Title: Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Authors: Tammy Brokaw and Charlene Edwards

Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: This is an idea I came up with and shared with Tammy and we've been playing with. It's an Alternate universe for Batman Beyond that sits somewhere between regular DC continuity and the established Animated Series' continuity. I LIKE Terry McGinnis as a character. I think he rocks. I like him almost like I like Dick Grayson. BUT what I didn't like was the way DC committed what I consider character assassination of Dick and Tim to bring Terry about. Soooo here's Tammy and my attempt to "fix" what I think DC did wrong. I hope you all like the little world we've put together. –Charlene

Me, I just did this because I'm a ficwhore --Tammy

And so, in honor of Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond Month on Haven_Corridor here's our BB fic. Enjoy :-) Char & Tammy

Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Prologue: Gotham, 2002

"I wish Batman could've came with us," Robin said as he and Nightwing crept through the abandoned warehouse. Something felt -- wrong. He couldn't put a finger on it, but it was there, deep in the pit of his stomach. "Or, at least, Batgirl."

Nightwing nodded as he scoped out the warehouse's interior. So far there were no signs of the Joker. But Batman's intel is rarely was wrong. "I know, bro. But he had that function he had to attend. We can handle this." Then his thoughts went to Batgirl. Barbara. No, she couldn't come with them. Not right now. His mouth formed a smile as he thought about her. Thought about their discussion earlier that day. Life could be so… damned good sometimes.

"Yeah, it's just the Joker," Robin grumbled as they went deeper into the warehouse.

Robin's musings, brought Nightwing back to the situation at hand. He shook his head as they continued on.

Passing by stacked up crates, they neared an interior room. Using their night vision lenses in their masks, they surveyed the room's interior. It seemed harmless. Cautiously, they entered. Nightwing and Robin started searching the room for clues.

"There's nothing here," NIghtwing said exasperated.

"Yeah, this is a dead end, "Robin replied as they moved back toward the door.

They froze when they felt the slight shift in the floor beneath them. Their weight had triggered something. It was a trap.

Suddenly, the room was enclosed by steel walls. Nightwing and Robin moved to the wall where the door had been. As they were desperately looking a way out, the Joker's laughter filled the room.

"Ignore him Robin and keep looking for a way out."

His voice echoed and rang out like a grotesque carnival master, enticing the children onward. "Bwahahaha ... Welcome to Uncle Joker's warehouse of fun. This little surprise was intended for the Bat, but I'll take two birds. Bwahahaha -- killing two birds with one bomb you might say. Bwahahaha."

"Bomb?" Robin asked as he turned to face Nightwing.

On the far side of the room a digital display started counting down from sixty. One minute -- sixty seconds. Nightwing's eyes grew wide as the thought of the hopelessness started to sink in. He pressed the emergency signal in his gauntlets, summoning Batman, although he knew there was no way he could get there in time.

"We have to stay calm," Nightwing said as his mind started racing.


"There's no way out!" Robin replied. Nightwing could hear the slight trace of panic there.


"Bro, take off your cape."

"What?" Robin asked.


"It's fire retardant. Maybe we can use it as a shield and ride out the explosion. The bombs connected to the timer, so let's get as close to the door as we can."


Robin smiled at Nightwing. It might work. It was a chance. The only one they had. There was part of him that was sick inside, and there was another part that KNEW they'd be all right. How many times had they escaped the jaws of death on just a hunch and their own good looks?

Nightwing pushed Robin close to the door, using his own body to shield the boy and then using the cape as a shield for both of them.


Jokers' laughter still echoed throughout the chamber. " -- ahaha. By the way, main bomb's by the door."

"Oh shit," Nightwing said as he grabbed Robin's shoulders quickly turning him from the door. Nightwing threw the cape around Robin as he placed himself between the boy and the door.

"Time's up, Boy Blunders," Joker's voice sounded as the room exploded around them.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________

Batman saw a raging fire as he neared what once was the warehouse. Nightwing's signal had come from here. Their GPS signals stated they were still inside the warehouse. He tried not to panic. He wouldn't panic. There was work to be done. He had to find Robin and Nightwing.

With a steeled determination, he activated the electronic cooling systems in the Bat-suit and he entered the blazing inferno. He had to find them, had to rescue them. Quickly, he moved to their location. He moved past the burning wood and through the blown out steel door. Then he saw them.


They were lying so still. Nightwing was partially covering Robin.

They were unconscious he told himself. They had to be.

He bent down to check their injuries and move them out of the zone of danger. Batman stiffened when he touched them. When he realized.

Nightwing and Robin were dead.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

…Continued in Part I