Unexpected Rain


Pairing(s): Dan x Jamie

Summary: It started as a normal sunny day, but all of Jamie's hard work was made useless as unexpected rain decided to fall unannounced onto the town of Rosebud Village...


It was pouring throughout Rosebud Village, much to Jamie's displeasure. It had started out as a far-too-sunny summer day, forcing him to tend his crops and release his animals into the field to enjoy the sunshine. With those chores done, Jamie had headed off to do some fishing and mining, but as he retrieved his last fish from the ocean, the weather turned shitty!

"Damn!" Jamie cursed as he ran for cover under a tree, dripping wet from the three second run from the beach to the closest tree he could reach. Glaring up at the branches of his haven, which didn't do much considering a few droplets wheedling their way through the pine leaves of the young oak tree, Jamie cursed again as he remembered his animals were still outside. "I better get back to the farm or else..." Jamie grumbled, taking a step in the direction his land was, but paused as he noticed he could barely see anything past the pounds of rain falling from the sky.

"Crap! How am I suppose to get home in this?!" Jamie screamed, the last straw snapping as his luck got even worse. Not only did he waste energy watering his crops, and now his poor animals were stuck in the rain more then likely getting upset and soon-to-be sick, but Jamie couldn't even get HOME!!!

"Why you yelling, huh?" a cocky voice asked somewhere in the blinding rain, shocking Jamie enough to jump and look around frantically, trying to find the owner, "Its wonderful weather! Best to dance and sing in~"

Finally connecting the owner of the voice, Jamie gave a disgruntled face as he bit back, "More like best to get sick in."

"Ahaha, that's only if you have thin skin!" Dan laughed, finally stepping close enough so Jamie could make him out. With one hand balled at his hips, Jamie noticed Dan also had an umbrella clasped in the other, keeping him nice and dry.

"Liar!" Jamie snapped, shoving a finger into Dan's smiling face as he accused, "Its your umbrella keeping you healthy! If you ran around without it, there is no doubt in my mind you'd get sick!"

"Hmm..." the dark skinned man hummed, staring up at his accused umbrella with innocent eyes, before shrugging as he announced, "Whatever. I'm fit and healthy, and that's all that matters."

Jamie opened his mouth to shoot back yet another complaint, but was cut off as Dan suddenly leaned in, locking lips firmly. With a loud smack, the dark skinned man pulled back, licking his lips as if he just finished a delicious meal.

"Well, I'll be off then!" Dan cheered, spinning on his heels with an extra twirl before scampering off....

"To crawl under whatever rock he climbed out of..." Jamie grumbled, wiping an arm across his lips, before blinking. Glancing to his other hand, he noticed a heavy object was now in his grasp. Or more pacifically, Dan's umbrella.

Blushing deeply, Jamie quickly returned his attention to the area, trying to locate Dan but he was long gone.

"Idiot..." Jamie huffed with a pout. With that, the violet haired farmer lifted the tacky umbrella, happy to have a shield, as he ran back to his beloved ranch, hoping his animals weren't ill yet.

...And maybe thinking up of a nice way to thank Dan.... Maybe.