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Human memories fade away in time but, there is one memory that refuses to fade away. One memory that I wish would have fade away. It still hurts when I think about him. his perfect face, his golden eyes, his bronze hair

It's been 51 years since the last time I saw him and I still haven't moved on. I was changed by a vampire named Victoria who wanted to hurt me but when she found out that Edward had left me, she changed me onto a vampire. She said that it would always hurt me when I think about him and she had always wanted that. She had wanted to kill me or torture me, this was the perfect way! But my life wasn't completely bad I had a really close friend who was like a sister to me her name is Niya

Niya is like my sister, she is my best friends. She is very pretty, maybe even prettier then Rosalie. She has black hair and brown skin. She's Indian not as native Indian but, Asian Indian. Her eyes are a dark gray. You might be wondering how come she's a vampire and has gray eyes? Well here's the answer, Niya has this gift she can change a person's look.


When the first time Niya looked in the mirror after she was changed into a vampire, she was shocked. She just stared at herself for 15 minutes, I finally asked her if she was alright. She looked at me then, her eyes were furious. I was afraid she would ask me why had I changed her into a vampire but, she surprised me

"m-my eyes they are n-not gray" she had stammered

"um well yeah" I told her

"b-but how did they change?" she asked me

"yeah well you have human blood in you so they are red right now but they will be like mines after a couple of months" I told her

"but I loved m-my gray eyes" she said dry sobbing and then suddenly her eyes changed to the color gray. My eyes widened, how in the world had she been able to do that?

"y-your eyes they are gray again" I told her

"What?" she asked and looked in the mirror. Sure enough her eyes were a dark gray color

"Oh my gosh" she gasped looking in the mirror

"They are gray" she said happily and squealed. She reminded me of Alice. Suddenly it hit me, what if she could change how a person looks?

"Niya will you do me a favor?" I had asked her

"Um I guess"

"Will you try to imagine yourself as a blond hair green eyed girl?" I asked her

"Why?" she asked me, feeling confused

"Just do it" I told her and she shrugged

I was watching her when suddenly her beautiful black hair turned into blond hair and her gray eyes turned green. I gasped and she looked frightened

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked. Her green eyes were frightened

"Your eyes they are green now and your hair is blond" I told her feeling excited

"What?" she said and looked in the mirror. Suddenly she froze and a scream came out her mouth

"What happened to me? I don't look like myself" she said wide eyed

"You have a gift! You can change you're looks! Om my god try to change your hair from blond to I don't know green" I kept on babbling on

"Wait! What are you talking about?" she asked

"Oh sorry! Well you see some vampires have a gifts, some vampires can see the future, some can read thought" I winced as I told her the last part

"so you mean I can change my looks?" she asked looking really happy

"well yes" I said

"oh my god this is so cool" she said and suddenly an idea occurred to me

"hey, niya try to change my looks" I told her

"do you think I can?" she asked eagerly

"I think you should try" I told her. I watched her as she concentrated suddenly, she smiled a big smile

"It works! It works!" she squealed

I looked in the mirror and saw my brown hair was pink and my eyes were violet

"Hey I don't like pink!" I complained as I laughed

The rest of the day both of us just laughed and giggled. I didn't remember the last time I had laughed so much

*end of flashback*

Niya is like my little sister. She was 15 years when I changed her. She still acts like a kid and I love her

"Bella! Bella come on we are going to be late for school!" Niya voice startled me

"Hey don't sneak up on me like that!" I complained

"Jeez! For crying out loud! You're a vampire you can hear for about 20 miles! And you can't hear me!" she rolled her eyes as she said this

"Sorry I was um, thinking" I told her. She picked up a book that was lying next to me

"You're reading Wuthering heights again! For god's sake Bella you read that stupid book 502 times!" she said

"504 actually" I corrected her

"Oh my god Bella! You are such a nerd! Jeez, that stupid book makes no sense" she said and I rolled my eyes

"Come on we are going to be late on the first day of school" I told her as I went in the garage

