in the corner that needed to be filed, she sighed she knew she was going to be more of a secretary for the first little bit of her time here but she didn't mind, it was a job for once in her life smiled that she had a job.

"For now I'm going to leave you here with Dean, the rest of us have business to attend to so if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask him." She nodded and watched all the men leave, for a moment she watched as Dean grabbed a clipboard from off the wall and turned to her.

"I'll show you how to do checks, while the boss isn't around."

"Checks?" She questioned as she walked out and over to him.

"Every two maybe three hours depending on your discretion we do cell checks." He handed her the clipboard and pen and started to point things out. "We check to make sure they are being complete animals, you know by trashing their cells being unruly things like that." Alexandria looked up and down the list and nodded looking up at him. "Come on ill introduce you to our local inmates." She followed next to him down to the first cell occupied with an inmate. "Eduard Delacroix, be behaving pretty much, we never have much of a issue with him but never let your guard down." He said sternly as she looked up from the clipboard she was making marks and notes on for him, Dean smiled.

"New Boss, Boss Stanton." Eduard spoke up coming up to the cell door.

"Yes Del, this is Miss Davis." Dean said watching his closely just in case.

"She's pretty Boss." Alexandria smiled a little bit looking over at Dean who nodded.

"One more." He spoke up and they crossed the cell block over to where Arlen Bitterbuck was held.

"Arlen Bitterbuck, no issues from him either." They both peered into the cell, Arlen had currently been sleeping so Dean motioned to the desk taking the clipboard from her. "Right now this job is cake, two inmates that are pretty simple to handle." He made some of his own marks on the clipboard.

"What are they in for?" He looked up from the paperwork.

"I'm sure you'll find out going through all those files in there." She nodded and turned to the office. "Listen don't tell Paul about what I just showed you, he really doesn't want you to interact with the inmates, even though he's bound to find out since Del's a big talker."

"Ok, I won't." She went over to the first filling cabinet and sighed she had to start somewhere. Pulling out a large stack of files she set them on the desk and started her task at hand. Dean sat down at the desk out on the mile and started flipping through a book every once and awhile looking up as she grabbed a new stack of files.