So I was working on one of my other stories and this popped into my head. I will admit I have read and enjoyed several good Voldemort stories but that is not what this is to be. My Voldemort is not good but he is honorable. He will still be a dark lord who has murdered people and demands obedience, but, unlike cannon, he has a damn good reason. You will learn more as the story continues, and I do hope to insure that it makes since just be warned that a little later in the story there will be a few torture scenes and there will be slash. As for the disclaimer, none of the characters are mine only the situations I put them in.

Chapter One

(beginning at the end of the death station scene in the Deathly Hallows)

"Tell me one last thing" said Harry. "Is this real or has this been happening inside my head?"

"Oh its real but it is not all true." Harry felt his knees begin to fail him as he heard a voice he had not heard in two years. He slowly turned, ignoring the words, to see a young and healthy Sirius Black standing along with Remus Lupin and two people who Harry had only seen in photos.

"Hey Bambi. First I want to say that I am so proud of you and that I do not blame you in the least, secondly I want to say that just about everything in your life so far has been horrible but we have been given a chance to fix that now." Sirius spoke softly as he grabbed Harry and hugged him. Harry just kept looking at the young people next to him who looked like Lily and James Potter. He was snapped out of his shock by Dumbledore beginning to yell. The red headed woman who could only be Lily Potter sat down next to him and wrapped him in her arms and the man who must be his father and the other two marauders drug Dumbledore away.

Harry didn't realize he was crying until he felt another set of arm holding his as he heard several whispered endearments in the voices he had only heard in his dreams before then. It took several minutes before he was able to calm down enough for them to begin speaking to them.

"Hello my dear baby boy. My how you have grown, but we haven't the time for that there is much to discuss." the red-headed witch stated softly.

"Bambi" the other person holding him said. He turned to look into the hazel eyes of James Potter who began speaking. "What we are about to tell you is very important and unfortunately must be done very quickly as we haven't much time. Just about everything in your life up to this point has been manipulations and lies. Dumbledore is an evil man and is the one who killed us in the first place."

Harry began to struggle and attempt to yell but he was quickly silenced and his father held him tightly against his chest to keep him contained. Sirius took over for speaking.

"Harry he is not lying. The prophecy that you were shown was false, the true one is in a pensive in one of your vaults. The reason you are not dead not is not because of some stupid horcruxes, it is because the fates intervened to allow us this time. When a person dies there is not much to do so we watch the living. We know everything that has happened, we know the truth of it all." Sirius said solemnly, pleading with his eyes for harry to believe him. Remus stood at his side nodding in agreement.

"But why would he kill you? It doesn't make since, I thought it was Voldemort. And if I haven't been destroying horcruxes what have I been doing for a year?" Harry questioned.

"The items you believed to be horcruxes were actually created by Dumbledore. The reason he killed us and fiddled with Moony and Padfoots memory is because we were all deatheaters." Lily said softly knowing it would be a blow to her son.

She was correct as Harry began struggling again and screaming that it was lies or a trick from Voldemort. When they had him calmed again they began speaking. "Harry we are not going to say that we were always correct in what we did but Tom Riddle started as a good man. It was all politics and no one was hurt until Dumbledore struck first killing Lady Riddle and her unborn son. See Tom was trying to pass laws that made it mandatory for muggleborn children to be told of the wizarding world at the first sign of accidental magic and to go to a wizarding primary school where they would learn things that pure blood children learn simply growing up in a wizarding home.

He wanted to pass laws to help magical creatures and to force the children of muggleborn children and their parents to take an oath or sing a magically binding contract to keep the knowledge of our world a secret. Dumbledore was against it along with several others. One night about fifteen years before our deaths Dumbledore decided that he would take the aurors and steal Toms wife, who was pregnant at the time, and attack everyone who was on his side. Tom was having a dinner party that night and several important people were there along with their children. Dumbledore decided it would be a good time to attack so that they could take the children and 'teach them the error of their ways'. Tom's wife, twenty-six children, and forty-two adults were murdered that night as they attempted to fight off Dumbledore and his minions. They didn't have a chance. Every single death that took place in the last war from a deatheater was one of the people who attacked that night and their family's. It is not an excuse it is simply a chance for you to understand."

