Response to the anonymous child named Ninjaman345 that's spamming my inbox right now

I was gonna leave this alone, BUUUUUT nah. Insulting my friend is not okay. You can insult me all you want, but insulting my friend doesn't fly around here. If you're going to leave insults here don't leave them for my friend. The only one that's allowed to insult her here is me. If you want to act like a small child and flame her, you'll get a snarky response from me depending on how much you insult her.

Rule: don't insult her.

How could you do this? You just really ruined my childhood back their (which I'm still kind of a child).

First of all, it's spelled there. Second, you read the title before you read it (hopefully or blame yourself for reading it) and you should be able to guess the story accurately just from the title. If it's something you don't want to see then don't read it. Simple and easy isn't it?

I could do this because I wanted to? It's pretty simple. My best pal is the one that came up with the idea really and it was great.

As for the child thing, that's not really an excuse considering the reason I mentioned above. Alas, my little self is still a child at heart (MY MOM IS SENDING ME PLAY-DOH HELL YEAH) and I've gone on Tumblr and had many of my childhood loves ruined from the site. You get over it.

How rude! You don't got it, dude! Oh mylanta! That's the angry version of the Tanner sisters saying you guys are big fat haters!

Oh no, whatever am I to do? My little kokoro is brokoro DDDDDD;

How rude! You don't got it, dude! Picking on a lady's weight is uncool! The Tanner sisters would be ashamed you used such an insult especially after the time DJ went through the phase of not eating because she felt fat compared to other girls!

Oh and one more thing, ya darn skippy. Say something nice about Dora the Explorer for once in a lifetime, or wait until I report this and get you in trouble. Yes, I don't like Dora anything , but I still have some old Dora DVDs from 2007 that I might give away to my nearly 3 year old baby sister. And who knows? I might even watch them with her to regain my 2 year old memories, which you destroyed carelessly thinking about yourself. You sly and selfish doofus!

You can't make me say something I have no desire to say. You also have no idea what I say in my lifetime, so don't try to use that line me. I don't like the Dora shows, so sue me. I was more of a Dragon Ball Z, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, PowerPuff Girls, and Sailor Moon kind of gal. I didn't like the show and neither does my friend. Saying something nice about Dora is not going to do anything; we've already clearly stated we don't like her and thus it would mean nothing~. You want to report this? Fine. I'll deal with it. This fic isn't harmful as far as I've seen. You're the one that read it, broski. You could've have totally not read the fic and keep your childhood intact.

To be honest if your childhood is ruined that easily you're gonna have a hard time with internet when you're older.

Ah yes, so selfish I am. Loaning my friend twenty dollars of my birthday money so she could get a shirt she really wanted. Giving this one girl who I have no idea who she was ten bucks to help fund a part of her education in college. She wanted a dollar for a honey bun I think, but instead I told her to keep the honey bun and gave her ten. I hold doors open for many people. I help them out when they seriously need it. Oh~ so selfish :(

By the way, you only use sly on someone that's actually trying to be cunning. I'm blunt as skillets, darling. I tend not to beat around the bush. Try to use that if you're going to insult me next time! Also, doofus isn't really great for actual insulting. It's more used for friends when you're teasing them I think. Again, try something else! :D

To everyone else that didn't leave unnecessary flames, thank you for reading and leaving kind and amusing words! I appreciate it! :3