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Light walked, reluctantly, into the NPA headquarters. He was contacted to go there when he got home from school that day. As he put his cell phone in the dispenser, turned it off and walked through the metal detector, he saw L sitting in front of several screens. Light walked over to him as soon as L was done eating, L got up and grabbed a piece of paper.

He then turned around and showed the piece of paper, "Light since I know you're Kira, I would like it if you could kill this person. Here is her picture and here is her name."

Light looked at him strangely (though it's not unusual) as he looked from the picture, to the name, and back to L. "Listen Ryuzaki, I'm not Kira. And why do you want me to write her name down?"

"Well I want to get rid of this injustice." he explained, rather coolly.



"Uh nothing." Light said as he grabbed the paper and left the room.

Light's room


Light sat at his desk, with his pen poised over his Death Note. Why do I have to kill this Dora the explorer anyway? Light thought, still looking at the paper.

Do it! Write down the chubby child's name down!" said a far away voice.

Light, startled, quickly swiveled his chair around toward the window to see…

L crouching on his window sill.

"What the hell are you doing!" screamed Light.

"Kill the chubby child! It's complete injustice!" replied L.

"…Can I kill the fox?" said Light, who obviously was thinking about Swiper the fox.

"As long as you kill the blue monkey."

"Why do you want to kill Boots?"

"I hate his boot's and their color. Since your Kira you can kill them." said L.

"I'm not Kira!"

"Whatever you say, Kira." said two familiar voices.

Light turned to see Mello and Near in his room. They were both smiling, or at least Mello was.

"What the hell are you doing here?" asked Light.

"Well, were here because you have to kill Dora the Explorer." explained Mello.

About 3.3 % of me thinks that this is a trick. Nah! I'll just write the name down. thought Light

Light writes the name down quickly, and turns on the TV. L, Mello, Near and Matt (who spontaneously appeared out of nowhere) sat there watching Dora the Explorer. After about 40 seconds Dora clutched her chest and fell down to the ground dead. Not long after Boot's and Swiper did too. L looked at like with a frown on his face, "How could you kill an 8 year old Light?"

"Say what!? You're the one who told me to kill her!"

"That's low Kira… even for you." commented Mello.

Near pressed a button and said, "Well time to end this." as the NPA came and arrested Light.

So long story short, Kira was discovered to be as Kira thanks to the sacrifice of the Dora the Explorer characters! Who knew?

The end!

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