A Beautiful University Dreams

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It's been three years since Edward and the Cullen's left me in Forks. It was real hard at first. I was so sure that Edward would come back to me or that Alice would see that Laurent and Victoria had been after me, and come help but they didn't. I thank my lucky stars above for Jacob and the pack they saved me from those two, but most of all they saved me from myself. Jacob is my best friend and he is a werewolf. We tried the going out thing after my heart had started to heal but for me it was just too much. I was too worried that he would imprint and leave me, so I wanted us to stay just friends. I tried to tell Jake that it was all me and he was perfect, but he would find his soul mate one day. So we agreed to just stay BFF's. He saved my life in more ways than one. Jacob taught me attitude and showed me I was strong. I'm a new person because of him. I am a confident woman now that speaks my mind wither you like it or not. Leah and I became very close friends, she helped me to learn to open up to the world and explore more. She and I go out dancing quite a bit, now that I have grown out of my clumsiness.

Leah, Seth, Paul, Rachel and I came here to Chicago to go to college at Roosevelt University. We came at the beginning of the summer so that we could all get settled before school starts tomorrow. We found a cute little four bedroom house to roommate in and the rent's not half bad. There is only one problem…I have to share one bathroom with three werewolves and another human girl! Paul and Rachel are taking a Hospitality and Tourism Management course so that they can take over the tourism company there in La Push when they get back. Rachel is Paul's imprint, along with being Jacob's sister. They really didn't need to come with us but Jacob insisted that since he would not be coming along with us that Paul come, and that is how the two of them ended up here. You see Jacob was coming with us but he had to step up and take over Alpha of the pack so he was stuck there after that but it was a good thing because the day after he took over he imprinted on a very sweet girl named Hannah. She and I have become like sisters now. I often find myself stuck in the middle of hers and Jacob's tiffs though, which is not to comfortable I must say.

Leah decided to get her degree in Computer Science and Seth and I are taking Journalism together. Seth now that's another story, he has become more of a BFF than even Jacob is. You see Jacob holds my brother card too but Seth…he's just awesome. The three of us got part time jobs down at the local Save A lot store to help with the bills. Paul and Rachel hold full time positions at one of the tourism company's here close by since they were only going to school part time. Rachel didn't care too much for the company but Paul loves it. I think the only reason he is so thrilled with it is because the tours he gives are about the hang outs of the mafias from the nighteen twenties or something like that. He actually enjoys showing people where the Valentines massacre occurred. I really think that he is demented sometimes.

I have been trying to get my stuff ready for my classes for the last hour or so but I just can't seem to get my ass in gear. I think Seth and Leah took off to the woods to phase and run a bit. That's another good thing about this house we are only about fifty feet from the tree line and they can run without worry. Leah has been talking to me about asking Jacob to allow her to stop phasing. She doesn't want to do to someone else what Sam and Emily did to her with the imprinting thing and she's tired of being lonely while she waits to find her mate. Seth and I don't blame her one bit. Leah is a very beautiful person when you get to know her and she deserves to have someone to love her to. I know how it feels to watch everyone around you be in love while you're lonely and it sucks although Seth doesn't seem to mind too much. He informed us he was going to play the field this year and bring me along with him and my response to that was… when are we going to get started!?

Seth and Leah are twenty two year old twins, and I will be turning twenty one in a couple weeks. I use to hate to celebrate my birthday before when I was with Edward, but now I actually enjoy getting older. The gang is planning on taking me out to this new club in town as soon as I can legally buy alcohol, they had informed me. Paul thinks it's funny to see me drunk and Leah and I have been itching to go dancing again, so I can't wait, but first we have to get through the next few weeks of school.

So here I am getting ready to attempt sleep with a belly full of butterflies. God I hope tomorrow goes good…

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