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CHAPTER 3 of Portfolio

I drove through the quiet London streets towards my flat in Soho in London. I flicked on a CD to listen to whilst I drove, a nice calming piece of music Clare De Lune by Debussy – I always felt quite relaxed and calm whilst listening to Debussy. For some strange reason it did not have the same effect on me tonight and I wondered just exactly why?? Hmmmm, yes, I do wonder!

In a moment of exasperation I flicked the CD player over to the radio as the music was not having the desired effect, indeed it was having just the opposite. Some nondescript phone-in on the local radio station was being aired and it seemed to be a poll on "how do you know when you have met Mr Right, was it his pleasant demeanour that drew you or was he all mean and sultry?" I stared with loathing at the radio and quickly tuned into another station, this time it seemed to be all about sport. In total exasperation I turned the thing off completely and started humming to myself. Before long I arrived home. I parked my Mini Cooper in the parking bay, turned off the engine and got out of the car. Before long I was sitting in my lovely warm living room in my cosy PJ's after having a nice relaxing bath and a mug of steaming cocoa. I turned on the TV for a while before retiring for the night and the first thing that appeared in front of me was a TV ad for "Cullen Media Management", I thought to myself "are they everywhere – they are haunting me tonight". I immediately switched off the TV, put my empty mug into the dishwasher and headed off to bed. I curled up under my covers and eventually drifted off to sleep.

It must have been around 3am when I stirred, I don't normally waken throughout the night and I put it down to stress and worry about my appointment the next morning. I sat up in the bed and felt a cold shiver run through me, which was strange as I had left the heating on before going to bed. I felt as though there was someone watching me or maybe even someone in my room. I got up and put on the light but realised that I was being totally irrational and of course there was no-one watching me and there was certainly no-one in my bedroom. It must have been a dream! I settled back down to sleep and the next thing I remember was waking up at 7am that morning.

Although I was up bright and early and had plenty of time to prepare for my appointment, I felt as though I had spent a night on the tiles! I felt awful and when I looked into the bathroom mirror what I seen there did not make me feel any better. Basically, I looked as bad as I felt. What a horrid nights sleep that was!

Not wanting to waste any more time I snagged some clothes from my wardrobe, as it looked like quite a nice day I opted for an ivory linen trouser suit with a co-ordinating camisole in black and ivory, black strappy sandals completed my outfit and once showered, dressed, hair and makeup all done I must say I thought I had gone some way to looking human! I went into the kitchen/dining area and had some fresh fruit juice and a quick slice of toast before grabbing my bag and heading for the car.

Once in the car I drove to St James Hospital on the other side of the city, I had plenty of time so I did not need to rush. I arrived with 45 minutes to spare so thought I would head of to the coffee shop inside the hospital for a Latte. I sat down at a corner table and a nice friendly waitress approached me and asked what I would like to order. Once I had my Latte I retrieved my book from my handbag and began reading from the last chapter I had read, the storyline was about a girl who fell in love with a fallen angel who came to earth to kill her but ended up falling for her and being her guardian angel. I bit soppy but what I needed today. I was so engrossed in my book I almost did not hear the dulcet tones of a male voice asking me if he could join me at my table. I looked up and could not believe it when my eyes met with Edward Cullen's – I stuttered slightly as I was not prepared to meet him, here of all places, and today of all days. (I was seriously thinking he was stalking me now). (E) "Hello there, do you mind if I join you, there are no empty tables left?" (B) "Oh, um, I suppose so, well yes, please do, I was just finishing and about to leave". (E) "Oh, I hope you are not leaving on my account" (B) "No, not at all, I have to be somewhere else in 10minutes anyway", (E) "well, as it happens so do I, I just seen you sitting here alone and thought I would say hello" (B) "Well that was nice of you, I don't mean to be rude but I really must go! (E) Not at all, it was nice meeting you today – perhaps our paths may cross again sometime?" (B) "Oh, well possibly, seeing that my brother Jasper is involved with your parents media firm now, it is a definite possibility" (E) Well, I must not keep you, goodbye for now, (B) Yes indeed, I must hurry, bye!" I squashed my book into my bag and then hurried from the coffee shop and towards the lifts which would take me to the Haematology Unit where I would be meeting with my Consultant. As I stood in the lift it suddenly struck me that this was possibly one of the strangest places to meet Edward Cullen, what on earth was he doing in a hospital, I thought he was a high flyer in business and it was then that I remembered that he had mentioned he was starting an internship today. Just my luck it was going to be this hospital! Anyway, I shouldn't worry because it is not as if he would be having anything to do with my treatment so there was little chance that our paths would cross again in the hospital.

