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A Life Unexpected Fanfiction

By: Simply Complex Mind

Posted: February 5, 2010; 10:00 pm
Fixed As Of: September 17, 2010; 11:04 pm

"It's literally the reason I asked for a new placement. Well, that and I think my foster parents were dealing drugs."

(incredulous stare)


~ Life Unexpected, Season 1, "Pilot"


I cringed away from my foster mom's slur. Her husband was already passed out on the sofa; one Oxycontin-and-whiskey too many, I guess.

"So pretty. . ." I felt her fingers, calloused from years of opening and re-opening plastic pill bottles, trail lightly through my hair.

"Your name is just so, so light, did you know that?" she exclaimed. Her voice, which had been awestruck before, was excited and childlike—like a waffle-stuffed kid on Christmas morning.

I thought I was the kid here?

"Y-yeah," I giggled uncomfortably, nervously shifting away from her and towards my room. Honestly, normally I wouldn't willingly go back to the room they liked to lock me in, but looking into my foster mom's saucer-sized pupils (courtesy of Xanax), I made an exception.

I mean really, you'd think drug dealers would have enough sense to not get hooked on the vices they sell.

Unfortunately, I couldn't shift away fast enough. My foster mom grabbed a fistful of my hair and inhaled deeply.

"So good…" she all but moaned. The water had been shut off three days ago. Meaning no showers for three days.

I swear. Prescription or no, they're still drugs.

Then again, I guess I should just be happy her husband wasn't awake trying to molest me again.