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Harry Potter, currently known as The-Boy-Who-Lived, was a little upset. He slammed into his seat at the Gryffindor table. His table-mates watched in concerned amusement. It had been a while since Harry had come down to breakfast this angry.

Hermione Granger watched her best friend with something akin to puzzlement."What did you do now Harry?" Harry ducked behind her bushy brown hair, ignoring the indignant sound she made.

"It was horrible," he said, managing to inject massive anger in three words. "He managed to corner me in the shower, no thanks to Ron."

"Who did?"

A snort from across the table drew their attention. Ron Weasely swallowed and aimed a fork at the small dark haired boy. "So I woke up earlier than you. Not my fault."

"Traitor," Harry hissed. "You know they're under the influence."

"What happened, Harry?" Hermione asked curiously.

Harry fought a rising blush and mumbled. "Nothing."If nothing means 'Fred trapped me in the showers'!

[Harry carefully walked into the showers. The night before had given him some interesting dreams, to say the least. Waking up with sticky sheets because of a dream about your best mates' brothers wasn't something he wanted to explain. Not that the dreams were unusual in that they were starring boys. Harry had known for months that he was bent and preferred men.

So with a towel artfully covering his boxers and a quietly murmured 'Scourgify' on the sheets, Harry headed off to the showers. All of his other roommates had left, leaving the shower to him alone. He dropped the towel in relief and turned on the shower, grateful for the steaming water. The hot water hit his body, providing him with some measure of relief. It seemed that the dream hadn't quite taken care of his 'problem' after all. Even though the sheets had been proof of his nighttime activities, his aching member throbbed and stiffened with every drop of water that hit it.

Harry groaned and reached down, glad that all the others were gone. He had just started to pump himself when long freckled arms reached around him.

Harry gasped and turned.

Standing behind him with not a stitch on was Fred Weasely. He was at least a foot taller than Harry. His chest was broad and sprinkled with freckles. A quick peek down south made him blush. Fred was long and hard.

And yes, it would seem that the Weasleys were all natural red-heads.

Fred pushed him back until he was braced against the wall, and there was barely any space between them. He glanced down and asked, "Is that for me?"

Coming out of his stunned state, Harry tried to cover himself. Fred grabbed both of the boy's wrists and held them over his head.

"Tsk, tsk, Harry. You didn't answer my question."

Harry didn't know how to answer. What was he supposed to say? Yes, I suddenly find myself attracted to you and had the most interesting dream involving you and ice cream?

He didn't think so.

Fred smiled. "For every minute you don't answer, there's going to be a punishment, Harry." To prove his point, Fred bent forward and nipped a path down his throat. Harry gritted his teeth and wiggled, bringing his cock into contact with Fred's.

Fred hissed and drew himself up. "Will you answer now Harry?" Harry shook his head. Fred grinned and delicately placed one hand on Harry's cock. "Now?"

Harry gasped again and lowered his head. What was going on? Why was Fred acting this way? Unless...

Fred's grip tightened and Harry bucked.

The potion! His eyes narrowed and he frantically attempted to free himself. Whatever had been in that potion was making Fred act weird!

But it had spilled on Harry, so why was Fred affected?

Harry squirmed but no relief followed. He sighed in relief and torment when Fred let go. He was glad Fred had let go but to leave him with this to deal with?

Fred smiled at the frustrated look on Harry's small face. His large hand slid through the dark, messy, wet hair. "Do you want some help?"

Without waiting for an answer Fred's hand resumed its place and he ran his fingers up and down Harry's length. Harry gave up resisting and bucked into Fred's hand when he gripped his cock and started to pump. He released his grip on Harry's wrists and pulled the younger boy closer.

Harry panted. It felt so good! But it was wrong! He tossed his head, body tense. Fred seemed to notice this and grabbed Harry's face, placing a chaste kiss on his lips. Harry growled and jerked his head away. His now free hands found a grip in long red hair and pulled, keeping Fred's face away. With his other hand he made an effort to slap the other boy away. Fred laughed.

Fred was now alternating the pressure on Harry's cock. He smiled when a shudder ran through Harry's body, and he came with force. Fred brought the hand to his face and licked the cum off. Harry watched with a glare, unable to move with the boneless feeling coursing through him.

Fred let him go and moved to take care of the heat near exploding in his own body. With a few hard strokes, Fred came and leaned against Harry, against the wall. Moments later, Fred stood and offered Harry a cheerful wink.

"If you need anything, you know where to find me." And then he left, whistling a happy tune.

Harry slid down the shower stall, almost collapsing onto the floor.

Fred had just wanked in front of him, after getting Harry off first. Harry seethed. Just how was he supposed to react around them, knowing that it was all just a potion, and not the feeling of the twins themselves? Why did the twins have to be under the influence of a potion? Then, when he thought about it, he groaned. Ron's brother had just wanked in front of him.


Harry let out another confused groan and buried his head in his arms.

Hermione peered at him carefully. "Did something happen the night before, then?"

"I'll tell you." Ron said gleefully.

"Ron," Harry hissed. "Don't!"

Ron ignored Harry in favor of the attention of his housemates. "See, last night, Harry was coming back from his detention with that toad Umbridge." A growl rose from the table. Anyone who hadn't been paying attention before was watching now. "So Hermione dipped his hand in the nasty smelling stuff again."

Hermione sniffed. "It helped alleviate the pain didn't it, Harry?" Said boy was hiding behind his bangs. Hermione glanced at him then turned back to Ron.