I arrived at the correct floor and exited the lift and walked towards the Reception area for Haematology. I gave my name and confirmed all my details to the Receptionist and took a seat in the waiting area. Before long my name was called and I was shown to an examination room. A nurse entered the room and began preparations in order to take bloods from me. I am not usually a squeamish person but the smell of blood does nothing for my equilibrium and not only that I have a very unrealistic fear of needles. The nurse very expertly cleaned the area on my arm and placed a tourniquet around the top of my arm, she then inserted the needle and naturally I felt ill, just as I was beginning to tolerate the hot clammy feeling, a wave of nausea hit me as the blood entered into the syringe and I stupidly stared at it just at the wrong time. It was then that I lost track of what was happening and the next thing I remember was waking up on the examination bed in what I hoped was the same room.

I lifted my head to look around me and the nurse smiled at me and said that I had fainted. I apologised profusely to which she responded "don't worry about it dear, we are used to it, it happens all the time!, Now I want you to try and sit up and take this glass of fresh orange juice for me, you will feel much better after that", I replied (B) "thank you very much and I apologise for being such an inconvenience" (N) "don't be silly, that's why we are here, just let me know when you feel better, the doctor will be in to see shortly, he was quite concerned to learn that his new patient had fainted, I assured him that you were okay" (B) "Oh he must think I'm an idiot – fainting at the sight of blood and needles, I feel really silly" (N) "look, dear I have already told you, you don't worry about it, it happens all the time, you were in the right place, now just you relax and I will let you know when the doctor is ready to see you" (B) "Thank you so much, I've been really nervous about today as it was" (N) "yes, I understand, today is hard for you, do you have anyone with you?" (B) "No, I don't, should I have brought someone?" (N) "No, not really but some people bring along a friend, partner, brother or sister or the like" (B) "Well, I only have a brother and I really did not want to worry him with this right now" (N) "You mean that you haven't told him why you are here?" (B) "Well, yes – he has a lot going on just now and I really did not want to put any more pressure on him" (N) "That very considerate of you – what does he do for a living?" I proceeded to explain to the nurse that Jasper was an up and coming musician and singer and had just released his first album and was extremely busy doing a lot of promotional work and personal appearances.

After a short while I felt much better and managed to climb down from the examination table and sat in a chair near the large desk facing the south wall of the room where the doctor would take up his seat. The nurse had left by this time and I was sitting just looking around the room. I have not been in many doctors' offices lately but I thought that any doctor would make his or her office as personal as possible – there were no pictures on the walls and no photographs on the desk – strange indeed but then maybe this doctor just liked to keep his personal life personal! Why on earth was I thinking like this – what did it matter really!

I sat quite pensively waiting on his arrival and began threading my fingers and tapping my toes impatiently. I few seconds later I heard the door open and noticed a tall, handsome gentleman walk through the door, he walked towards me and put out his hand and said "Hello Miss Swan, I am Dr Edward Cullen and I will be your Oncologist throughout your treatment, how do you do?" I looked up into his face and he must have seen the shock registered there, or maybe he was in as much shock as I because he began to stutter "Oh, it's you, I mean I didn't expect.....excuse me this is very unprofessional of me, I'm sorry, I really did not expect you to be my patient, please take a seat" (B) "Em, I um, didn't expect to see you either" I sat down quickly, my mind racing well that's it, he is definitely a stalker! It was then that a thought struck me Please don't let him tell his parents about me and please don't let Jasper find out – this would kill him! (B) "Look, can I just say to you, my brother does not know about my er, condition, so I would appreciate......" (E) "There is nothing to worry about on that score Miss Swan, I can assure you that there is always patient confidentiality. I do hope however that you will be telling him eventually, after all it is not always something that you can hide" (B) "Well, I would prefer he did not know for the time being or at least until I have a better prognosis to give him" (E) "Yes, I can understand that, anyway on to the matter at hand, let us discuss your condition and how to treat it, shall we?" (B) "Yes, yes of course.....please continue"