"But how could I have not learned of this? I do not understand how they managed to hide this from me." Harry asked quietly.

"Harry did you notice that you were constantly surrounded by the Weasley's or Granger. Dumbledore has been paying them to watch over you and run off anyone who got to close. Neville was only allowed close because Albus tricked everyone into thinking it was the Lestranges who attacked them. He ordered it done and when Frank and Alice called for help his minions portkeyed out just before Bella and Rabastion got there. They were trying to help when the aurors arrived and were thrown into azkaban without a trial on Albus's say so." Remus calmly explained.

"But what does it matter now? It is to late to fix it now so why are you telling me?" Harry questioned.

"That is the big thing dear. We have been given the chance to offer you something. The way things are going now if we had let you go back and fight Tom you would have won. Everything would have been fine for a bit until twenty years wizards would become known to the muggle world. Within five years there would be a major war and magic would eventually be wiped from existence. Fate has deemed this to be unacceptable and as such is allowing you as the master of the Hallows to go back to the point that you first learned of magic, when you got your first school letter, with your memories in tact to change things."

Sirius chose that point to give his opinion. "It is the greatest prank of all kiddo. Marauder worthy for certain."

"Yes Sirius it is wonderful now let us finish we only have a few minutes left." Lily demanded.

"Calm down dear. Now Harry we are sending you to the point in time that you first touched the letter. When you do so immediately drop what ever you are doing and get to Gringots. You can call the knight bus if you like, when you get there ask for Rockspear. As soon as you see him you need to say these words. 'I, Hadrian James Potter, last living heir of the most Ancient and Noble house of Potter do hereby claim the title of the Lord of House Potter'. When you do this you will immediately be causing a stir as well as emancipating yourself and claiming your title. In doing so you will free our wills which Dumbledore managed to block." James spoke as he held his son.

"Now Bambi, we must warn you there are some other things you need to be aware of. We have to go quickly but anything you need clarified is most likely in one of the letters we left for you. Here are the basics, when ever a magical child is born in St. Mungoes several tests are run. One of those are to test for the gene for male pregnancy. Males capable of becoming pregnant are very rare, but you so happened to be a barer. Dumbledore managed to suppress the gene through dark arts but before we died we set up an arranged marriage for you. He is two years ahead of you in school and a very strong wizard. He will take care of you but by you having the wills read the contract will become public knowledge." Lily told him softly.

The look of terror on his face must have been priceless at the laughter from his godfather. James jumped in quickly as a loud gong sounded. "Harry one last thing you have to help Tom before you go back to school. In the main Potter vault is a small chest containing ten vials of the elixir of life. It was part of a life debt from Nicolas Flamel. Get the potions to Tom as soon as possible, you can get your betrothed and his father to help." Another, louder gong sounded as the station began to fade. As everything began to go black Harry heard the last words of his mother "Be safe my son and know you are loved."

In a sensation very close to a portkey Harry came to a stop. As he looked around he recognized the front hall of Privet Drive and in his small hand was the letter that changed his life.

Mr. H. Potter

The Cupboard under the stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging,


Harry knew he had to wait for Vernon to leave for work before he could leave so as he walked back down the hall he slipped the letter into his cupboard and took the rest to the kitchen. After breakfast Vernon left for work, Harry was trying to find a way to get to Petunia's secret shopping money so he could get a ticket to London and get to the bank when she offered him the perfect opportunity.

