Chapter 6- Torture

Gabriel should have seen it coming. He had been overconfident, stupid and rash. Claire was crying, but miraculously wasn't harmed. Her and Gabriel were tied to stiff backed chairs in a large circular room. They had been tied up for hours, it seemed. Once Peter had succumbed to unconsciousness, the men had left them alone in the room, with threats of a repeat of the 'punishment'. Gabe could honestly say he'd never felt so helpless in his entire life. Not when his father murdered his mother, not when he was kicked out of the eighth foster home, and not even as helpless as he had felt when they had first been taken.

When the guard came in and saw the phone, everything was a blur of motion. Gabe had dropped the phone, the guard had grabbed hold of him and called for more guards, while Peter and Claire fought against them with all their strength. In an effort to cease the commotion, a new guard, larger then the other one, grabbed hold of Peter's arm and twisted. The boy's cry of pain halted all movement. A man, older and yet more dangerous then the guards, entered the room. Peter inhaled sharply at the sight of him.

"Take them to the room down the hall. Punish them. I need to make sure they didn't tell someone their location." Then he was gone. The beefy guard holding Peter gave a cruel smile, and pulled hard on the boy's arm once more, realizing just how nice of a bargaining chip the child made.

"March. You even think about escaping, I'll give baby boy here something to cry about." With that the odd group made it's way to the room they would come to fear in the next hours.

The first thing the guards did, after tying up Claire and Gabe, was restrain Peter. He wasn't strapped in a chair, but his hands were tied behind his back, and he was gagged. In this moment, Gabe hated Peter, and then himself. He had known this boy all of four hours. Why did he care so much? Why was Peter able to draw affection from just about anyone without even trying? But when the big guard drew his leg back and kicked the vulnerable form on the floor, Gabe could do nothing to hold back his shout of anger. Beside him, Claire mimicked his actions. She was fiercely protective of Peter, it seemed, and this had to be just as painful for her as it was for him. The guard's raspy laughter drew him from his thoughts.

"Poor little boy, so sad and hurt. If only Daddy loved you, huh, baby?" Peter flinched, mouth working. The man removed the gag.

"What is it, little one? Are you gonna cry for Daddy? Mommy, maybe?" Peter gave a rare, yet somehow effective glare.

"My big brother's gonna save us. And then, he's going to kill you." Gabe and Claire shared a look of shock. Then Claire gave a smirk.

"yeah, and my big brother's gonna help him!" she said triumphantly. The man rolled his eyes.

"what about you, four eyes? Your big brother gonna come beat up little ol' me?" Gabriel smiled slowly.

"Nope. I am. You won't get away with hurting either one of them. I'll die before I let that happen." The man's eyebrows rose, but he merely sneered at the three children.

"Do you really think that frightened me? Your big brothers are how old exactly? Thirteen, fourteen? And besides, no one knows where you are. It could be days before anyone finds out. Weeks, even. And it would only take one little twist to break the little ones' necks. I'm not a total monster, see. A nice, quick death for the children. You though, yours I'd have to draw out. Or maybe I'll follow a different path. Keep you three alive for days, torturing the little ones, making little Mr. Protector over here suffer insanely." Here he gave Peter and Claire appraising looks.

"These two are quite adorable, wouldn't you say? So small, so… innocent. I know some guys who'd be mighty happy to meet them, you know." Peter and Claire looked confused, while Gabriel's face paled dramatically.

"Don't you touch them!" he hissed, struggling furiously with his bonds. He couldn't, he wouldn't let that happen to them. The man gave Gabriel another sneer, and grabbed Peter by the neck. The boy struggled immediately, but was detained by a strategic squeeze. The man released him, and he fell to the floor, unconscious. Claire screamed.

"My shift's over, but don't worry, little ones, I'll be back in three hours." Then he was gone. Claire turned to Gabriel, eyes wide and teary.

"Peter's not dead, is he?" she asked, sounding her age for once. He shook his head.

"he's sleeping. Don't worry about that man, Claire. Peter's brother's coming to save us. He knows where we are." She sighed with relief. Then she frowned.

"Why did that guy want to keep you alive? He really wants you to be hurt, but not…hurt, you know?" Gabriel had no answer for her. So the two sat in silence, watching Peter's still form.

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Oh, how Nathan hated suburbs. They wound around each other so tightly, you never knew where one ended, or where the other began. He'd passed four streets named for flowers, two named for past presidents, and one named for some Cajun dish, but not on Segue Drive. He had tried just looking for houses with yellow doors, but he'd found none. With an angry growl, he threw his arm into the air, until a car stopped by him.

"You lost, young man?" oh, but wasn't that the truth. He spared the elderly woman his life story, and simply asked for directions. She gave a small smirk, and pointed to the street sign just ahead.

"right there. Have a nice night. Stay safe, too. Never know what lurks around these creepy places." Then she was gone. He wasted no time pondering her odd message, and looked down the street, searching for the ever-elusive yellow door. Lady luck threw him a line, and the house sat right in front of him, door indeed a cheery, warm buttery yellow. He had no time to contemplate the irony that such a happy door belonged to the place three young children were being held and hurt, because a shrill scream tore through the night. Nathan slammed into the door with his shoulder a few times, eventually pushing it open. The room was empty. The entire house seemed empty, in fact. Then he heard voices. A rough one that he didn't know, and Gabriel's soft, precise voice. He closed his eyes, and followed the noise. He stopped and opened them. He was facing a wall. Inhaling deeply, he knocked on it, softly.

"Hello?" Nathan released his breath, relieved.

"Gabe, It's me. Nathan are you all okay?" the boy took a while to answer.

"Me and Claire are fine, I guess. But Peter's not doing so well. The big guy hurt him, bad I think, and now he's unconscious, and he's shaking really badly." Nathan clenched his jaw.

'I'm going to get you out of here, okay?" You don't have to worry about a thing. Just stay calm, and watch Peter. If he looks like he's getting worse before I get in there, tell me." He heard a soft 'okay', and got to work on finding a way into the room. He didn't hear the footsteps until it was too late.

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