This story started out with nothing more than the image of Sam on a motorcycle. Needless to say, it has gotten a little out of hand. Seventeen chapters and an epilogue and a stunning number of reviews. And I'm not sure I am done with it just yet. Maybe, just maybe, you will find a sequel here one day.

In the mean time, here is the epilogue. Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing!



A question of balance

And he thought of those he angered,
For he was not a violent man,
And he thought of those he hurt
For he was not a cruel man
And he thought of those he frightened
For he was not an evil man,
And he understood.
He understood himself.

When Sam opened his eyes again, Dean was sound asleep in the chair beside the bed. He looked truly awful. The vampire bite in his neck was now covered by a white bandage, but he hadn't bothered to change out of his bloodstained shirt. There should have been plenty of time for that. Time was a little fuzzy in Sam's head, but he was pretty sure he had been asleep for a long time.

Dean had been worried. Very worried. If only Sam could figure out why.

Stiffly, he pushed himself up and reached for the glass of water on the bedside table.

"Sam," said a quiet voice beside him. Sam nearly jumped off the bed. "Cas," he said in an exasperated voice. "You scared me."

Castiel looked at him apologetically. "I seem to have that effect on people."

Sam smiled and sat back against the headboard. "What are you doing here, Cas?"

"I wanted to thank you," said the angel softly. "You broke Randall's hold over me. Being under his control and killing on his behalf, it was… unpleasant. So thank you."

Sam looked away from him. "Don't mention it," he said softly.

The angel sat down on the edge of the bed. "Something is bothering you."

"Yeah," whispered Sam. "I thought it was all over, after Lucifer. The powers, the… the blood. But it's not. It never will be." He stared down at his hands. "I am cursed. I put everyone in danger. Maybe I should just…" He didn't finish his sentence.

Castiel shifted on the bed. "Have you wondered why Randall couldn't control you?" he said softly.

"You said it was because I'm human," muttered Sam. "But he nearly did control me. It was a close call."

"Randall controlled the demonic blood inside you Sam," said the angel. "But the blood didn't control you. You fought it harder than anyone would have."

He paused for a second, but when Sam didn't say anything he continued. "You have to understand that it will always be a question of balance. The blood inside you is evil, there is no denying that, but you are a good man Sam. In any other person, it would have taken over a long time ago. As long as you remain who you are, it will never be stronger than you."

"It was stronger than me once," whispered Sam. He looked up at Castiel. "How can you be sure that will never happen again?"

Castiel looked over at Dean. "The balance was disrupted. And you know what caused that."

Sam nodded faintly. "Yes," he whispered. "I know." He looked at his sleeping brother. He knew better than anyone.

Dean killed the engine of the stolen car and looked at his brother. They had been holed up in Randall's hotel room for days while Sam recovered. Still, he was asleep more than he was awake. One night, Dean had woken up in his chair to find Castiel sitting on the bed beside Sam, his brother once again fast asleep. He had no idea what the angel had said to Sam, but it had definitely done some good. Sam was more cheerful than he had been in a long time, even though he still nodded of in the middle of a sentence sometimes.

Today was no exception. Sam was fast asleep in the passenger seat. Dean nudged him softly. "Sammy? We're here."

"Mmm?" Sam blinked a few times and looked out of the window. "Man, how fast did you drive?"

"You've been asleep for five hours, genius," said Dean with a smile. "Come on, let's see what's left of Bobby's house."

The house looked quiet. The old Chevelle was no longer jammed into the front porch and the door had been fixed. Dean raised his eyebrows. Something was different. The windows… were clean.

"Huh," muttered Sam beside him. "That's… weird."

"Definitely," said Dean. "Unless Bobby found the time to climb a ladder with a bucket…"

He was interrupted by a loud yell from inside the house. "You idjit, what the hell did you do?"

"I thought you wanted the place… clean," said Castiel in a bewildered voice.

"Yeah, but not this clean, you moron. Where are all the books?"

"On the shelves."

"Oh great, now I will never be able to find anything."

Sam chuckled softly. "Poor Cas."

Dean laughed. "Beware the wrath of Bobby Singer."

Together, they walked over to the house. "You know Sam," said Dean. "I think I'm going to take a leaf out of Lucy's book."

Sam looked up. "What's that?"

"As soon as we've saved Cas from Bobby's clutches, I'm going to get my car out of that container and get us a hunt in South Beach."

And that's all, people! Thank you again for all the awesome response to the story.

All the chapter titles are from songs by The Moody Blues. Specifically, 'And the tide rushes in', 'Melancholy man' and 'The balance'. The lyrics in the epilogue are also from 'The balance.' All these songs are from the album 'A question of balance', which gave the epilogue it's title.

Thank you for reading and talk to you next time!