"Freak get in here." Harry went in to the kitchen to see what she wanted. "I am baking today and need a few things. You need to run down to the market for me. The list and money is over there on the counter. You had best hurry I don't have all day." She demanded. Harry smirked inside while outwardly he simply said "Yes aunt Petunia." After collecting his letter and putting on his shoes Harry grabbed the list and the cash and headed out to call for the knight bus. Hermione had informed him that the knight bus took muggle currency and he had just enough to get him to the Leaky Cauldron in London. He stuck out his right arm and with a bang the violent purple double decker bus was in front of him.

It was a wizard Harry did not recognize who took his money and led him to an overstuffed recliner. It was better than beds he supposed but still it was a rather bumpy ride. Thirty minutes later Harry was stepping onto Charing cross road with shaky legs and vowing to murder whatever wizard thought up the knight bus. He made it into the leaky cauldron and after pushing his hair down over his scar asked Tom to open the alleyway for him.

"Now aren't you a bit young to be out on your own laddy?" his toothless smile asked.

"I am here to get my school supplies and have my guardians permission to do so. They have to work and are non-magical so would be of no help anyways, will you help me or not" he asked rather curtly. It was odd to hear such a childlike voice coming from himself that he was still unused to it. This whole eleven years old again thing might be more complicated than he originally thought. Apparently his abruptness was the right action as it was not long before he was running down Diagon Alley to Gringots. He slowed long enough to bow to the goblins guarding the doors which earned him a nod in return. Once inside he quickly found the goblin who looked least busy and made his way over. Luckily there were not many people in the bank at the time as he did not have to wait in line.

The goblin glared over the counter at him and snarled. "Can I help you?" he sneered with contempt.

"I need to speak with Rockspear please?" Harry asked as politely.

"And who do you think you are that Rockspear should talk with you wizard?" The goblin demanded. Harry expecting hostility simply reached up and moved his bangs from his forehead. The look on the goblins face was priceless. He immediately yelled over his shoulder in gobbledygook and sent several running. Within five minutes A group of goblins were approaching Harry.

The one in the lead stepped forward and spoke to him. "You do realize young wizard that if you are not who you say you are then your life is forfeit under goblin laws. I am Rockspear and was told you would not be approaching me until you reached the age of majority, why have you come?" He asked. So Harry said the words his father told him too in the middle of the lobby. As soon as he finished he glowed a silver color and a ring appeared on his right ring finger. Rockspear spoke loudly enough for everyone in the bank to hear.

"Lord Potter, I apologize for any disrespect. If you will follow me to my office please."

Harry followed the group of goblins down a winding hallway until they ushered him into a well lit and spacious office. Once everyone had sat down Rockspear turned and spoke.

"May I ask why you chose to claim your lordship status early? We were told you had decided to wait until after you came of age. That is why we reacted so hostile to you requesting to speak with me."

"If you do not mind, can you tell me who told you that? I can assure you that no one asked my opinion on the matter." Harry informed them.

"Your magical guardian Albus Dumbledore. Do you mean to say that you did not sign the contract giving him control of your vaults that he brought in the other day?" Rockspear said. The other goblins in the room immediately alert and spoke quietly whit each other.

"I have never met Albus Dumbledore and I certainly would never willingly sign over control of my assets to anyone." Harry stated vehemently.

After a quick discussion in gobbledygook Rockspear turned back to him. "I fear I must apologize. I have taken the liberty to order all of the keys out on your vaults void until you say otherwise and ordered anything done since he took over four days ago to be undone."

"I thank you for your quick actions. May I please ask if my parents will was ever read and if not can you please set in motion whatever is necessary to have it read as soon as possible." Harry said softly.

Rockspear checked one of the folders in front of him before answering. "The will was placed on hold until you claimed lordship. It was filed two days before your parents death. To help make up for our indiscretions I believe we can use a very old goblin magic to gather all those mentioned in the will. The only thing is that in doing so the people mentioned will be summoned from where ever they are, no exceptions. The only reason I mention this is because Sirius Black is mentioned in the will and he will be summoned from azkaban. I will need to have your permission to call for a number of aurors to be present before we send the summons."

