I stared at myself in the mirror; I took a deep shaky breath. I was wearing an elegant white dress. My hair was pulled back in a tight bun with some loose strands. I touched my face with my hands. My pale skin looked paler than ever. I couldn't breath

"Breath Bella" Alice said from behind

I took another shaky breath. Today, I would be married. Today, I would be married to a man I loved but, I was so nervous. I was so so nervous. I tried to smile in the mirror but, it looked fake and forced. I brushed some hair out of my face. I heard Alice sigh

"Okay Bella let's cut to it. What's going on?" she asked me

"Huh?" I asked her stupidly. She sighed again

"I can tell you're nervous. Why?" she asked me. I sighed

"I-I don't know. I-I just think he'll well regret marring someone like me" I told her

"Why?" Alice's voice sounded angry

"L-Look at me! And look at him. He's well perfect in every way-" Alice cut me off

"Oh Bella. He loves you. That's all that matters. He loves you so much; I can see it in his eyes. Hell, anybody can see it in his eyes. And if you can't see it then you're an idiot. And by the way, you're pretty. You're very pretty" Alice said. I smiled. I did feel a lot better

"Thanks" I told her breathed in relief

"So do you like the dress?" Alice asked me exited

"Yes, I told you that an 11 times already. It's pretty, very pretty. Thank you so much for making it for me Alice" I said and smiled at her. She squealed and hugged me

"Great! Now go play with Niya. I have to get dressed!" Alice said and hurried towards the bathroom. I smiled

I watched myself twirl in my wedding dress, it really was very pretty. It was a strapless gown that reached the floor with a small flower on the left side that created little plates on my waist. A cold hand touched my bare arm; I turned around to find Niya grinning at me.

She looked very pretty, prettier than me. She was wearing a kind of like a beach wedding dress. It reached her knees and had spaghetti straps. It had a deep neckline with a lace border. The dress was exactly her style; it was go with the flow kind of dress. Her long silky black hair was curled and it reached her back. Her gray eyes were framed with black eyeliner. Her lips were a light pink color. She looked breathtaking

"Wow" I said. She smiled hugely

"Pretty isn't it? But, look at you! You look like a goddess!" she said. I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks" I said and looked around the room

"Where is Rosalie?" I asked her

"Getting ready!" Niya said. Rosalie and Niya had become very close these last few days.

So basically Alice was my bridesmaid and Rosalie was Niya's bridesmaid. Alice will walk the isle first followed by Rosalie and then Niya and I would walk the isle together. That made me feel a lot better. Niya took a deep breath and sat down on the bed

"I can hardly believe this" she said and brushed her hair away from her face

"I know" I said and sat down beside her

"Are you nervous?" she asked me

"Of course I am" I said. She took and hand and squeezed it

Just then Alice and Rosalie burst through the doors.

"TAA-DAA!" Alice yelled and twirled. Rosalie rolled her eyes at Alice but did the same

Both of them were wearing similar dresses. Alice was wearing a strapless dark purple dress that reached her knees. Her dress had flowers at the end. The dress also had a lace belt near her chest. Alice's hair was not in its usual spiky do instead, it was straightened out and she wore a purple tulip in her hair.

Rosalie was wearing a light purple dress. It reached her knees like Alice but, instead of flowers at the end it had leaves. It wasn't strapless, it had spaghetti straps. Rosalie's wavy hair was straightened. Half of her hair was pulled back and half was loose. She was also wearing a purple tulip in her hair.

"You look amazing" I breathed. Niya nodded in agreement

"I love the flower and the leaf border. It looks great!" Niya said. Alice and Rosalie smiled

"Thanks" they both said.

"Before we go I have something for Bella" Alice said. I looked at her in confusion

She ran to her closet in vampire speed. When she returned, she had had a small box in her hand. She gave it to me. I opened the small box carefully and gasped at what I saw. There sat a small bracelet, it only hand one charm in it. A heart. A diamond heart. I took the small bracelet from the box.

"I-I can't take this A-Alice-" she cut me off

"Save it" Alice said.

"but-" she cut me off again

"Wear it Bella" before I could argue she took the bracelet and put it on my wrist. I was awed by its beauty

"Alice-" I started to say but she shushed me.

"The wedding starts in 5 minutes! We need to stand near the staircase" Alice said and smiled at me and Niya. I returned the smile

I'll give the bracelet back to her after the wedding, I though. Alice and Rosalie led us towards the staircase. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes shut. It could have been minutes; it could have been second, it could have been hour. Somebody tugged on my arm

"It's show time Bella" Alice whispered. Just then the wedding march started to play. I panicked.

"Calm down" those were Alice's last words as she walked down the staircase.

Rosalie smiled at me kindly. She squeezed my arm before she started to walk down the isle

"Come on Bells. We can do it" Niya said and smiled at me. I gulped and nodded

"It's our time" she said. I nodded again.

We made our way down the staircase. I kept my head down.

"Keep your head up!" Niya hissed

I did what she said. I stared straight ahead. Edward. Edward stood there. He looked right at me, his golden eyes melting. He smiled a small smile. His eyes were watery. Suddenly, I felt better. A lot better. After seeing his face my fears kind of vanished. I loved Edward. Edward loved me. A smile crept to my face. I looked around the room and smiled as hugely as I could. There were two priests, one for Niya and Ryan and the other one for Edward and me. The priests stood on two different stages that were next to each other. Niya and I parted ways; she went to the right side where Ryan stood. I went to the left side where Edward stood.

I stood next to Edward. His eyes were bursting with happiness. He took my hands in his and I felt electricity run through my whole body. I smiled at him. We both said our vows, the entire time I was thinking about Edward and me together. I loved him so much. I loved him so much it hurt

"Do you Isabella Marie Swan take Edward Anthony Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the priest asked me.

