Chapter 5 Spending the night at Brutes

"Alright the guest room is right through that door and the bathroom is right here" Brutal pointed out as he showed her around the house, he had nice little house for a single man she thought as she set her bag in the guest room. "Ill make some dinner for us, should be ready in a half hour or so." She nodded and pulled out a spare set of cloths that she had picked up from her house. She smirked he would let her go to her house but not stay, shaking her head she pinned her hair up and jumped in the shower. She dressed herself in a long sleeved blouse and pants before brushing her hair out. It fell almost to her lower back, it was mostly straight and curled at the bottom. Coming down into the kitchen she smiled as he dished out food onto two separate plates.

"Feel better?"

"Yes thank you." He motioned for her to sit at the table across from him, dinner was nothing special just some spaghetti but it was wonderful to her not having to cook it. After dinner she helped him with the dishes and smiled when he offered her a glass of wine.

"Trying to seduce me Brute?" He laughed and shook his head.

"No no, just figured after a day like today you would want something to help you relax a little but hun." He poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her. "Besides you a little young for me and someone already has his eye on you." He said as he lead her over to the couch that sat in front of a large fire place taking a sip of his wine.

"Who, what do you mean someone already has his eye one me?" She watched him closely.

"What I don't know what your talking about girl." She laughed.

"Bullshit you don't know what I'm talking about spill it!" His eyes widened and he laughed.

"Wow, little wine in your system your manners switch off huh?" he smiled w at her. "No if your to blind to see it like I do then I think I'm going to let it all unfold."

"So your not telling me a damn thing?" He shook his head no and smiled. She looked ahead to the fire and took another sip of her wine, relaxing back into the couch. Every sip she took she got that closer to sleep, she was in such a relaxing environment that she melted into it enjoying every second of it.

"Baby girl?" She came out her trance and looked over at him giving him a tired smile. "Come lets get you to bed." Holding out his hand she took it as he helped her up and lead her to the guest room. Taking the glass of wine he set it on the bedside table and pulled the covers back for her. "You sleep well now, ill wake you for breakfast." She nodded and got ready for bed, taking the blouse off she checked herself in the mirror, tracing the outlines of her bruises she sighed holding it all in as she slipped on a short night dress. Slipping under the covers she stared up at the ceiling listing to Brutal move around his house, she smiled she was glad to have a good friend, and other friends at work that would help her. She fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke to the sound of pans clunking together and the smell of toast, the sounds of voices laughing at each other, she quickly dressed and headed down to the kitchen where she saw brutal and Dean trying to make breakfast.

"You boys need any help?" She smiled walking over to where Brutal was cooking up some eggs.

"No we are fine." Brutal said smiling down at her. "Dean came over for a little breakfast before work why don't you help him set the table?" Grabbing some plates from the top shelf she moved over to the table and smiled at Dean.

"Good morning Alexandria." She handed him a plate and he set it in its place.

"Good morning." She was quickly moved out of the way as Brutal came through with a pan of eggs, he dished them out between the three, and moved quick to grab the toast. "Look you don't need to impress me with your cooking last night was bad enough."

"Hey I thought you liked what I made for you last night." She chuckled and sat down with them.

"I'm just playing Brute." They all laughed together and ate their breakfast in somewhat of a silence. Looking out the window they watched cars go by, every so often when they did.

"I have to run out in town before work so, you two going to be ok here by yourself?" Dean and Alexandria looked at each other then to him before nodded. "Ok I'll be back soon." Brutal moved quick and was out the door.

"Yes Brute we will do the dishes for you!" Alexandria shouted out looking at Dean, gathering the dishes her hands were grabbed by Dean.

"Ill get it you go relax on the couch."

"No we are not going through this again, I got it this time Dean." She pulled away and head for the sink, filling it with water and soap she started scrubbing the dishes. Dean came up beside her and held out his hand for a dish to dry. Smiling she handed him a plate and just like the night before the dishes were done quick. Drying her hands she walked out onto the front porch and took a seat on the swinging bench folding her left leg under her she let the other one dangle pushing the swing. Dean watched her from the kitchen. Walking out and looking down the front drive he sighed. "You going to come sit with me or stand there." He turned to her and watched her for a moment before sitting down on the other far side of the bench causing it to swing a little bit.

"How you feeling today?" Dean asked turning to her, she did the same and shrugged.

"I don't know how I supposed I'm feeling today, I had a good rest but I guess I just don't know." She looked down at the porch deck, as they sat in silence again. She sat staring at the porch playing with her hands, Dean checked his watch and looked out at the road, Brutal wasn't back yet but they had to get ready for work at least. Standing he walked over and held his hand out to her.

"Got to get ready for work now." She looked at his hand then to him, grasping it lightly he helped her to her feet. Standing she fell forward, feeling like a ditz as Dean caught her she looked up and smiled. Her leg had fallen asleep and she hadn't expected it. He helped her into standing straight up again. She kept her hands on his arms to steady herself, looking down she shook her leg out allowing the blood to flow again. Looking up she smiled again, reaching up he brushed a stray strand of hair that had fallen into her face, like he had the other night, tucking it behind her ear, letting his hand trace the outside of her cheek as he pulled away from her. She gave a small smile before turning back into the house, to get changed. Dean just watched her disappear up stairs, before taking a seat on the bench again. What was he thinking the girl had enough issues to deal with, she didn't need him making moves on her. Sighing he watched the road for Brutal it wasn't long till he arrived back.

"Why do you look so down boy?" Brutal asked as he came up the steps carrying a brown paper bag, Dean stood and walked over to greet him and shook his head at the question. "Where is Alexandria?"

"She's upstairs getting dressed for work." They both walked into the house, Dean watched Brutal unpack the bag, eyeing the items he placed on the counter. "What is all that for?"

"Alexandria, figured she could use a little something to ease the pain?" Dean nodded, as he looked at the various creams, ointments and aspirins.

"What makes you think she is in pain Brute, she doesn't look like it."

"I can tell Dean, she hides it well but watch her movements they are slow and cautious."

"Is he gone, can she go home?"

"I don't know, I wouldn't count on something like that figuring how she described him." Their conversation ended as she walked into the kitchen, hair pulled back she smiled when she saw Brutal and looked over at the things laid out on the counter. Looking up at him with a questioning look, he smiled and gave her arm a small squeeze and he left the kitchen to get ready for work himself. Picking up some of the items she read the descriptions and sighed.

"Something wrong?"

"No, he just didn't need to go and do all this for me is all." Dean smiled

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