"I give you permission to call for the aurors. When can everyone be summoned?" Harry questioned.

"I will send a summons for the head of the DMLE and two aurors under urgent. As soon as they arrive we will send the summons. Would you like a list of the names mentioned in the will so that you know who will be attending?" Rockspear asked as he wrote a note and sent it out with another goblin.

"Yes please." Harry answered. A few moments later he was given a list of names. He noticed that Peter Pettigrew's name was on the list with a line through it along with the names for Frank and Alice Longbottom.

"Excuse me Rockspear, why are these names marked off?"

"The Longbottoms are marked off because they are in St. Mungoes and Peter Pettigrew was declared dead two days after your parents."

"Peter Pettigrew is not dead, he is living in his illegal animagus form as a rat. He is the one who betrayed my parents, not Sirius. Can you please summon him as well so that he may be handed over to the authorities." Harry asked.

"Are you certain of that fact Lord Potter?" Rockspear questioned imploringly.

"Yes I am. Sirius Black is my godfather and was thrown in azkaban without a trial. He also adopted me as his blood son with the permission of my parents. His magic would not have allowed him to betray me or my parents to the person who murdered them." Harry said with conviction.

A new voice spoke from behind him at that moment. "Well that is news to us Young Mr. Potter. I will see to it that he is summoned as well. Now will you tell me how you knew that?"

Harry turned to see Amelia Bones standing in the doorway with Kingsley Shackelbolt and Rufus Scrimgrouer. She looked much the same as the last time he had seen her with her hair in a bun and her monocle hanging from a chain around her neck.

"I know several things Madam Bones." He said softly and turned back to the goblin. "Will you send the summons now please sir?"

"If you will follow me Young Lord I will lead us to a conference room and the summons will be activated." Rockspear led the group of four humans and three other goblins to a conference room made to seat twenty.

Harry was presented with a change of clothing and led into a restroom with a shower and several hygiene products laid out. He took a quick shower to wash his hair that he knew was dirty from his relatives refusing to let him bathe. Once done he dressed in the clothing brought to him. He had no idea how they had gotten his size but the soft leather black pants fit perfectly along with the long sleeved cotton t-shirt in emerald green. They had not included shoes and the ones he had been wearing had disappeared along with his over sized dirty clothing. He re-entered the room to find the aurors warding the door.

"What are you doing" he questioned.

"We are warding the door against animaguses. You said Pettigrew was a rat so we are preventing him from escaping." Kingsley answered in his slow deep voice.

Rockspear motioned him over to the table and once he was sat down and the aurors motioned they were ready he pulled a large opal from a box next to him. He said something in gobbledygook and there was a flash of light followed by the sounds of people landing in the seats around the table. A few minutes later the last to arrive was Sirius who landed in the seat next to Harry. Remus Lupin who had been one of the first to arrive gave a vicious growl and drew his wand. He immediately fired a curse before he could be stopped. Harry jumped in the way screaming and was hit with the cutting curse. It caught him across his back causing a five inch gash over his left shoulder. Remus pulled it back before it was able to do more damage, the look of shock on his face would have been funny if Harry's shoulder wasn't burning from the cut.

Sirius caught him having got over his shock from suddenly being pulled from his cell. "Damnit to hell Moony. Bambi, Bambi answer me are you all right? Someone get a healer or give me a damn wand. Bambie answer me." Sirius's voice continued to rise.

"I'm 'kay Padfoot. Wormtail's in the room catch him." Harry said as he stood up. Rockspear called for a goblin healer. Suddenly there was a scuffle heard by the door. Harry looked over to see the auror's shooting spells at something he couldn't see. He watched Sirius transform and shoot across the room. When he transformed back he was clutching a rat in his hand trying to choke it.

"Padfoot stop." everyone froze and turned to look at Harry who was running over. "Don't kill him dammit. If he dies he cant testify and you will go back to azkaban. I so won't forgive you. Now give the traitor to Shackelbolt and go take a shower in the room over there so that we can read my parents will." he demanded.

