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This is story of what may be Naruto's most dangerous mission he's ever attempted and his thought's before he prepares to take on this mission and how things lead up to this moment.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki former shinobe of the Hidden Leaf Village. And I have been trapped in this world Pulse for over two years. During my time of being stuck in this world I meet a man named Sazh who was what the people of Cacoon called a l'Cie. L'Cie are supposed to be people who are marked by this fal'Cie thing and there suppose to be a danger to the people and those around them.

Sazh was the one introduce me to the rest of the group that where all l'Cie. They were all traveling together to take out this fal'Cie to save Cacoon but the problem was that they were all fugitives just for being l'Cie in the first place when I told them of my world and how I some how got stuck here in this world of Pulse they all figure it was fal'Cie that was what brought me here and they offer to take me along.

Well", not everybody offered, Lightning the girl with the pink hair told the rest of the group to leave me behind claiming that I would slow everyone else down.

When she said the that Sazh did nothing but laugh and made up an excuse saying " If he the one carry everyones stuff how can he?"

Normally that would piss me off but I could see that Sazh was just trying to convince Lightning to take me along.

After a couple of minute of Sazh trying to convince Lightning how useful I could be from washing everyone clothes, cooking, and of coures carrying everyone SHIT. She finally gave in and walked from the group before warning to me "just try not to get yourself killed."

Over next few months I showed all the others what I was capable of I can still remmbering seing how far Sazh jaw dropped when I first showed shadow clones of my self. Even Lightning was impressed(a little) by my abilites.

We all band together and fought and destroyed Fal'Cie together but even after destroy fal'Cie I was still trapped in Pulse, but to tell you the truth after everything we've been through together I'm not sure I would want to go back not any more.

And now I get to take my most dangerous mission ever

"Hey whatcha doin Naruto"?

Its funny, I've faced off the greatest threats two world could throw at me and now I'm terrified.

"Hey are listening to me kid"?

But I now, know in my heart this is the best thing to do no matter what happens I will-


What's wrong Sazh?

"Hey, What are you so lost in thought for?" Sazh asked

"Oh, sorry Sazh just thinking about nothing I guess"

"Yeah well, you should speak out more, you look all gloomy when your all lost in thought" Sazh says

"Didn't you say last week that I talk too much, now I don't talk enough which one is it?"

"That's the amazing thing about you Naruto the one time I actually want you to start talking, you manage to immediately make me want you to shut up again." Sazh says

"Yeah whatever, who asked you anyways." I respond

"Calm down, I only came to ask you to a question." Sazh say

"Yeah what is it?"

"Are you really going through with it?" Sazh asked

"Yeah I know now is the best time to do this from the bottom of my heart."

"You're sure?"

"A hundred percent."

"O.K good luck and make sure you come back alive alright, I'd have no one to talk to if you were dead, ya know"

"Don't worry about me; you just make sure you don't lose that chocobo again."

I haven't lo- Sazh says as he checks his afro for his little companion only to discover it's missing.

Sazh takes off to search for his missing chocobo leaving Naruto by himself again

Well I might as well get this over with the most dangerous but the most important mission of my life.

While I walking to my mission objective I think back on the time we first meet and got to know each other I told you about my world you told me about yours. I told you about my dream and aspirations you told me about your objectives and life time goals. Sure at first you didn't trust me but-

"What's up, looks like you're going through with it, I see?"

"Yeah Fang, I 'm going through with it" I respond

"Well ya got balls mate I'll give ya that much, I can't say so much for brains though. Have you really stop to think how this will effect your life kid?" Fang asked

"Shut up, no one asked you and who are you to ask me how this will effect my life whether or not I"- I said until I interupted by the bear hug I receieved from Fang little sister.

"NARU I'M SO PROUD YOU DECIDED TO GO THROUGH WITH IT, I KNOW YOU'LL DO GREAT SO DON'T WORRY O.K." Vanille squeals as she tightens her bear grip on Naruto spine.

"Alright Vanille Alright, I get it thanks for you support but you have to let me go before I pass out." Naruto barley says

"Oh, sorry". Vanille says as she lets go of Naruto.

You better hurry off kid or ya'll lose your chance. Fang says

"Oh, your right see you guys later." Naruto say speeding off leaving Vanille and Fang

50 gil says he doesn't come back in one piece. Fang says

"Fang!!" Vanille screams

Now running to my objective still thinking back to when we began to start trusting each other I revealed my past and childhood to you and you did the same for me. The both of us explored each others inner demons and fears and regrets. It wasn't because we had to start trusting each but because we- Ouuuuuf!!!

"What the hell?" Naruto thought being intruded again by running into something hard

"Oh sorry about that Naruto, but you should really watch where you're going next time"

"Yeah sorry Snow"

"Don't worry about, so you're really going to do it huh" Snow asked ttell


"Never thought I'd see the day that a man would be brave enough to do what you're going to." Snow says

"Do what Snow?" Snows fiancée asked walking up to the two of them

"I'l tell you later Serah, anyways don't you have to be on your way Naruto?"

"Yeah it's good to see you and I'll talk to you guys later." Naruto says as he runs off.

I wonder what he in such a rush for?" Serah asked while Snow snickers

"What's so funny Snow" Serah asked and Snow whispered the answer in her ear


When I finally realized that I would be stuck in Pulse for the rest of my life never to see my friends and loved one again, never be able to fulfill the dreams and promises I've made myself it was you the one who cheered me up the most the one gave me a reason to continue on, gave me a reason to smile again and make new dreams again. For that reason I will always be grateful to you. It's funny I dedicated my whole life into protecting people and you were the one who protected me from myself. That when I realized I truly l-

Naruto thoughts were interrupted for the last time by a show one standing in the way off his objective.

"So you're really going through with it huh?"

"Yeah I guess so"

"You sure this is what you want?"

"I'm sure Hope I'm sure"

"You'd better be because you know once you do this there's no going back right?" Hope asked

"I know" Naruto responsed

"But still why does it have to be you, it's not fair, I could of"-Hope says before he was interrupted

"Hey don't say that Hope look I'm most likely going to fail miserably anyways so you never know you might get you're chance next"

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up and your right you will most likely screw it up knowing you Naruto."


"That's why I'm going to be rooting for ya" Hope says trying to calm Naruto

"Thanks that means a lot coming from you Hope, thank you"

"No problem, you better get going right?"

"Yeah thanks again Hope." Naruto says as he leaves Hope to go forward to his destination.

"You better not screw this up Naruto." Hope says to himself as he watches Naruto speed off

This is all why I am so sure about this no matter what happens I have no regrets even if I fail then I'll retry this mission a hundred time if I have to this maybe the most dangerous mission I've ever taken but it's also what I need to do to achieve a dream and unlike last time this is one dream I'm not going to let slip through my fingers not this time. These are my last thoughts as I reach my mission.

Lightning you got a sec?

What is it, Naruto?

It's nothing, you know we've all been through a lot together right?

Yeah we've all been through a lot. Lightning says

And we've all gotten a lot closer because of it right?

You can say that, but what's wrong you don't seem like yourself right now Naruto. Lightning asked looking a little concerned.

Nothing it's just….um….you…see….I

What are you sick do you need to be taken to the healer? Lightning asked as she walked up to Naruto and place her palm on his forehead.

No Éclair, I'm not sick. Naruto says as he grabs Lightning hand and kneels down on one knee.

Naruto then pulls out a something from his pocket and place the object on Lightning ring finger revealing to be a Diamond engagement ring.

I came here to ask you a question, Éclair Ferron will you marry me?

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