New story? Yeah I know. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever publish not one, but two stories on FF. I haven't lost interest in The Great Escape though. This story will actually be based on a Dasey video called 'I Should've Been After You' by dutayeja. I absolutely loved it, and hadn't seen anything really like it on FF, so I asked her. :] Go and watch it now if you haven't!

Disclaimer: I don't own Life with Derek, dutajeya's YouTube video or 'I Should've Been After You' by Rooney.

Casey McDizzle

"Oh, yeah. I totally just beefed it." Derek fanned his nose in a rather nonchalant wave of his hand as his gas infiltrated the room. The rather disgusted female in the room, ran and cowered in the corner to escape the offending smell. Said female was Derek's best friend and they were both in their sophomore year of college. They decided after a while that it would be cheaper to live together, well their parents did.

"De-rek! What did I tell you about bodily functions?" Casey, the slender girl with the long brown hair and striking blue eyes was eying Derek with utmost disgust.

"Cassandra. What did I tell you about me being a guy?" He gestured toward his crotch, and she looked away from the brazen display. Derek, the tall lanky guy with the messy brown hair and dark eyes, eyed Casey with a smirk.

"You're running away from the point. You can't be a guy around me, I won't allow it." She said plainly, as if their conversation was rehearsed. In truth, it was, because while Derek and Casey were very close, they pretty much irritated the hell out of each other.

"That's like denying my existence. I need to fart, I need to not shower for three days straight, I need to eat chips and drink beer occasionally. I need to be a guy." Derek got up from his couch, walked over to the corner she was hiding in, holding her nose. He bent down to pick her up and threw her over his shoulder.

"Please remove me from your person, Venturi. Is your family name synonymous with poor hygiene? Or is little Edwin just a sap following his big brother's horrible influence?" Casey slammed her small fists on Derek's back as he twirled her in the air.

"Hey, Lizard's more like a Venturi every day. Kid's got talent in hockey." Derek said, throwing Casey onto the couch, watching her flail about disoriented. He laughed at her, and plopped down onto the couch with her.

"My sister is refined and dignified and has much more class than you. Luckily Marti has had some female influence in her life." Casey crossed her arms, sticking her nose up snootily.

Derek snorted, "Face it Casey. You're the black sheep of the family."

Oh yeah, did I mention that they're step-siblings?


"I'll have an iced tea, please." Casey said politely to the waiter, her smile bright. Derek shook his head at her slowly, a smirk on his face.

"You're such a flirt." He said bluntly, playing with the forks on the table.

Casey recoiled and looked straight at Derek. "I am not!"

"Are too, miss 'I'll have an iced tea, please'." His voice raised a few octaves in a mocking tone, and he tried to imitate her smile.

"I am not! Just because I'm polite, doesn't mean I'm a flirt. You should learn a thing or two about that." Casey retorted, crossing her legs underneath the table. They were at their favourite hangout, a burger and milkshake joint near the campus. Jazzy 60's and 70's tunes flowed through the old jukebox.

"Babe, if I ever decided to be that polite, I'd have girls lining up for this." He gestured to himself, like he did way too often and Casey rolled her eyes.

"The only way you'd have girls lining up for you, is if someone posted your number in the girls' washroom with a 'wanna have a good time' sign on it." She snarked, poking at the salt shaker next to the ketchup.

"Aww Casey, you're so mean to me." His voice was whiny and he pouted. He knew she hated that face because it got her every time. Her anger dissipated and she reached over to cup his face, before lifting her hand and smacking him lightly on the cheek. He just smiled in response.

"Well, I wasn't flirting, okay?" she said adamantly, the waiter coming over and setting the iced tea down on the table. Underneath the glass, there was a napkin with seven digits on it.

"Derek 1, Casey 0. I prove you wrong yet again princess." Casey flushed and quickly swiped the napkin from the table, and stuffed it in her purse.

"Hush." She said quietly, somewhat embarrassed but didn't hesitate to shoot him a nasty glare.

"Looks like McDizzle's got a hot date tonight!" he announced, the rest of the restaurant's guests looking back at them.

"I do not! And stop calling me that!" Casey huffed, throwing her straw out of her glass and gulping down the iced tea, as to not think about her current embarrassment.

Derek laughed, and sat back in his seat. It was only with this girl, his step-sister and best friend who he could be whoever he wanted to be, and feel completely at ease. She was exciting and always challenged him. They didn't always have the same things in common, but that's what kept their relationship interesting. Especially that time he dragged Casey to a cat fight that was happening in a mud pit on campus; … that Casey eventually joined in because both girls were jealous that she was there with him and called her out. He digressed, however.

He truly hoped that he could know Casey for the rest of his life, because he'd never meet anyone like her again. But don't get him wrong, he'd never actually consider her more than this. Casey didn't even really classify as a girl. He still looked for her spaceship in her room on occasion, before or after he stole all her bras.


"Normally I wouldn't oppose to being surrounded by girls, but why here?" Derek complained, as they stood in line to get into a club. Casey's friends from both high school who came with them to Queen's and her new university friends were chatting animatedly amongst each other in the line. They were all attractive in their own right, but Derek never went after them in respect for Casey. This meant that they comprised the 1% of Queen's that Derek hadn't dated.

"Everyone wanted to go! And your 'dudes' went back home for the weekend like a bunch of pansies." Casey replied, her teeth chattering from the cold. It was mid-November, and they were all feeling bogged down with work and decided to let loose a little. Those were Casey's lame words that dragged Derek to this downtown hub of alcohol, desperate guys picking up girls, and insanely loud music. Not to mention sweaty people gyrating themselves on you from every possible angle.

