A/N: This takes place first season while Logan and Veronica are enemies. All the rest of the story is intact. This is just a scene I wished had happened.

Logan is sitting on his surfboard beside his best friend Duncan. They have been surfing for a couple of hours and are pleasantly tired.

It is a beautiful, sunny California day. The waves were extra good today and it was fun to get all the guys together without the distraction of the girls.

All the rest of the guys are on shore packing up to leave. Logan and Duncan came together and are taking a few minutes to rest before they leave.

Duncan almost looked happy at times. He has been such a zombie since Lilly died. Logan feels hope that maybe Duncan will come out of his funk. Logan misses his friend.

He feels alone since Lilly died, Duncan withdrew into himself and Veronica chose the other side. They were his three best friends. Now he feels like they are all gone.

Logan thinks about the Veronica he remembers from before Lilly died. She was so sweet and loving with her long blond hair and her big blue eyes. He remembers watching her and Duncan walking together in the school. They were both so happy and in love. Sure it was a sweet, sickening, puppy type love; but they were happy. He really thought Duncan and Veronica would get married, have two children and live in a big mansion. They would be the perfect couple with the perfect marriage and the perfect life.

Now Veronica is this short haired, boot wearing bitch that will take you down if you cross her. She gives back as good as she gets.

Duncan is drugged up on antidepressants and a shadow of his former self.

Logan thinks about how he has been since Lilly died. He is so full of anger and hate and he just wants to get it all out and be purged. The only time he is able to get some of the hate stuck inside him out is if he spars with Veronica.

Logan is broken from his introspection by a commotion on the beach. He looks up and sees that Dick and Cassidy have wandered up the beach away from their friends. Dick is harassing Veronica who is ignoring him as she watches her dog chase some birds.

As Logan watches Dick grabs Veronica and wrestles her phone from her. He had to manhandle her a bit to get it. Apparently she wasn't keen to give it up. Too bad for her that Dick is a lot bigger and stronger than she is.

Logan watches as Dick throws Veronica's phone into the ocean. Logan smiles at how losing her phone is going to inconvenience Veronica.

The guys on the way to their vehicles in the parking lot look over and see Dick tormenting Veronica. They listen and laugh as Dick and Cassidy jeer at Veronica over her losing her phone. They continue on towards their vehicles talking about how Dick threw Veronica's phone in the ocean.

She is obviously angry. Dick and Cassidy's laughter is wiped away when Veronica whistles and yells, "Back Up protect."

The teens all look up the beach and see that Back Up has heard and is running towards her. They all know that Veronica's father trained Back Up to protect Veronica.

Alarmed Logan jumps off his board and swims towards the beach to help his friends. As he watches he sees Dick and Cassidy realize that Veronica is really going to sic her dog on them. They start to run towards their truck. They can't run fast in the soft sand. Logan sees Back Up chasing hard and closing in fast.

As he swims in he sees Veronica chasing her dog who is chasing Dick and Cassidy.

Back Up hits Dick hard in the back knocking him face down into the sand. Logan winces at how hard Dick hit the ground. Logan can hear the growling and barking from where he is. He sees Dick roll into a protective ball.

Logan swims with his head out of the water so he can see what is happening. He watches as Veronica waves Back Up to catch Cassidy who has continued to run towards the safety of Dick's vehicle.

To Logan's shock Veronica tasers Dick. Logan can hear Dick's scream of pain. It is a long taser and Dick screams throughout. Veronica gives Dick a break and then tasers him again. He is begging Veronica to stop and she finally does.

Back Up has caught up to Cassidy and has knocked him down. Cassidy is lying there with his hands up in protective mode. Back Up when Veronica commands, stands there guarding Cassidy. When Cassidy moves, Back Up growls.

Logan is in shallow enough water to put his feet down. He starts wading as quick as he can to the shore. He watches Veronica reach into a quivering Dick's pocket and take out his phone. She opens the back and pulls out his sim card throwing it into the water. She walks back towards Dick and says, "Thanks for the phone."