Sirius looked sheepish as he handed the rat to Shackelbolt and a goblin led him to the small bathroom. The auror stunned the rat and after binding him to a chair forced him to transform. There were gasps from all around the room. Harry ignored them as the goblin healer arrived. She introduced herself as Nani and cut off the shirt he was wearing to heal his shoulder. It only only took a few moments and there was not even a scar left. She gave Harry a plain white t-shirt and Rockspear asked her to remain and after the aurors called for backup and everyone was seated again except for Sirius who was still in the shower Remus spoke.

"Harry? Bambi I'm sorry I hit you with that curse. My goodness you have grown. Do you remember me?"

"Yes Moony I remember you. Don't worry about the curse I knew better than to step in front of it but I could not let you hurt Sirius. How are you?"

"I am fine Bambi. Do you know why we are here?" Remus asked.

"Yes. My parents will was never read and I have just taken my Lordship. When Sirius gets out here the will can be read."

Harry looked around at everyone in the room. He recognized Professor Snape giving him an odd look like he could not figure him out. Lucius Malfoy and his wife and son were there as elegant as always. Draco was speaking quietly to a boy next to him that harry recognized as Adrian Pucey. He remembered seeing the name along with that of Lord Pucey on the summons sheet. Lord Pucey was speaking with the elder Malfoy's. They were the only two young wizards there so it had to be one of them that he was arranged to. Lady Longbottom was there but no Neville, he would have to think about that later.

It did not take long for Sirius to exit the bathroom showered and in fresh clothing. His hair was still long, most of the way down his back but it was no longer tangled and his face was clean shaved. He sat next to Harry again and just stared at him like he was seeing a ghost. Rockspear pulled out a crystal and several copies of the will which he passed out to everyone.

"I have given you copies so that you may all read along but I also have a voice recording which will be played of the will. If you will please hold any questions until after the recording is finished." He said and then ran a finger over the crystal. James Potters voice sounded through the room.

"On this the twenty-ninth of October of the year nineteen-eighty-one, I James Tiberius Potter do, in sound mind and body, no laughing Sirius Black, give my will into the care of the Gringots goblins to be read upon my death.

Firstly if this will is being read then my wife, Lily Marie Potter, and I have been betrayed by our secret keeper. As of this morning or secret keeper was changed from Sirius Orion Black to Peter Allen Pettigrew. If you have betrayed us Peter then I do claim blood feud with the minor house of Pettigrew and declare his blood as cost of his betrayal under Morgana's Law. May his bones pave the way to a better future.

If I have perished then I leave all of my worldly goods into the care of my wife. If my wife has perished then all Potter monies and properties are to be held in trust for our beloved son Hadrian James Potter other than a small list of bequeaths. We leave his care to our most trusted friend Sirius Orion Black. He is to provide a loving and stable home and manage out sons assets until Hadrian comes of age and takes over the duty himself.

If for some reason Sirius is unable to take charge of our son we leave his care in the following order.

Remus Lupin as honorary Godfather

Lord Gregory Pucey as our sons future father in law

Lady Narcissa Malfoy as his Godmother

Severus Tobias Snape as close family friend

Lord Frank Longbottom as close family friend

If for some reason none of the above are capable of caring for our son we leave it to the ministry to find a suitable pure blood family to raise and guide the future of the Potter line in the old ways of our society. Under no circumstances is our son to be placed in the muggle world.

To who ever takes our son let it be known that he requires special care as the first Potter bearer in five centuries. He has been promised to the heir of the Pucey line, Adrian Pucey, by ancient laws.

There is a list of bequeaths and special instructions for our beloved sons care on the written portion of the will so I will finish by saying if you are there Hadrian, Your mother and I love you more than life itself. What ever you chose in life know that we are proud of you and support you in everything. I love you my son.