"I seriously hate clubs, but you've been so stressed out lately that I came. This is the last time I do it though." Derek groused, not wanting to sound like he cared too much. Casey smiled warmly at him, and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. He promptly wiped his cheek in his sleeve, and smiled back at her a little.

"I know, D. Thank you. Just dance with me then!" she said, twirling in the line gracefully and landing in his arms. He grabbed her, and felt himself tremble slightly. He chalked it up to the cold.

"Let's see if you can even keep up with me!" he said teasingly, poking her in her sides, making her giggle a little.

"Oh? Who was the one who choreographed our dance in 12th grade?" she asked, her eyebrow raised and her eyes challenging. He thought back to their dance that had aired on television a couple years ago, and he grinned.

"We totally smoked that bitch, didn't we?" he reminisced, unconsciously brushing his thumbs on her sides. Casey chuckled then, and nodded. The line started to move quickly, and Casey broke away from Derek's grasp to link arms with one of her friends. Said friend looked back at Derek with an unidentifiable expression, and Derek raised his eyebrow in confusion and wonder.


Derek sipped at his beer as he sat the bar, and he sighed. There wasn't anything redeeming in going to clubs, for him. He felt like being there suggested he couldn't pick up girls in any other way, when in reality, all he had to do was smile at one and they melted at his feet. The only girl who hadn't done that was Casey, but she was his step-sister so she didn't count. Derek frowned at this thought, and was treading on frightening thoughts when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder to see Casey standing there with her friend from earlier.

"Hey, D. You should dance! Sandra here is really good at dancing, and she can show you." Casey said excitedly, her voice taking on that 'I am totally up to something I shouldn't be' tone that Derek had come to know so well. He groaned, and wondered what Space Case was thinking. He looked at her friend, and recognized her from their high school. She was somewhat quiet, but she had a cute quality for her. Shoulder-length reddish brown hair and pretty eyes, Derek could stand her for a while.

"Fine… Sandra right? Heh, why didn't we talk more back at Thompson?" Derek said, making conversation and taking her arm, leading her to the dance floor. He looked back at Casey and shot her a look, and she just smiled at him innocently. It was everything but innocent though.

The rest of the night continued like this, and Derek was close to admitting he'd rather be in class than be at a club with some girl he didn't know very well. It was one am when everyone was ready to go home, and Derek led Casey to the Prince.

"Hey, let me drive!" Casey said, running to the driver's seat. Derek shrugged, too tired from forcing a smile and a calm demeanour the entire night.

He got in the passenger seat, and sat back, closing his eyes. He felt a serious headache coming on.

"So what was that all about, Case?" he asked, after she had started the car and was driving like a grandmother towards their apartment.

"What was all what about, Derek?" she replied, her expression changing from happiness to nervousness in a fraction of a second. How did he get to know her expressions so well, anyway? It wasn't like he watched her all the time. …

He shot her a look. "You know exactly what I'm talking about, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to set me up." Derek began laughing at the notion, and began clutching at his stomach when he realized the ridiculousness of it all. Derek didn't ever need to be set up, girls fell at his feet and he knew this well.

Casey frowned, and looked over at him. "But Derek, how long do your relationships typically last?" she asked, and he had a feeling he knew where this was leading. Some feminist jibe about respecting women, or being happy.

"Hmm, three weeks, more or less. Why?" he answered, tapping at the door handle when they reached a red light. Casey sighed, and stepped on the gas when the light turned green.

"As much as I hate to say it, I do care about you." Casey started.

"Oh, here we go. Feel good family moments are only allowed once a year Case, with a duration of 3 seconds. Please tell me you haven't forgotten." He grunted, his gaze on the passing stores and people about on the downtown streets of Kingston.

"Hush, this is important. I just, want you to be happy Derek. Even you should experience what a real relationship is like." Her keener tone was taking precedent, and he flipped on some music to drown out the creeping uncomfortable silence.

"And what, you think this Sandra girl is going to be able to do that? What makes you think she's my type?" he asked, feeling like his emotions were moving at light years compared to the speed at which she driving the car. She took conscientious driver to the extreme. Casey bit her lip, thinking the situation over.

"Well then, what is your type Derek?" she stopped at another red light, and looked at Derek. Derek looked back at her, his eyes etching out every detail of her that he had come to learn over the years in his memory. Her fiery blue eyes, her regal nose, her pouty lips. Her tanned skin and flowing wavy hair, her slender yet curvy body and legs that went on forever. His eyes caught hers again, and he thought about all of their experiences together. She was ridiculously smart and witty, she was clumsy and yet so graceful. She was compassionate and put others before herself. She made him laugh, she challenged him, she made him challenge himself to do better, she made him feel, she made him happy.

But she was his step-sister, and he could never have feelings like that. He supposed though… that she was his type. Above all, he wouldn't want to ruin their great friendship that they took time to build after their parents married when they were fifteen. This still didn't mean that he'd ever have feelings for her. He was still inconclusive about her alien status.

After his intense gaze, Casey's eyes wandered nervously, feeling like she got the hint.

"My friends are just as hot, Derek." She said, a bit arrogantly. He was broken out of his reverie by her comment, and he almost blushed at being caught.

"Oh, I was just thinking about the delicious concoction that you'll be making me when we get home. I wasn't thinking that you're hot, or that you're my type babe." He shifted his gaze to the street again.

"Sure sure, but you're going on a date with Sandra tomorrow. If you don't, I'm not making you dinner for a week." Casey turned onto their street, and parked in front of their apartment. Derek groaned, a feeling of dread creeping in his stomach. He stayed in the car after she shut it off and was walking toward their door. He watched her confident and graceful steps on the walkway, and felt his chest tighten and his stomach do a strange flippy thing.

Maybe a date with Sandra would be a good idea. He couldn't very well go hungry for a week.