Gwen frowned as she watched Jack and Owen dash out of the Hub, pulling on their coats as a precaution against the Welsh winter outside. She loved winter now; she'd hated it before joining Torchwood, but she loved seeing Jack in that coat. Sadly, by the time summer came around he wouldn't be wearing it anymore.


Then again, who knew?

She considered for a moment and then sought out the one person who might.


He turned around from cleaning the already-pristine coffee machine. "Yes, Gwen?"

"I was wondering... something about Jack."

"Ah, yes? How can I help?"

Gwen hesitated, wondering exactly how to phrase the question 'What does Jack wear in summer?' without sounding too interested. "You know that coat of his...?"

A slight smile played around Ianto's lips. "Very well."

"Well, obviously it's great for winter, but what about in summer? I mean, he can't wear it then, it's way too hot, or..."

"In summer he dispenses with the coat altogether."

Gwen frowned again. Ianto's words had been just a little too careful, his expression slightly too blank.

"But that's not all of it... right?"

"In summer he dispenses with everything altogether."


"Um... really?" Gwen searched Ianto's composed face, unable to tell if he was having her on or not.

"You don't think Jack would do that?"

Gwen could very well believe that Jack would do that; she could imagine what it would be like in five months when Jack declared it was too hot to wear clothes.

"That sounds very... interesting."

Ianto's smile changed from mildly amused to I-know-something-you-don't-know. "That's not the half of it."

Oh, God. "Tell me."

"Jack insists that everybody else does the same."

Oh, GOD.

"You're joking."

"You betcha he's joking," came an unexpected voice from behind her. Gwen spun around to see Jack standing there, coat draped casually over one arm, grinning fit to blind her. "I think I win the bet, Ianto."

"She didn't believe me about the universal dress code, sir."

"Oh, come on, everybody says 'you're joking' when they hope it's a joke, but they know it's not."

Gwen felt stupidity and embarrassment come crashing over her. "Joke..."

Jack sighed extravagantly and handed Ianto a fiver. Ianto took it without comment, tucking it away in an inner pocket.

"When did you... you went outside with Owen!"

"Owen went outside with Owen," Jack corrected. "I turned around and came back in before the door shut." He winked at Ianto. "We've been planning this for days."

"Planning... how did you...? Never mind. I'm only glad you were kidding." Gwen turned around and walked away, trying to maintain what dignity she had left.

But not before she overheard Jack's loud whisper of: "When should we tell her we weren't kidding?"