A Woman's Touch

Title: I'm Different. Good or Bad: Undecided.

Pairing: Victoria/Bella

Summary: Set in Twilight, when James decided for Bella to be his next game, the nomads make their way to their next target, despite the Cullens presence in the area and protection over Bella. The plan was to take Bella and play around with the food before allowing James to feast…until Bella's blood sang out to Victoria. Victoria, never experiencing this, decides to take Bella for herself…in more ways than one.

Bella's P.O.V.

I never really thought of how I would die. But if I thought about it, I probably wouldn't have imagined anything close to this, not by far, not with my human mental capacity.

I knew that being around Edward and the Cullens would be dangerous, just being in their presence is threatening to any being carrying blood. But…they're different. And I trust them with my life, each and every one of them- even Jasper, the newest to their vegetarian life style. Especially Edward, even though my blood sings to him and he struggles, I know he loves me too much to hurt me. I trust them.

But, I can't say the same about the other vampires. They wouldn't give a second thought about sparing me…unless I wasn't appealing enough I suppose. But, as others have told me, apparently my blood is more appealing to them than other humans. That makes me a tad bit different from others, causing me to stand out more.

Who knew being different could be a blessing…and a curse?


"Out!" Esme called out, mostly for my benefit I believe.

Edward came out of the trees holding the baseball in his hand before tossing it back to Alice at the pitcher's mound. I instantly felt the sense of pride at knowing that my Edward made the out for being so quick. Smiling to myself, I saw Jasper smirking before Edward turning smug. I'm proud to be his girl; does it really need to be smirked at? I roll my eyes before turning my attention back to the game at hand; Alice was just pitching again for Rosalie this time around.

That's right, we're doing the American past time: baseball. Well, I'm refereeing with Esme, but it's still taking part. Who knew vampires liked baseball as much as any one else would? And it's certainly one way to get to the family of my boyfriend, I mean, I get to see them being themselves in their natural habitat! And now I sound like some animal explorer or something…if that was the case, I would have brought a camera crew with me. Say, Mike Newton and his trusty sidekick Eric York…it'll only be using ten dollars out of my budget.

But atlas, that is not the case. Just Edward bringing his new girlfriend home and it so happens to be a perfect sports day. This is way better than what I imagined it would be. I mean, sitting in the living room in an awkward silence as we try to get to know each other or some other scenario like that? No thanks, I'll pass.

I was pulled out of my musings when I noticed Esme looking at me expectantly while hunched over, the ball in her hand, tagging Rose's foot that was now on the plate. Oh…they want me to call it? On Rosalie Hale? She already hates me and I've noticed she's a bit on the competitive side…Perhaps they do want me for dinner.

"O-out" I stuttered, looking anywhere but at Rosalie herself. But, sadly, she brushed past me and made eye contact for the briefest of moments…Wow, she was pissed off. Her glare said it all, all right.

Releasing a breath I wasn't aware I was holding when she was a distance away, I turned and saw Jasper playing around with the bat before taking his position. Show off…

But before he could take his turn at batting, Alice had a far away look in her eyes. She was having a vision apparently, and by the way her expression was all worried when she yelled 'stop' and how everyone surrounded me, it didn't take a genius to figure out something was terribly wrong.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. They heard us and decided then. I'm so sorry Bella," Alice said, looking at me apologetically. Edward was pulling my hair down from my ponytail and trying to hide my scent as much as possible while Alice kept apologizing.

"Do you want to explain to us not to talented vampires what is going on here?" Emmett's voice boomed out, immediately catching everyone's attention.

"Nomads are coming this way, three of them" Edward hissed out before Emmett's laughter was heard.

"Three? That's it? We can take them on, easy as fuck!" Emmett chuckled, only to quiet down at Esme's scolding look. "Sorry" he muttered quietly.

"Can we please just focus on the situation at hand?!" Edward barked, tensed at my side. I couldn't help but hold back a chuckle at them. I mean, Emmett was so laid back and even with everything going on, Esme was still a mother. It was nice, being with them just kind of filled me, making me feel complete.

But before I could continue thinking about it, everyone was silent and turned to the same spot in the distance. It was a while later that my human eyes could make out what they were also seeing.

