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Prologue (BPOV)

God, I hate high school. Honestly all the drama can't get any worse. It sucks. And what sucks even more is that I go to a small school. When I say small I mean tiny. As in only 300 kids total. Everyone know everyone and drama spreads like wildfire. Oh and to make it even better, my school is a catholic school.

To make my life even more miserable I live in that small town where no one except the inhabitants know it even exists. The town is called Forks and its in Washington. It rains all the time. I never get to see the sun and bask in its shining glory. F my life!

"Bella. Bella? Be-ll-a. Oh my God she's daydreaming again! Bella! Snap out of it!"

And believe me, I snapped out of it. If I didn't I was sure to be jabbed in my extremely ticklish side by the very annoying pixie.

"What do you want, Alice?" I asked rather upset about her ruining my daydreaming about how much I hated my life.

"First off, I want you to focus because you almost murdered ten people back there," Alice replied.

With me be extremely clumsy I did need to focus. Especially since we were walking down the small halls of our school.

"Next," Alice continued, "I want you to know that we are going to Port Angeles this weekend so we can go shopping!"

Ugh, only Alice would want to go shopping again even though she has more than enough clothes. I had to roll my eyes at this but it was at a less than perfect time. I rolled my eyes and was shaking my head when I ran smack into something the size of a small building.

"Whoa! Watch where your going there!" The loud voice boomed into my ear. I looked up, way up and looked into the smiling, childish face that I had grown to love in the past years of school. It was none other than Emmet Cullen.

"Oh! Hey Bells! I see you are still running into everything you see," Emmet teased.

"Shut up Emmett," was my clever response as I felt that familiar heat rising in my cheeks.

"Aw, lookit, I made Bella turn into a tomato." What. A. Douche. Of course everyone had turned to look at me making me blush a darker shade of crimson.

"Whatever Em. I'm going to class though." I turned to leave but right before that he jabbed me in the stomach.

"Boop! Bella's preggers!" Oh God this day couldn't be more humiliating.

Alice burst out laughing as my face turned darker than I would have thought possible. Rosalie, Emmett's supermodel girlfriend simply smacked him, shaking her head.

Of course right then Emmett's younger brother walked by. I hated him. Everyone thought he was perfect with his bronze, messy hair and those emerald eyes. All of the girls worshipped him except for Alice and I.

"And guess who is the father?" Rosalie yelled to the already staring crowed.

"Edward Cullen!" Alice filled in for her.

Oh. Shit. How could this day get any worse. Everyone was staring now. What stupid people! I just knew everyone staring was going to spread this into a rumor. Edward stopped and turned to look at me a glare on his face. I smiled back at him knowing how much of an embarrassment this would be for him as well as for me. He slowly stalked up to my group, a harsh glare on his face.

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