"Pleaseā€¦ don't" I beg him as I hold my hand up in front of me, trying to make him keep his distance. He chuckles darkly with an evil smirk on his face, then and moves forward despite my pleading. His hands reach out and wrap around my forearms, gripping tightly before pulling me to him.

Tears fall down my face as our chests meet and a sob escapes from my throat. His grip on my arms, which are now in between our bodies, is still tight and I already know there will be bruises left behind. I look up at him with my teary eyes, hoping that he'll see just how frightened I am and maybe he'll stop, but his eyes show no emotion. His dark eyes are surrounded by redness, and show his inebriation clearly.

He grabs both of my wrists in one hand, and the other moves from in between us and around my body, to the back of my head pushing me towards his face. The smell of alcohol on his breath is overwhelming, and I turn my head trying to keep from doing what he wants me to, when suddenly his hand digs roughly into the back of my head, gripping a handful of hair which he pulls back hard causing my head to snap back.

"You are mine. Do you understand me? You belong to me!" he practically growls at me, and another sobs rips through my chest as he pulls back on my hair again. His mouth shoots to my neck, kissing and biting down on my skin while still gripping on to my hair. The tears flow faster now as I realize what he's about to do.

He starts to push us back towards the sofa, and as soon as the back of my legs hit it, he gives a harder push, sending me flying down to the cushions. His hands move to the waist of my skirt as he hovers over me, and in one quick motion, he rips it down my body.

"This is mine! Do you hear me! You are my wife, and this is me taking what's mine!"

An hour later, I lay sobbing in the darkened room on the couch. This isn't supposed to be my life.

But I was trapped. Trapped to a man I no longer knew. A man that had become a monster just a few short months after reciting my vows, tying myself to him forever.

And in love with a man that couldn't save me from this hell.