The recording cut off to Harry's quiet tears. Sirius scooped him into his arms and held him tightly as he cried, rocking him and whispering to help him calm. The backup from the auror's had arrived sometime during the playing of the recording and they administered veritaserum to the stunned Pettigrew. They ennervated him and questioned him immediately.

"State your name"

"Peter Allen Pettigrew"

"Were you the secret keeper for the Potters?"


"Did you commit the murders that have been blamed on Sirius Black?"


"Where have you been hiding for the last ten years?"

"In my rat animagus form pretending to be a pet to a wizarding child of the Weasley's."

"Thats enough for me. Give him the antidote and arrest him." Amelie Bones ordered. "Sirius Orion Black you are hereby freed of all charges. I will order a special edition of the profit sent out tonight so that the news is made public. I will also see to it that you are given compensation for your time in azkaban and the damage done to you there. If you go to a healer to help with your rehabilitation the ministry will cover the charges incurred. On a personal note I am very sorry for not believing in you and seeing to justice on your behalf. Let me know what your plans are for the future and if I can be any help."

After her speech she led the aurors out and left them to finish the reading of the will. Nani pulled Sirius over to a corner of the room and began scanning him and administering potions. Everyone else was looking over the bequeaths on the written portion of the will. Remus made a choking sound causing Harry to look up sharply.

"What is the matter Moony?"

"Your parents left me an extremely large amount of money Bambi. I did not know. They also left me a town house in London. The reason Albus refused to let me take you was because I had trouble finding work and he said I could not financially support you. If I had known about this he could not have used that excuse. Who have you stayed with Bambi? He refused to tell me only saying you were safe and happy."

"He left me with my disgusting muggle relatives. He knew of the will and every thing in it so he knew that you should have access to funds. He prevented the will from being executed so that he could gain control of my estates." harry stated softly.

"He had better run before the next full moon because if I catch him he is mine." Remus growled. Harry left him to calm down as Sirius approached him followed by Nani. The goblin healer spoke.

"Young Lord Potter when I healed your shoulder I noticed something odd about your magic and after hearing the will something other questions arose. Will you allow me to preform an in depth scan of your magic and person?"

Everyone in the room was now paying attention to the conversation.

"Healer Nani if you think you need to. What do you need me to do?" he asked.

"Follow me. I will take you to the medical bay. If everyone who is coming would follow we can do this quickly." She answered.

Sirius, Remus, the Malfoy's, the Pucey's, and Snape all decided to follow. Only Lady Longbottom left stating she needed to return to her grandson. Harry asked her to have Neville send him an owl before school started as she was leaving. Once they made it to the medical bay Harry was given a set of soft pajamas to change into. He changed behind a screen and was then led over to a bed. Nani came back over and had him lay back.

Sirius sat by him with Remus on the other side of the bed. The Malfoy's stood off to the side and Lord Pucey and Adrian stood at the foot of the bed. Harry was a bit unnerved by the steel blue eyes looking him over. He vaguely remembered Pucey from his Hogwarts days. He had been a Slytherin and a Prefect, from what little he could remembered. He had been in the twins year which meant he would be a third year this coming year. He had been Head boy to if Harry remembered correctly. He was the perfect Slytherin, cunning, ambitious, a magical powerhouse, he had also been cold and often down right cruel to any who crossed him but never once had he done anything to Harry himself.

Lord Pucey was a deatheater but had never been convicted. He was on the Wizengamont and the board of governors for the school. He had been inner circle and supposedly was just as strong as Malfoy, and just as deadly. While he had been thinking Nani had been running her tests, finally she spoke.

"Young Lord"

"Just Hadrian Nani."

"Of course Hadrian. You have several dark spells on your person along with several bindings and blocks on your magic. You also show signs of the obliviate curse. I can undo all of the blocks and reverse the obliviates but I must warn you it will be painful. One of the blocks is on your carrier gene and unless it is reversed within the next few days before your birthday will become permanent. It is very dark magic and will be the most difficult to reverse. Do you want me to reverse the curse?"

