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Mai was surrounded by the same flowery garden as before. It was definitely the same garden, but she couldn't help noticing that there were not-so-obvious differences between the two scenes.

For one, the sky seemed to be a rich shade of blue as opposed to the dull gray of the first dream. Second, the garden seemed to be full of life and movement, where during her first visit the area seemed to be unsettlingly motionless.

Taniyama Mai smiled as she saw Dream Naru materialize under a beautiful white arch with vines intertwined in its structure. He returned the expression and glided over to where the girl stood. The teen pulled her into a swift hug, whispered 'Good job' in her ear, and disappeared from a very flustered Mai.

Mai woke from her slumber and suddenly became conscious of exactly how little space was between her and her boss' bodies. Attempting to give Naru a little room, she struggled to move away a bit, but his arms were wrapped around her body in a gentle but firm way.

Mai sighed and gave up, instead deciding to try and make sense of what little she remembered from the previous night. She blushed as she tried to remember exactly how her boss had wound up sleeping next to her. 'I'll ask Naru when he wakes up' she decided.

Turning over to look at the young man's face, she was surprised to see his deep sapphire eyes meet with hers. Blushing again, a fleeting thought wondered how long he had been watching her. Naru gently smiled, a rare gesture for him and kissed Mai's forehead, eliciting a squeak and another blush from his beautiful assistant.

"N-naru?" Mai stuttered, hesitant to look directly into his questioning eyes. "Umm… exactly how did you wind up in my bed?"

Naru smirked at her forgetfulness. "Apparently, you don't remember practically begging me to not leave your side last night," He told her mockingly. Then Naru remembered they hadn't been alone in the house last night. "Lin…" he mumbled under his breath. Mai looked up at him curiously, and he explained "I was just wondering what happened to Lin."

As if sensing that someone was talking about him, the tall man woke up from his uncomfortable position on the couch. He stood and stretched out his back, softly groaning at the number of cracks he heard coming from his back.

Lin, remembering the photos from last night, grabbed his laptop, which was sitting nearby on the side table, and began to upload the pictures of Naru and Mai. He sent an email to Madoka with them attached, explaining the events of the previous night. Lin pushed 'Send' and closed his laptop, wandering into the kitchen to make something to eat.

"Come on." Naru insisted. "We had better get up before Lin comes looking for us." As soon as it was said, the scent of eggs and bacon wafted faintly from the kitchen and into Mai's bedroom. 'Lin can cook?' Mai wondered. Her stomach growled rather loudly, reminding both teens how hungry they were.

Naru, reluctant to get up, sat up then stood slowly. He turned to look back at the still laying down Mai, and bent down next to her. "Let's go," He said softly. Mai groaned in response but Naru would have none of it. He scooped her up in his arms, surprising her and reminding her again of last night's events. She smiled up at him and surrendered, letting him carry her out to the kitchen.

Naru set her down in the doorway of the kitchen and cleared his throat to get Lin's attention. The taller man turned away from the stove and gestured to the plates of breakfast on the table, obviously meant for them.

"Itadakimasu!" Mai said cheerfully and immediately began to scarf down the delicious food, complimenting Lin on his amazing cooking. Naru joined her at the small table and slowly ate his own portion, choosing not to show how hungry he really was.

Once finished, the girl thanked Lin for his thoughtfulness and leaned back in her chair, content. Naru simply sat there, contemplating their escapades of the past day.

All of a sudden, Mai realized how grungy she felt. 'I really need to take a shower.' She told herself. 'But I don't want to do it with these two here…'

Lin looked over at the two and saw Mai's discomfort written all over his face, while Naru just stared into the cup of tea he had requested from Mai after they finished eating. 'Poor girl' Lin mentally hit himself 'She probably wants to take a nice hot shower, and we're keeping her from doing so.'

"Taniyama-san? You should probably take a shower, as you were on the ground in the rain for quite a bit last night." Lin suggested gently. 'He read my mind!' Mai thought happily. "Arigato, Lin-san. I probably should." Mai jumped up and walked out of the kitchen, thanking Lin telepathically.

Naru smiled inwardly at his small assistants obvious relief at the older man's suggestion. He stood with his cup of tea, and walked into the living room so he could borrow Lin's laptop to check his email. He set the cup down on the glass table and opened the laptop. He noticed Lin hadn't closed his email, but minimized it, not wanting to close whatever he was doing.

Naru quickly checked his email, and found 3 new case requests. 'Hmm lets see… This one is absolutely fake, this one's not intriguing enough. I'll save this one and look at it again back at the office.' He deleted the spam from his inbox and then signed off, impatient to get back to the office.

Mai, feeling squeaky clean, skipped down the hall and nearly slammed into Naru, who was returning from the living room. Naru raised an eyebrow at her skipping and Mai giggled softly.

"Mai, we should go back to the office soon. It's already 11:00." Naru informed her. Mai sighed. 'So the workaholic is just going to pretend that last night didn't happen. Great.' "Ugh. Stupid workaholic." Naru smirked as Mai muttered under her breath.

He looked quickly, making sure Lin was still in the kitchen and pulled Mai into a soft hug. "Sorry." He whispered in her hair The petite girl pulled back slightly and looked at him with her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. They asked: 'For what?'

Tucking a strand of Mai's hair behind her ear, he breathed "For everything." Mai held her boss as close as she could hold him, tears threatening to spill over. "A-arigato, Naru-chan," Mai replied softly.

Enjoying the feeling of the warm embrace between himself and his assistant, Naru tilted his head and kissed the top of Mai's head. "Please don't run away like last night ever again. I'd never be able to forgive myself if something happened to you." He felt Mai nod, and pulled away from their hug.

Her chocolate eyes were inquisitive as to why he pulled away when Naru placed his hands on either side of her face. He leaned in, slowly, and Mai could feel his warm breath on her lips. She closed the distance between them and kissed her boss, slowly but sweetly. When they pulled back for breath, Mai told the teen in front of her "I love you." Naru smiled a real smile, and kissed her quickly once more before replying "I love you too."

Lin smiled from his place near the doorway in the kitchen. He had been listening to their conversation, eager to finally hear Naru's confession. Satisfied, the tall man decided to make himself one last cup of coffee and sit at the table, waiting for the young couple to finish gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.

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