"Like I was saying, the nasty smelling stuff. Harry was trying to avoid it like any sensible person. He accidentally knocked it over, so Hermione left the room in a huff. Poor Harry bumped into the twins trying to escape before she came back." Giggles arose from those who had witnessed the moment. "Of course the twins were working on some creepy potion for their pranks." Ron wrinkled his nose. "It kinda smelled like roses."

Lavender . "Get to the good part, Ron!"

Ron frowned. "I'm getting there. The twins immediately grabbed him and dumped the stuff on his head and-"

"Hey, what's this talk of our latest experiment?"

Ron paled and shut his mouth. Harry shot up and flushed bright red. He refused to look at the twins, a murderous expression appearing to Fred's wink.

George and Fred Weasely sauntered over to their little brother and wrapped lanky arms around him. "What are you lot-"

"-gossiping about this early in the morning?" Finished Fred. "I swear, you're all worse than-"

"-those bloody Hufflepuffs."

Neville spoke up. "Don't you mean Slytherins?"

The twins shook their heads and answered in unison. "It's always the quiet ones. Why just the other day we found no less than three Hufflepuffs going at it in a deserted hallway."

As one, the Gryffindor body turned to stare at the Hufflepuff table. Really, who would've thought?

Harry tried to use this time to sneak away. Unfortunately for him, Hermione's concern about his well-being banished that.

"Harry, where are you going? Class doesn't start for at least two hours." Harry froze and looked towards the table with large eyes.

Both twins perked up at hearing his name. They sprang up from the table and grabbed the pissed boy. "What's the rush, love?"

"Hermione!" Harry glared at the bushy-haired witch, then at the twins. "Flipendo!" Fred and George were knocked backwards onto the floor as Harry ran from the hall.

Lavender and Ron snickered. Hermione eyed them a moment longer before asking, "Just what on earth happened after I left?"

Ron casually pointed to the fleeing boy, aiming their focus at Harry while he told the story. "After they dumped the stuff on Harry, it was silent. When he didn't sprout wings, or turn into something strange we all sighed.

"Anyways, Fred and George got this weird look in their eyes and…"They all leaned in. "declared their love and intentions towards him!"

The whole of Gryffindor deflated. Ginny said flatly, "That's not news Ron. We all knew that."

Neville nodded. "Yeah, all the Weasleys love Harry. Isn't he like your brother?"

Lavender sighed. "Ron is just a horrible story teller. Not family-type love, you guys." A wicked smirk crossed the girls face. "But real, down and dirty, I-want-to-see-you-in-your-birthday-suit-and-make-you-scream-my-name type love."

Neville, Ginny, and the innocents of Gryffindor blushed heavily and averted their eyes.

Seamus gazed at the spot Harry had been. "D'you think Harry swings that way?"

Hermione tossed a roll at him, hitting him square in the face. "You know he doesn't like to be stared at." her eyes became slits as she thought about what she had just been told.

Seamus spluttered. "Why'd you toss it at me when half t'bloody hall is starin'?"

Hermione opened her Potions book nonchalantly. "You were the most obvious."

Lavender turned to Ron."Doesn't it bother you that your brothers are trying to seduce your best friend?"

Ron shrugged. "Not really. I already knew the twins ran that way, and they aren't serious. Besides, once the potion wears off, they'll be back to normal. Or, as normal as they can get."

Hermione gave a cry and jumped up at that. "Oh no! Ron, you know how he feels about potions!"She ran off before Ron could answer.

Hermione ran to Gryffindor tower, nearly shouting the password in her haste to get in. Just as she had thought, Harry had retreated and was just about to leave. Hermione grabbed the startled boy and dragged him to the library.

"Hermione, we have class in an hour!" Harry protested.

"This is important, Harry." She firmed her grip on him and pulled him to the potions section of the Library. "We are not leaving until i find out what the twins dumped on you."

Harry gaped as she grabbed at least a dozen different books and set them on the table. "It's going to take a while to get through all of these, Hermione. We have less than an hour!"

She sniffed. "I know how much time we have, Harry. Justwatch." She turned her attention to the books splayed out on the table and said, "I need only need books with rose-smelling potions, that may or may not affect anothers will." Half of the books flew from the table and back into their spots while others flipped open by themselves to certain pages. A few even danced from the shelves to land in front of her.

"How did you do that?"

"If you came here as often as i did, the books would listen to you too." She then set to work on reading the books and searching for the right potion.

Harry shook his head in amazement and settled in. "Ron finished telling you about the potion, then?"

She nodded. "Yes, he did. Have you noticed anything strange about yourself or the twins since last night, Harry?"Harry fidgeted. Sharp brown eyes caught the movement. "Well?"

He muttered something intelligible under his breath.


An angry flush crept up his neck. "I said, he got me in the showers."

"Who did? What did he do?" She asked again.

His voice quieted again, with hints of shame and anger. "Fred got me off in the shower."

For a moment, they shared an awkward silence.

Hermione ignored the faint heating of her cheeks and resumed her search. "So a type of lust potion, maybe? Don't worry Harry, we'll find a cure and everything will go back to normal."

Harry nodded sharply, and picked up a promising book near him. He was happy Hermione had dragged him down here but he knew that things wouldn't go back to normal. Because if they found a cure, what would happen with the brotherly relationship he used to have with the twins? How would they react to Harry after this was over?

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