"Yes please, I can deal with pain but I can not deal with having my magic bound. Out of curiosity may I have a list of all the blocks and if possible the dates they were preformed?"

"Of course Hadrian." She handed him a sheet of parchment that everyone crowded around to go over.

July 31, 1980

Master healer block

December 13, 1980

Bloodline gift block

November 01, 1981

50% magic bound

November 01, 1981

Carrier gift bound

November 01, 1981

Mind arts/ eidetic memory bound

February 05, 1982

wish magic bound

obliviate preformed

June 27, 1985

elemental affinity (fire) bound

obliviate preformed

July 15, 1991

obliviate preformed

"My god." Narcissa whispered. The shock on everyones face was evident. Even the infamous Malfoy mask had fallen and Lucius looked like he was going to be sick.

"Sirius why was a block put on me the day I was born?" Harry questioned.

"You Bambi are special. You were so powerful you were preforming magic in the womb. The healer placed the block but it should have been removed when you were old enough to have some control over your emotions. The bloodline gift that was blocked that Christmas was done after I blood adopted you as my heir. You gained partial metamorphagi talent.You kept changing your hair and your mother decided to block it until you were old enough to control it."

"Severus was speaking with Nani and checking the potions she had in her hands. He refused one and pulled out a shrunken case from his cloak. Once he enlarged it harry watched in amusement as she put all of hers down and selected several from his case. Lord Pucey smirked as he watched the exchange. Once they were finished Nani came back over.

"Now I am going to give you a draught for the pain, a memory aid, and a calming draught to help you through this. I warn you this will weaken you severely for the next week or two but you should be fine in time for September first. Is there anything you need to do before I get started?"

"Yes. Sirius I need you to go down to the main Potter vault and get the small black chest on the pedestal in the corner. It can only be opened by my blood so just bring the whole thing back up to me. Also, I need to know the names of the head elf of the Potter family." Harry said.

Rockspear answered. "The head elf of all of the Potter properties is named Tibby and lives at Potter Manor."

"Thank you Rockspear. Tibby." Harry called, immediately a small elf with large blue eyes popped up next to the bed. She was well dressed in a light blue dress with white pokadots and white mary-jane shoes and a blue bow holding her hair back.

"Master Hadrian calls, Tibby be waiting long time for Master Hadrian to call for hims elf's. What can Tibby be doing for master?" She asked practically vibrating with excitement.

"Tibby is Potter manor fit for me to move in?"

"Oh yes master. Tibby made sure that all masters homes be ready for when ever master decide he wants to come homes. They all be cleans and waiting for you to chose."

"Thank you Tibby. You have done excellent work. Will you please double check and make sure all of the rooms are ready for guests. I will be coming to the manor later today and will likely be very tired. I will have Sirius and Remus and likely a few others with me or soon to come so I need to be sure everything is ready for guests. I also need you to prepare the ritual chamber for use as well."

"I will see its ready master."

"Thank you Tibby. Also one last thing, Albus Dumbledore is not to be permitted on and of my properties, warn all the elf's they are to use any means necessary to prevent him from being on Potter property. Make sure that they know he is not allowed to give them orders. I will see you this evening." the little elf popped away after receiving her orders.

"Why were you nice to that elf?" Draco questioned.

"Did you know that house elf's can be invisible?" Harry asked instead of answering the question. The grownups looked on in interest.

"They can not." Draco demanded.

"Yes they can. You see house elf's can become invisible and often spend their time that way so that they can do their jobs without bothering their masters. The thing about that is they often hear several things that you do not realize and did not mean for them to over hear. They are also very magically powerful. They can blast a wizard and aparate through any ward put up because their magic is so different from ours. With that knowledge why do you think I was nice to my elf Draco?" Harry questioned.

Lucius watched with a calculating expression on his face as his son sought the answer. Finally Draco spoke.