(E) "Well Miss Swan, or may I call you Bella?" (B) "Bella is fine, thank you" (E) "Okay Bella, I have read over your notes and I have also consulted with Mr Bertie, your Consultant Oncologist and to be honest it is not looking good at present, however with a rigorous course of chemotherapy and steroid therapy it is possible that you would have a very good chance at recovery. How do you feel about this type of treatment" (B) "Dr, Mr Cull....." (E) "Bella, please call me Edward" (B) "Okay, Edward, I will take whatever treatment is available – I just want to get better and start to live my life" (E) "Yes, I know, Jasper has told me how you have always been there for him and how good you have been to him" (B) "He did? Oh! I didn't realise that you and he were friends" (E) "Jasper and myself have been friends for quite some time, strangely enough, and I hope you don't mind me telling you this but he had hoped that you and I would get along and maybe perhaps go out for dinner or something" (B) "He did, did he, wait till I get my hands round his scrawny neck" (E) "Hey, I'm not that bad eh, I mean I know we didn't do too well when we first met, but we could always try again, what do you think?" (B) "But, your my doctor, we can't!" what am I thinking of, going on a date with Edward Cullen – I must be insane" (E) "Bella, I won't always be your doctor, I'm only a Locum remember" (B) "Oh, I see, well I really don't know, I mean what happens when I get ugly and all my hair falls out and I keep wanting to throw up all the time?" (E) "Well, lucky for you I'm a doctor and I would get to hold your hand" (B) "Wait a minute, you don't even like me for goodness sake" (E) "Did I say that, did I actually say that to you?" (B) "mmmm, well, I can't be exactly sure but, no, wait a minute I don't think you did, or did you, I can't remember" (E) "never mind, we can talk about it later after we discuss how we are going to proceed with your treatment" (B) "Okay"

Edward explained how the Chemotherapy would work and how often I would need to attend the hospital, he also explained how I would in all probability would lose my hair, but it would also grow back, I would be feeling quite nauseous on and off and would be given anti-sickness medication for this. I would also be given a course of steroids to help increase my appetite and suchlike. It all sounded really horrid however I also knew it was something I had to do and in if I wanted to live then I had no other choice. It would be a small price to pay!

After Edward had given me all the necessary information and advice and arranged another appointment for me to return to start my treatment, I stood up and thanked him for all of his help today. He shook my hand and said "I really look forward to seeing you again Bella" (B) "Well, Edward so do I, but will that not be at my next appointment?" (E) "No it won't be, Bella, as I've already explained to you I won't always be your doctor, so why don't we wait and see?" (B) "Hold on a minute, I seem to recall a conversation that we had only 24hrs ago when we said we did not like one another – how did we get to this?" (E) "Bella, I never said I did not like you, I said we were drawn together by fate and I have given this some thought and the more I think, the more I realise that I should just go with fate, don't you agree?" (B) "Emm, I don't know, I's so confused I don't know what to say or do" (E) "Don't say or do anything, just let fate take its course, come back next week for your first course of treatment and by then I can assure you will no longer be confused, I promise" His amber eyes seemed to look deep into my soul and the expression on his face made my heart skip a beat. I need to get out of here, now, I need to get away from him, now! (B) "Well, I, em, thank you for today and I will see you again soon, (E) "Definitely, Bella, soon" eHeHe reached for my hand and lifted it to his lips and kissed the back of my hand, I knew his lips were as cold as ice but they burned my skin, I blushed and turned towards the door, struggling to leave the room without making a complete fool of myself. I stumbled towards the lift and before I knew it I was walking towards my car determined to get away from him and home to where I was safe! It was not that I did not like being near him but he has such an effect on me – thank goodness he was not going to be my doctor – I think the strain of that would kill me before the cancer would get me!!!

I arrived home and immediately poured myself a glass of chilled wine and sat down staring out of the window – before I knew it I was sitting in total darkness, only the light of the moon shining in the dark sky. It was so peaceful and serene. I rose from the settee and put my glass into the dishwasher and got ready for bed. Tomorrow I would be visiting Jasper and having lunch with him before he went on tour in the States. I would miss him terribly but I had other things to think of now and had better get used to the idea.

That night I slept peacefully and rose in the morning feeling quite refreshed. Just as I went to put on the coffee percolator the doorbell rang, I fixed my bathrobe and went to the door to answer it. I opened the door and what I saw in front of me shocked me almost to my very core!