She walks over towards Cassidy and demands her voice quiet, "Hand over your phone."

Cassidy looks at her and Veronica says, "I'm not going to tell you again."

Logan hits the shoreline and starts running towards Veronica and the Cassablancas brothers.

Cassidy slowly reaches in and pulls out his phone. He hands it to Veronica. She takes it and walks towards the ocean and throws his phone in.

She starts walking towards her apartment complex when Logan and Luke arrive at the scene.

Veronica turns to face Logan and he is upset to see that she is holding her taser out in readiness. He stops a few feet from her and yells, "What the fuck is the matter with you?"

His tone brings Back Up's attention to him and the massive dog steps between Logan and Veronica and growls menacingly at Logan. Logan looks in surprise at the dog he has known since he was a puppy.

Logan sees that Back Up is still in protective mode. The short hairs are standing up in the back of his neck and he has a steely look in his eyes. Logan quietly says, "Hey boy. It's me."

Veronica points at Logan and says, "Back Up, enemy."

Back Up tenses even more and Logan is deeply shocked. He knows that if he takes a step towards Veronica, Back up will attack him. Logan takes a few steps back to loosen the tension in the dog.

He looks at Veronica and sees the same tenseness and steely look in her eyes. He immediately knows that she sees him as a physical threat. He sees her posture and how she is holding her taser. He can see that she would have no hesitation in tasering him.

"You are a psycho bitch." Logan spits out angrily.

She meets his gaze and her eyes lose their steely look and blaze with hatred for a few seconds before she controls her emotions. Without comment, she turns on her heel and walks off.

Logan watches as her dog stays in position waiting to see if any of the guys are going to choose to follow her. None of them do.

After Veronica is a ways up the beach she whistles and Back Up turns and runs after her.

Logan turns and sees Cassidy and Luke helping a shaky Dick to his feet. Dick is cursing and talking about how he is going to make that slut pay. Logan looks at Dick and sees the two burn marks Veronica left on him. He thinks about how long she tasered him for and how much pain she watched him in. She had almost no expression on her face while Dick yelled in pain.

Logan is stunned at the total hatred in her eyes when she looked at him. The Veronica he knew could not hate. She couldn't even talk badly about someone. This Veronica obviously could hate. He just never thought he would see actual hate in her eyes. He hates her sure; but he is capable of it. She just never was.

He is also struck by the fear he saw in her eyes when she looked at him. She was physically afraid of him. He better than anyone knows that look. He never dreamed that Veronica would have that look when she looked at him. She should know he would never physically hurt her. It flashes across his thoughts that someone must have hurt her for her to be so defensive. He puts that thought to the back of his mind for now.

He watches Back Up walking beside her. He thinks about how she told Back Up he was an enemy. Logan knows that from now on, Back Up will look upon him as a danger to Veronica and protect her against him. The thought that Back Up thinks of him as an enemy also hurts Logan. He loves that dog. He has so many happy memories playing with Back Up as a puppy. For some reason Back Up had taken a real liking to Logan and the feeling had been mutual.

He comes out of his thoughts and sees that Cassidy and Luke have helped Dick to his truck. They tell him they will call him later and they drive off.

Logan walks up the beach to where he left Duncan. He notices that Duncan has gotten his and Logan's surfboards out of the water. He is standing there waiting for him.

Logan can see Duncan saw and heard everything.

Angry Logan says, "She's such a bitch!"

Duncan looks at him a little blankly.

Logan complains, "She told Back Up I was the enemy."

Frowning a little Duncan asks, "Aren't you?"

Logan looks at his friend and says incredulously, "Her father blamed your father for Lilly's murder."

Duncan asks, "Do you want to be responsible for everything your dad does?"

Without waiting for an answer, Duncan picks up his board and says, "Let's go Logan."

He turns and walks towards Logan's truck leaving a profoundly shocked young man standing there.


Next chapter is another scene I wish had happened in the series.