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After the battle in Oerba Naruto and the rest of the gang was aiding the rest of the Guardian Corp troops help heal the injuryed and surivors of the battle that took place.

A group of injuryed Psi Com troop were laying in bed recovering

"What the hell are these Guardian Corp troops doing?"

"I don't know! We were trying to kill these people and now there helping us?"

"Maybe their just keeping us alive so they can get information"

"No that can not be it. Other wise they would not leave so many of us alive"

"Then why would they waste their resoures taking care of us the men who tried to destory them"

"It's Naruto Uzumaki that's it"

They all turn to the man that is the most injuryed of all of them

"It's his soft nature that what making these Guardain Corp troops help us. Any one else would leave their enemy to die and take their spoils. This shows how weak his leadership really is and how Noctis is such a better leader then Uzumaki in every way. Naruto Uzumaki is a disgrace and doesn't deserve to be admired. He's weak!"

"That weak man is the only reason you guys are still alive"

They all turn to see Snow standing over them

"But he is right most leader would just leave their enemy to die. Infact that's what everyone in the Guardian Corp wanted to do. But you men should be thankful that Naruto Uzumaki is not like most leaders"

Snow then turns to walk away but stops and turns around to face them again

"Oh and by the way the moment your ship battlion was destroyed. Prince Charming was no where to be found which means he left you all to die on this rock. But if that's the kind of leader you guys want to follow then be my guest"

The Psi com troop just remain there in silence taking in the words that Snow just said to them

Naruto was currently watching over Lightning and the baby

The two them discovered that once the baby finally got comfortable it was kind of hard to keep the baby still.

Lightning finally grab the Kenshin and tried to get him still enough to feed him which Kenshin continued to refuse. Since they only had to rations that the Guardain Corp had which was great for them becaues it lasted for months but not so much for babies. Lightning then forced a spoon fill of the mashed up food in Kenshin mouth.

"Come on Kenshin you got to eat, don't you want to grow up big and strong like your daddy" Naruto says

Kenshin them spits out the food landing on Naruto face

Naruto quickly wiped his face off while Kenshin burst out laughing and claped his little hands

Lightning too was giggling at her sons antics

Naruto then turn to Lightning

"Oh you think that's funny Eclair"

"A little bit"

Naruto then turn to his little boy

"Alright smart guy but we'll see how you like it when I'm an old man and you got to feed me when I get hungry and wipe my ass when I-"

Lightning then smakes Naruto across the face knocking him to the ground

The baby then laughs again at his fathers pain

Naruto then begins to pick himself up

"Hey, what gives Eclair!"

"Naruto you are not to use that kind of languages around Kenshin understand!"

"What's the big deal it's not like he understands what were saying right now anyways"

"That's not the point I don't want you to develop bad habits around him"

Just then Sazh pokes his head inside the tent Naruto and Lightning were in to see the young couple arguing

"Well, well trouble in paradise I see"

They turn around to notice Sazh standing there

"Oh hey Sazh what's up"

Sazh then walks in the tent and walks toward the baby

"Hey there little guy you giving your parents a hard time"

The baby just looks up and smile at the man standing in front of him

Sazh then turns to Naruto

"Oh by the way Naruto I found that guy you were looking for"

"What really! Great take me to him."

Lightning then look them both confused

"What guy Naruto?"

"Oh don't worry about that Eclair I tell you later."

Naruto then walks up to the baby and kisses him on the forehead and turns to Lightning

"Me and Sazh is going to step out for a little bit okay, I'll be right back"

Then both Naruto and Sazh exit the tent leaving Lightning and the baby there

Lighting then walks back over to the baby grab a spoon full of food again and puts it in the baby mouth once again

Kenshin holds the food in his mouth once more refusing to swallow it

Lightning then looks in the baby in the eye with a look that just says: I dare you to spit that food in mommy face!.

Kenshin then takes the hint and immediatlly swallows the food

"Good boy" Lightning says

Outside both Naruto and Sazh meet up the guy Sazh was talking about who looked like a regular Guardain Corp Soldier

"Are you sure this is the guy Sazh?"

"Yeah he says he can do it"

"Hey soldier" Naruto calls out

"Yes sir Commander Uzumaki"

"Um...can you really do this for me"

"Yes sure no problem sir, my family has done this for generation and I am cretified to grant this"

"Great!" Naruto says

"Alright then Naruto I'll get everything set up you just go get ready"

Naruto then takes off

Meanwhile with the rest of the gang

Fang, Snow and Jihl was going over the plan for an assult on the Royal palace

"So let's just say that our best bet is go at Noctis head on while his forces are weak" Fang says

"Yeah Naruto should influtrate the palace while we strike as a diversion so he can get to the prince and we should lead the attack" Snow says

"Don't you think it's a little risky letting Naruto go in by himself?"

"You shouldn't worry about him he can take care of himself and besides if he can take out Noctis then it will put an end to this war"

Just then a group of Psi com troop approached them

"Um...Commander Snow sir we were thinking about what you said and we what in on what ever you guys are planing"

They were all shocked by what those Psi com troops just said

"What the hell is this about?"

"Look we were fighting becaues we believed that what we were doing was for the best for Cocoon, but now we realized that Noctis does not have what's best for Cocoon in mind and all we want to do is bring a brighter future for Cocoon"

"Is that so?"

