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"Wait," Fiyero said, "I'll go first, I don't know how they'll react to Elphaba's....verdigris. No offense of course." he added then quickly walked up the the door of the his house and knocked three times.

It was answered by a very surprised looking man, whose mouth dropped open at the sight of the Winkie. Fiyero held out his hand in an attempt to be friendly, "Hello sir, my name is Prince Fiyero Tiggular of the Vinikus. We are looking for Gregory Maguire, is he in?"

If possible, the man's eyes got even wider and his jaw dropped down slightly more. "I am him. Are you some maniacal fan of Wicked or are you selling something?" he asked suspiciously.

"Neither," Fiyero replied, "In fact, I wanted to talk to you about the accuracy of what happens in your book."

Slightly confused by this remark, Maguire indicated for him to come inside. "Wait, sir, " Fiyero said, "Are my other friends invited in as well? They have something to say too."

"I suppose so..."

Fiyero called the girls over, who quickly came from around the corner of the house. Elphaba, being Elphaba, strode over to the author and immediately held out her hand, "Elphaba Thropp, Daughter of the Governor of Munchkinland. Pleasure to meet you." He didn't respond but just gaped at her greenish hue. "I know I'm green, get over it!" she snapped, and let herself in, Galinda scurrying after her. Maguire turned to Fiyero, "Are you really them or is this some kind of silly stunt?"

"Oh, no. I'm really Fiyero Tiggular. The girls are the real people as well. Elphaba Thropp and Galinda Upland."

"I see, but one question; what is your motto for life Prince Tiggular?"

"It's just life, so keep dancing through. Why?"

"Oh nothing," he said casually, but as the author followed the girls in, Fiyero heard him mutter 'From the play....'

Once they were all inside and seated, Maguire cleared his throat, "Well, what did you want to ask?" and all three started to talk at once, trying to explain how he was all wrong. "Woah! One at a time please!" he called over all the ruckus.

Fiyero started, "Well you see, I read your book and have to say, that's NOT what happened! For one: I am NOT married!"

"Well, yes, but you see, when the play was made, they changed your character." the author explained.

"Well, YOU should change it in YOUR book, because I don't want people to get the wrong idea!" Fiyero glared at him.

"I am NOT a nun!" Elphaba cut in. "I don't even know how you got that idea! I mean, I don't even BELIEVE in religion, I'm atheist!"

"Hey Elphaba!" Fiyero interrupted, "what's One minus One?"

"Fiyero..." Galinda warned, seeing the glare Elphaba was giving him.

"NUN! ha! Funny right?" he started laughing, but Elphaba didn't seem to want to deal with him right then so she turned back to the author.

"There is a lot of other mistakes too. Some are so repulsive that I don't even want to think about them."

"Yeah!" said Galinda, "You made me go to the Emerald City WITHOUT letting me pack all my really nice cloths and do my hair first!"

Elphaba sighed, "That not quite what I was aiming for, but sure."

"I say we tie him up until he agrees to rewrite the book in the way it is SUPPOSED to happen!" suggested Fiyero, who had gotten over his laughing fit by now. The girls agreed, and before Maguire could even think to escape, Elphaba had chanted a spell that made ropes spring up and bind him to the chair.

"Now are you going to change the book, or do we have to keep you tied up forever?" Galinda asked.

"Yo-you don't understand!" he sputtered, quite surprised by the turn of events.

"Oh? Enlighten us then." Elphaba spat.

"You guys ARE the rewrites! You are the result of a bunch of people putting together a rewritten version of my novel in the form of the play!" He shouted.

"Oh," all three said at once.

"Well darn! I guess this means we can't keep him tied up," Fiyero sighed. Elphaba waved her hand casually and the ropes binding Maguire vanished into thin air.

They all stood looking awkwardly at each other for a minute before Elphaba broke the silence, "Well, it was nice, er, meeting you. We, um, best be going now....."

"Wait!" the author called, "Thank you for coming to meet me. I did enjoy it! Really! I'm glad that my book is popular not only here, but over the rainbow as well, please visit soon!"

The all smiled at him. "You're very welcome, but I don't think we will be coming back. It was nice to meet you though," Elphaba said. She started to chant and a second later, they were all sitting on the floor of the girl's room. Elphaba was the first to speak, "As interesting as it is to know where our lives are going, I think we need to erase this memory from our minds. Agreed?"

"Agreed." said Galinda and Fiyero simultaneously.

"That's settled then, OBLIVIATE!" she shouted. There was a flash of bright light, and they remebered nothing that had happened in the last few days. At least, no until Nessarose found a certain book by the name of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

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