"I do" I whispered. I was so chocked up with emotion it sounded like somebody was strangling me

"Do you Edward Anthony Cullen take Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the priest asked Edward

"I do" Edward said proudly

"I declare you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" the priest said. Everybody started to clap. I figured Niya and Ryan were married just like us

Edward smiled at me hugely and leaned forward. He Then kissed me passionately, his arm tightened around my waist. I put my hands on his neck and kissed him. His tongue was in my mouth and soon we were French kissing. Edward pulled away soon, very soon. I pouted. He kissed the top of my head. He took my hand and led me toward our guests

"BELLA!" screamed the hyper pixie as she attacked me into a big hug

"Good to see you too, Alice" I said as I laughed. She grinned and went to hug Edward

"Now you're officially part of my family" Esme said and hugged me

"Wow, little Bella ain't so little anymore" Emmet said. Rosalie smacked him but, I could see the love in her eyes. Everybody hugged me and congratulated us

I kept on smiling and nodding. Edward and I still held hands and kept glancing at each other.

"Bella!" said a familiar voice. I turned around to find Kayla and Tom smiling at me. My mouth dropped open

"Oh my god" I said as Kayla hugged me. I saw Tom smile at me

"This is so cool! You getting married and all! I would never-" Tom cut Kayla off

"Let her breath. Good to see you Bella" he said and hugged me. Edward tensed and glared at Tom

Tom rolled his eyes at Edward

"Don't worry Eddie, I'm not going to try to steal her away from you" he said and then smiled lazily at me. Edward glared harder. If Tom didn't stop, he would rip his throat out. I put my hands on Edward's chest

"It was good seeing you guys" I said and smiled

"We have to go meet the other guests" I smiled again and left them. I burst out laughing

"What?" Edward asked me

"You should have seen your face when Tom hugged me" I said. Edward shook his head with a faint smile

"I don't like him. His thoughts are repulsive" he said, I rolled my eyes

"Bella!" said another voice. We turned around to find Niya and Ryan smiling at us. Niya hugged me while Ryan hugged Edward

"Congratulations!" Niya sang

"You too" I laughed.

"Congrats Bella" Ryan said. I grinned

"Thanks" I said as he hugged me. Niya turned to Edward

"Uh Congratulation" Niya cringed. I had told her to be nice to Edward

"Thanks" Edward said.

Niya awkwardly offered him her hand to shake. Edward looked at his hand and shook it. Ryan and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

"Don't think me being nice to you is going to affect our relationship" Niya said and glare at Edward. He smiled

"Never have and never will" he said and put his hands on my waist

"Good" she said. Niya and Ryan smiled at us one more time and headed for the dance floor. I wanted to go dance with Edward. I wanted to have some time alone with him but, somebody kept interruption us. Before I could ask him to dance somebody else interrupted me

"Bella?" asked a small faint voice. I whipped my head around to find Aver awkwardly staring at us. Edward tensed up.

"Can I uh talk to you for a second? In private?" she asked me.

"Sure" I said. I looked at Edward. He looked pained. I smile at him and kissed his cheek

"I'll be right there" I said. He nodded and left me alone with Aver. I walked towards her and stood next to her.

"Uh hey" I said unsurely. She smiled

"You don't have to be nice to me. I was a total bitch to you" she said and looked away ashamed

"No, you weren't a bitch to me" I said. She smiled sadly

"Thanks for trying to make me feel better. I-I just…."

"Yeah?" I asked

"I wanted to say sorry. I was mean to you. I was just upset and I didn't know what to do. I really am sorry; I can't explain to you how sorry I am. I loved Edward, I still do and I know that probably upsets you. But, I can't change how I feel but, I'll back of. I know he loves you, I don't want to stay with him and make him un- happy" she finished. I smiled

"It's okay Aver" I said. She smiled

"I'll move on I know I will but, I needed time to well think" she said. I smiled.

I saw Aver look behind me and smile at someone. I turned around to see Tom smiling at her. He was gesturing her to come see him. I smiled at Aver. She bit her lip.

"Seems like Tom wants to see you" I said. She smiled

"Go and talk to him" I said. She smiled again

"Bye" I said

"Thanks" she said and hurried towards Tom. I smiled again.

I turned around to find Edward standing right in front of me.

"Oh!" I gasped. My hand flew to my chest

"Sorry" he said sheepishly.

"It's ok" I said. He took my hand and led me out of the room

"Where are you taking me?" I asked him

"Shhh… you'll see" he said.

He stopped right in front of a small gazebo. It was decorated with small lights. My eyes widened in surprise. Edward smiled at me and took my hand. He led me in the gazebo. We could still hear the music that was playing in the room. He put his hand on my waist and I put my hands on his shoulder. He looked shocked when he glanced at my wrist but, then he smiled

"You're wearing it" he said and pointed to the bracelet Alice had given to me

"Yeah it's Alice's" I said and looked at him in confusion. He shook his head with a small smile on his beautiful lips

"No. I got it made for you back when you were human. I wanted to give it to you on your 18th birthday-" he flinched as he said that

"But well I couldn't because uh we left… I threw the bracelet away because well you weren't there to wear it. I didn't know Alice had kept it all the while" he said and then smiled. I smiled back

"I love you" I rested my head on his chest

"That's why we're married" he pointed out. I laughed

Edward kissed my hair and out his hand on my chin. He forced me to look at him. His golden eyes looked happy

"I love you Isabella. You're the only reason that I'm alive" he said and kissed me

I smiled as he kissed me. He loved me, I love him. We were both married. This was my happily ever after

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