"Why do we have to go to school, we went to school for 'bout 15 times" she complained

"Come on Niya, I don't want to be late" I told her

"Fine but can I pick the car?" she asked

"Fine" I huffed. I like to take my silver Honda so that we don't attract too much attention, but Niya liked to take expensive and fast cars

"Hmm… maybe we should take the Honda" I suggested innocently

"No way! I think we should take our Lamborghini Gallardo!" she said

"Niya but-"I started but she cut me off

"Bella come on, you told me I could pick the car" she said scowling

"fine whatever" I told her and handed her the keys. She pressed the unlock button and a fancy red car's headlight flashed

As I sat in the passenger seat I thought about how I still didn't like cars. If it was up to me I would still be driving my red Chevy truck but Niya, liked fast and expensive cars. I still don't get why she likes these fancy cars, I just think they are a waste of money.

I looked in the car mirror and saw that my long brown hair was a strawberry blond, my golden eyes were a deep green and my pale skin was still pale. Niya and I changed our looks every time we go to a new place. Niya had even changed her looks. Instead of gray eyes, her eyes were brown, her dark black hair was strawberry blond and her brown skin was pale. We were trying to look life fraternal twins. Niya's voice interrupted my thoughts

"You know Bella, you never did tell me anything at all about you're human life" she said and I flinched. I had always tried to ignore this subject

"I mean I always did tell you about my human life but, you never did tell me about yours" she said. Her brown eyes boring into mine

"T-theres nothing to tell you" I said hoping she will buy my lie

"Oh puh-leaze! Did I ever tell you, you are a terrible liar?" she said

"There has to be something you could tell me. Like who were your mom and dad, did you have siblings, your friends, and your dating experience" she said. When I didn't say anything she looked at me and whispered

"You know you can trust me" her face was smooth

"You know I trust you! But, it's too painful for me" I said truthfully

"How?" she asked.

"Later. I will tell you later. We should go now" I told her trying to ignore the conversation

"Fine. I won't forget" she said and she meant it.

When we got out of the car. We saw that everyone was looking at us. Some were staring at the car, some at my face and some at niya's

"They are staring at us like they want to eat us" Niya whispered sounding annoyed and I giggled. When we reached the office, I saw there was a girl about 20 years old sitting on the chair and looking bored

"Hello, my name is Bella martin and this is my sister Niya martin, we are new here" in every new school we change our last names. Couple of years ago we made up a last name it was 'chukanira', the lady looked up and smiled at us warmly

"Hello! We have been expecting you, here's your schedule. Would you like a person to show you around the school?" she asked us. I shook my head quickly

"No that's alright we can figure it out" I told her

"Are you sure about that?" she asked us and I smiled at her reassuringly

"Absolutely" I said

"okay then, have a good day" she said

We still had about 15 minutes until the bell rung so we sat down in the cafeteria. Everybody was of course staring at us

"I hate going to a new school, everybody stares at you" she grumbled and I chuckled. When I looked at her there was a scowl on her face

"and I hate changing my looks, after all I am very hot" she mumbled and I laughed

"oh Niya" I said as I giggled. A voice made me look up. Before us were standing about 10 girls. One of them came forward and smirked at us. She was pretty to be fair; she had long blond hair with a tan skin and dark blue eyes with a hint of green

"Ah, so I see we have new students here" she said her voice was full of hatred

"Do you need something from us?" I asked her impatiently. I didn't want Niya to start fighting with this nasty girl. Niya was very defensive and once she started to fight nobody could stop her

"Oh yes I do actually. Stay out my way" she said and walked away with her followers. I looked at Niya and started to laugh, soon she joined in

"stay out my way" she mimicked her and I laughed harder, just then the bell rung and I got up. I only had 2 classes with niya which were math and Spanish

"okay I got to go" I told her looking her in the eye

"behave" I said to her

"don't I always?" she asked and and I rolled my eyes. I kissed her on the cheek and started to walk to my class

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