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Well, damn.

If this didn't take the cake...

Dola smiled to herself as she watched the children eat heartily, looking like they hadn't eaten in weeks. Poor things, they didn't know the first thing about spellcasting.

Dola did.

"I don't know what ya two were thinkin'." Dola grumbled. "A spell like that coulda killed the both of ya!"

Lucita's head snapped up.

"How...how do you..?"

Dola just smiled.

Patzu looked up, thinking it through. Luctia would catch on first, though. That was a given.

"You're a Wise Woman! My mother told me about you, she said that you were the guardians of Laputa!"

Patzu looked stunned.

"Not quite, girly." Dola corrected. "We Wise Women used to be from Laputa, just like yerself. But that was then. We were just kids then."

Lucita frowned, but Patzu understood.

"You saw Laputa?"

Dola nodded.

The children's eyes were wide.

"There were three of us, back in the day." Dola said. "Me and me sisters. But then we found that crystal of yers."

Lucita touched her crystal.

"Aye. That's the one."

"Is that why you tried to get it back?" Lucita asked.

So wide-eyed, so innocent...Dola rolled her eyes inwardly. If there was one thing a woman was good at, it was self-defense. Some idiot must have taught her to use charm and wiles instead of her head.

They'd have to work on that.

"Nah, girly," Dola chuckled, hiding her thoughts. "That was just ta stir things up a bit! Ya were there. I knew ya were there. Same as Patzu, it's his adventure as much as yours."

"What are you talking about?" Patzu asked blankly.

They'd have to work on that, too.

Dola sighed.

"All righty, ya two, listen up. I'm seven hundred years old and I've seen a lotta things, but one thing I've always seen is that there crystal." She gestured at Lucita. "Whoever wears it will change the world. The whole world."

"By finding Laputa!"


"Ehh, that was just the start." Dola waved her hand dismissively. "Ya two'll be together forever now, you're stuck with it so I hope you like it!"

The children smiled. Dola nodded her approval.

"Well, since that's settled...your granny, she taught you spells, right, girly?"

Lucita nodded.

"I'll teach ya more. And sonny, you know how to fight and keep your head. That's one part, but I'll teach ya how to really protect someone." Dola smiled. "Yer the bearer, Sheeta, and yer the protector, Patzu. It's a noble thing."

Lucita considered. Patzu looked to her, waiting.

Good! Good.

There was hope for them after all.

Their fates were intertwined now.

"If we agree..." Lucita asked, slowly, "Do we have to be pirates?"

"Until yer old enough for a real job, girly!" Dola laughed. "It'll keep ya sharp. Trust me, a pirate's life is gonna be yer life, so get used to it."

Lucita looked at Patzu.

An even better sign. Mysticism belonged to Lucita, reality to Patzu. And when the two intertwined, the decision belonged to them both.

"Yes." Patzu said.

"What about Gondola?" Lucita asked.

Dola sighed. "Made some dreams already, didja, girly? I'm sorry." She put her hand over the princess'. "Don't ya worry, though. We'll go and see that mountain of yers someday, just not yet. I ain't lettin' the next Muska get at either of you! Not while there's life in these old bones!"

Lucita smiled. Her journey had been the most traumatizing.

Patzu considered, then asked, "Can I keep working on the engines?"

They all laughed.

Well, damn, Dola thought.

These kids would be okay after all.