She stood alone in the empty room, staring out the window into the night. She could see the bright lights of London for miles, she could hear the dumb roar of the traffic and the sounds of far away voices. Even though she was on the 15th floor of the Hilton Hotel and next door there was over 200 people being entertained, she had never felt so quite alone in her life.

She whispered quietly to herself "come on girl, get a grip, its not the end of the world, Jasper needs to concentrate on his musical career and standing here moping is not going to help him one little bit".

Perhaps having spent the afternoon at a Harley Street Clinic after getting the results of her tests did not exactly put her in the cheeriest or happiest moods tonight, especially as her consultant had given her some particularly bad news. She stared out of the window wondering just how exactly she was going to tell one of the most important people in her life that she was sick – she could hardly contemplate it herself – Cancer – at 24yrs – life was just not fair!

As she stared out of the window she looked up at the dark sky and contemplated what she would do with her life, or what was left of it. Perhaps Jaspers idea of a new management team was a good idea, at least it would give her a reason to be apart from him for a while, especially as she would be undergoing a strict regime of treatments and tests. Maybe it would a sign – maybe she might not have to tell him after all – maybe she did not have to hurt him and he could concentrate on his career none the wiser.

"mmmmm, she thought, maybe its just as well, everything happens for a reason"

Jasper was Bella's twin, he was a very talented musician and his career was about to really take off. He played guitar, piano and sang and had done so since he was a little boy. He was always the talented one. Now Bella, although very talented herself did not have the same opportunities whilst growing up to develop her own skills, she had taken on the job of "surrogate" parent for Jasper since their parents were killed in a horrific car crash just before their 18th bithdays and since then she had devoted most of her time and effort making sure that Jasper had all the help in achieving his goals whilst she sacrificed her own interests. Bella had ust finished her first year at Art School when the accident happened and she decided there and then that her own desires would have to wait whilst she devoted her all to her twin.

Although Bella and Jasper were twins, the only similarities they shared was their dark hair and green eye colour. He was tall and had a sort of athletic look about him, his hair was quite long and bore an unkempt look, she was quite small and petite and her long wavy hair almost reached her slim waist. Jasper tended to live his life from day to day but Bella on the other hand preferred to have control and order in her life. They were so different at times that sometimes Bella thought that they were not even related. They were soon however ready to celebrate their 25th birthdays.

Tonight the occasion was launch night for Jaspers new album "Portfolio".

Bella had been helping Jasper in his career, arranging tour dates, press conferences etc, acting as his Manager/PR to all intents and purposes, since the age of 18.

Whilst Bella adored her brother and loved helping him she also realised that she could not continue to do this for him. Jasper had been thinking lately that he should maybe consider a change of managerial team and employ a "more professional" team, thus giving Bella the time and space to get on with her own life. This was the cause of tonights mood, they had a disagreement earlier about this which resulted in Bella storming out of the party.

She listened to the voices and music next door and realised that Jasper was holding his own and entertaining the crowd with his latest composition. The music reached around the room carrying Jaspers lilting voice with it, the entire room became hushed to listen to his beautiful voice fill their ears.

She would never tire from hearing this voice. Sadly Bella always knew that Jasper would eventually want to break free and go his own way, eventually breaking the bond between them. She always knew that they would not always be together, but she also knew that the bond of a twin could never broken and they would always be there for one-another. It did not make the situation any easier however.

The song came to an end and the crowd clapped in appreciation. It was then that Bella realised just how long she had been away from the party. She turned towards the door, intending to return to throng and just as she reached for the door when it opened and Jasper walked into the room, "I wondered where you had got to, you have never left when I have been singing and it worried me!" said Jasper.

"Oh, Jasper, I am so sorry but I just had to get away from the crowd for a little while. I am just being a little melodramatic this evening and thought it best to come in here for some peace for a short while. I did not mean to be away for so long – can you forgive me?"

"of course I can, silly, your my sister!" he replied.

"Well, do you want to talk about it, I'm a good listener remember?"

"Its just me being silly again Jasper, just worrying about how our lives are changing and wondering how the future will turn out – you know me, I am never happy unless I have something to worry over!"

"I don't know how many times I have to tell you Bella, this is all going to work out for the best – just wait and see – I can almost feel it! Its going to be fantastic!"

"A new start, new beginnings, a tour manager, press manager and my sister gets to live her life and do the things she always wanted to do – how good is that eh?"

"I know, I know – its hard to let go, thats all"

"Bella, is there something else bothering you? You do know you can always talk to me don't you?"

"Yes, Jasper I do know that and there is nothing else bothering me so get that idea out of your head right now!"

"Okay then sis, its time to get back to the party now, we need to start mingling with our guests – come on, there is someone I want you to meet" Jasper grabbed Bella's hand and dragged her towards the door and back into the throng of people.

"Yep, it sure is bro!", "Tell me, what on earth am I supposed to do now eh? I mean, I am going to be redundant what with you getting a new team to look after your career? Eh?" said Bella.

Jasper replied, "Hey sis, you are always going on about starting up your own gallery, so why don't you give that a go, catch up on some of your painting or better still why don't you just go and take yourself off on a nice long holiday first, you deserve it! I mean, ive taken up quite enough of your life, I need to stand on my own two feet now!"

"I don't know really.......I will need to give it some thought! Enough about me for now, tonights all about you and we need to get back in there, your public will be thinking you have done a runner!" She replied laughingly.

"Well, I think your right sis, come on we had better get back to our guests, there are a couple of friends of mine I would like you to meet, one in particular, I think you will like him, his name is Edward..............................

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