The men the bowed in front of them

"Yes and we plidge our allegicence to Naruto Uzumaki and the Guardian Corp we vow to serve you in battle"

Snow couldn't help but smile at what he saw in front of him

Just then Sazh appoarched them and they all turned to face him

"Hey guys it's that time"

"Oh already"

Sazh then nods his head

"Alright then let's just hope this goes smoothly"

Back with Naruto

Naruto then makes his way back to the tent. When he enters it he finds both Lightning and Serah there and the sleeping baby

"Oh hey guys...um Serah can you take Kenshin out for a minute I think he could use some fresh air" Naruto says

"Oh Naruto I don't think that-"

Naruto then gives her a secret code look that Serah caught on

"Oh! Okay I'll take Kenshin out for a minute" Serah says

Serah then picks up a sleeping Kenshin in her arms and begins to walk out

"Wait Serah I think I'll go with you" Lighting says

"Oh no it's okay Eclair I'm sure you and Naruto might want to be alone"

Lightning wasn't sure about leaving Kenshin alone this early. Sure she trusted her younger sister but she hasn't been seperated from her son since he was born

Before Lightning could say anything else Serah and Kenshin were already gone

Lightning then turn towards Naruto who seem to have a huge grin on his face

"What are you smirking about Naruto?"

Naruto then grabs her hand and pulls her outside of the tent and continued to drag her throught the village

"N-Naruto where the hell are you taking me!"

Naruto then stop and faces her

"You trust me, right"

"Oh course I trust you Naruto it's just I don't understand why you would-"

"Then shut up and follow me"

Naruto then grabs her hand again and continued to drag her through the village

The finally ended up to a large hill with the rest of the gang already there with some Guardian Corp troops

Lightning looked around and discovered that Serah was also there with Kenshin in her arms

"Naruto what the hell is going on!"

Naruto just remained silent as he continued to drag Lightning up the hill until they were meet by a Guardian Corp Solider at the top of the hill

Naruto stop once they reach the top and turned around to face Lightning

Lightning started to get nervous as she had no idea what to think about what was happening

"Are you two ready?" The troop asked them

"Yes were ready" Naruto says

"W-Wait a minute ready for what. What going on Naruto tell me now!"

Naruto then grabs Lightning left hand and he kneels down and puts a diamond ring on her finger the same one he gave her when he first proposed to her

Lightning just stood there silent looking at the ring realizing how beautiful it looked

The Guardain Corp troop then spoke up

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony. The vows you make today are a

commitment to each other. If anyone can show any just cause why this man and woman may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace. I require and charge you both, that if either of you know any impediment why you may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, you do now confess it.

Lightning then realized what was going on and what Naruto had been planing. She looked around to see almost everyone she ever cared for was right there with her watching her get married something Lightning never thought would happen for her at least until she met Naruto and ever since then she change her world completely.

She then faced Naruto who still had that same grin on his face.

The troop then faced Naruto

Do you, Naruto Uzumaki, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded Wife, to live together in the holy estate of Matrimony, to love, comfort, and honor her, and keep her in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, so long as you both shall live?

"I do" Naruto says without hesistation

And do you, Eclair Farron, take this man to be your lawfully wedded Husband, to live together in the holy estate of Matrimony, to love, comfort, and honor him, and keep him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, so long as you both shall live?

Eclair looks back at Naruto and says

"Your an idiot!"

Everybody was shocked to hear that answer come from Lightning

Naruto looked as if he was about to die

Then Lightning smile softely at him

"As if you even have to ask that question of course I do"

Everyone breath in a sigh of relief

"Okay...Naruto Uzumaki and Eclair Farron have consented together and have witnessed the same before this company, and thereto have given and pledged their love to each other, and have declared the same bygiving and receiving of a ring and by joining of hands. In as much as I have been given the authority to unite this man and woman in the holy estate of Matrimony, and it appearing to me that no objection to the union exists. Therefore, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and wife. You may kiss the bride"

Naruto then leans in to kiss Lightning and Lightning does the same for Naruto.

When their lips finally touch there was a huge uproar of cheers coming from all around them.

"Friend and family I now give you Mr. and Mrs. Uzumaki!"

Everyone continued to cheer on while Naruto and Lightning continued their kiss

Back on Cocoon in the Royal Palace

Noctis and Cid Raines finally arived and was met by the Council men of the royal families

"Primarch just what do you think you were doing sending almost all of our forces to invade Gran Pusle"

Noctis walks pass him without even given him a second glance

"Primarch Noctis are you listening to me!"

Noctis and Cid continued walking ignoring him

The Council men followed them

"The Royal families heads are furious with you Noctis and have call for you to meet them immediatly"

Noctis then stops and faces him for the first time

"Is that so?"

"Yes they are currently waiting for you now in the Grand audience chambers"

"Well I think that it's best that I don't disappoint them"

Noctis and Cid then walk into the Grand audience chamber being met by the heads of the Royal families

"Primarch Noctis do you have any idea what you have done!"

"Enlighten me" Nocitis says

"You knowingly sacrificed our main forces in your attempt to destory Uzumaki"

"And not only that but Uzumaki survived the encounter and now said to be even more powerful then you are"

"Is that so and I would like to know how you are getting this information"

"You think that your the only one that has spies Noctis, you honestly think that we were not keeping tabs on you!"

"Not only that but you also failed to win over Eclair Farron so now we can never get the people of Cocoon in our favor"

"Maybe we picked the wrong one to handle our interest if your father was still alive maybe that would change your stunning failures Noctis"

Nocitis then smirked at that last mans remarks.

"Old fools living in the past with hopes to direct the future that's all my father left behind"

"What was that! The argence!"

"And beside men you shouldn't be worried about Uzumaki or what ever forces he may use against me"

The Heads of the Royal familes then look at each other and back to Noctis

"And why is that?"

Noctis then uses his crystal to summon his sword and directed at them

"Because you all won't live long enough to see it"

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