One was in the lead, the other two following behind gracefully. The first, the leader, was a dark haired man with olive toned skin; the other male behind was a man with dirty blonde, a light brown haired color, which both males had their hair cropped. Then finally, a fiery redhead woman that looked as the most wild among the three was the last to come into view. Each was dressed as the usual hiker would; the only difference was the inhuman beauty and their visible red eyes.

"Hello" the leader said with a light French accent, his tone friendly and sociable, "I am Laurent, and this is James and Victoria. We heard you playing and would like to know if you had room for more players?"

"Actually, some of were just about to leave, you're welcome to take their place" Carlisle replied just as friendly as Laurent had.

Some more small conversation went passed before Edward was tugging me away, followed by Emmett and Alice. But nature decided to play a joke on us.

The wind blew, causing my hair to lift slightly; bringing all vampires to a standstill, the only thing visible was James taking a big sniff of the air.

"You brought a snack" James said before all vampires were in crouching positions, growling at each other.

Like I said, today was perfect for a sports day. Let the games begin.


Being different in my case, my blood being more appealing is a curse and a blessing.

It's a blessing for my blood singing out to Edward, along with my mental block of some sort, since it helped me get Edward's attention and intertwine our future. I now love him dearly and can't think of my life without him. He's the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

But, the bitter part is my blood is also a curse, for now I'm a captive of James and Victoria, with the once hunter now hanging back as his mate takes the role. Yup, James was the one that wanted me, but Victoria decided to make me for herself.

Rewind for a moment and give a brief playback, hey? Well, here's the basis of it, step by step:

James wants to track me and make me a game.

Cullens say no.

Alice and Jasper take me, Bella, elsewhere for a little while.

James called and made it sound Renee was in trouble.

Silly human fell for it.

Silly human then escapes vampires' grasps and meet sadistic vampire.

Blood sang to female sadistic vampire.

Human in big trouble.

"So, what you think I should do first, hmm?" Victoria said as she walked around me, watching me, looking at me from every angle before coming from behind and cupping my breasts, licking along my neck as James grinned from the sidelines. A small moan escaped passed my lips and I could see James' grin widen as I felt Victoria smirk against my neck before biting on my neck, not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough as she squeezed my breasts.

Victoria then pulled me closer to her, I could feel her chest on my back as she trailed one hand from my breast down my down my body before roughly cupping my core.

Groaning, I turn my head and stare at the fire haired woman, "You promise that if I let you do what you want, you won't hurt anyone? Not the Cullens, nor my mom or dad?" I asked. I already know that I couldn't trust their words, but if there is even a small possibility, then I'll take it. After all, I am just a game to them and once the game is done and gone, why bother with the extras?

They both smiled deviously before answering simultaneously, "Of course".

Victoria then proceeded to rip my clothes off, and I mean that literally. My clothes were nothing but shreds on the ground as I speak. I immediately blushed scarlet, never being bare in front of anyone, especially for a male.

I could hear purring then, vibrating from her chest as she nuzzled my cheek as she swiftly enters what feels like two fingers inside me, causing me to cry out from both shock and pain as she tore through my hymen.

Blinking back the tears, I gasp as she starts thrusting her fingers mercilessly inside me, going faster and harder with each thrust. My body acting on its own starts to meet her thrusts while I start feeling the pleasure from her entering in and out.

The pleasure keeps building as small snippets of pain registers in my mind, but the pleasure is so overwhelming that I don't even realize that she broken my pelvic bone from her thrusts, or the throbbing pain from her squeezing my breasts so hard.

From the side, I could see James stroking himself as he watching his mate Victoria manipulates my body nearly into an orgasm. I wasn't sure how I should be feeling about all this, probably should be disgusted or some other negative emotion, but strangely enough, I wasn't.

"You like this, don't you, you little slut?" Victoria murmured against my neck before biting down, her teeth puncturing into me, as her other hand pinches my clit as she curls her fingers inside me.

Screaming out, I thrash about against her firm hold, coming, as she starts drinking from my body, taking my life along with my blood. The game was closing, it was almost over.

And they won.

The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Alice's agonized face along with my beloved Edward's furious one.

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