"Because they make good spy's. But you do not need to be nice to them for them to spy just order them to. They are beneath us because they are just servants."

Adrian spoke up, his voice quiet but strong. "You are a wizard Hadrian, you need not be nice to lesser species."

"Are you a Slytherin Adrian?" Harry asked his head cocked to one side.


"Well I am not sure how if you can not see the advantage to befriending elf's and other magical creatures. I will discuss this with you later but for now I have put Nani off for to long. My apologies Nani."

"That is fine Hadrian. Just one question do you hold all creatures to that same belief?"

"If you mean do I intend to give them all the respect I would like in return then the answer is yes. Each race has something special to offer and every living being has feelings and deserves a basic level of respect. Any who do not realize this deserve what they get for their lack of intelligence."

"Lord Hadrian James Potter, I Nanitullien of the clan Spear do hereby name you Goblin friend, may your enemies fall to you might."

"Nanitullien of the clan Spear, I Lord Hadrian James Potter do hereby name you and all you see as kin as friends of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. May your enemies tremble at the sound of you name." A beam of white light joined the two of them and branched out hitting all of the goblins in the room and several of the beams going through the walls. It took several minutes for the light to fade and disappear. The humans in the room looked at him in awe and not a little bit of fear. Adrian looked at him with mild respect.

Nani just went on with her business. After forcing him to swallow the potions she began chanting in gobbledygook and tracing strange runes in the air above him. It took just a few seconds before he began to grow to warm. An uncomfortable feeling caught him that felt like when Dudley knocked the breath out of him. He tried to stay calm expecting it to go away after a few seconds but when it stayed he began to panic.

He began to claw at his airway trying to catch his breath until his arms were pinned. He looked up to see Snape and Lucius holding his arms to the bed and began to struggle. He kicked and twisted to no avail. His legs were caught by someone he couldn't see as his vision began to go black. Suddenly a sharp pain struck causing him to jack-knife but his shoulder were still held down. His breath finally came and he began screaming at the pain coursing through his body.

Flashes of heat and cold traveled the length of his spine and stabbing pains settled in at the base of his stomach. The pain was worse than the cruciatus and he screamed until he felt something in his throat tear and still it didn't stop. As he fought against the hands holding him down he felt something dumped down his throat. He lost all sense of time and self as he felt his magic begin to run in a currant just under his skin.

Suddenly one touch registered through the pain. A hand grabbed his and held it firmly. He stopped fighting and felt the other hands beginning to release him. Then there was a voice speaking to him, telling him to breath through the pain and that it was there, that he was doing fine just hang on for a little bit longer, it was almost over. The pain began to fade and he registered other voices in the back ground. The one voice that mattered though was telling him just one more bit and then it would be over. There was a strange language being spoken and he felt an odd shaped hand on his forehead, it was odd with long thin fingers and he thought he felt claws but that couldn't be right. Suddenly he felt the pain building behind his eyes. It was burning and stabbing at the same time and felt like something was putting pressure and squeezing.

Scenes began flashing, thing he didn't remember. Memories from almost the moment of his birth. His mothers voice as she sang him a song, a huge stag in the kitchen, a black dog laying with him so he could nap. Toys floating to him with his father clapping. Flying on a toy broom and knocking over the ugly vase with chickens on it. Moony reading him a story. A huge rat that he didn't like trying to give him candy. Mums green eyes and tired smile after a day of playing with Adrian. Uncle Tom with his red eyes rocking him while talking to his parents. Dad wearing a black cloak and kissing him on the head before pulling on a silver mask and apperating away. Uncle Tom in the living room talking to daddy and mum while he was tired, suddenly there was a loud noise. Daddy screaming to mum to take him and run, Uncle tom pushing her up the stairs as he shoots behind him. Getting to his room as Uncle Tom tries to fight off Dumbledore. Dumbledore gets a curse past him and kills mum. Tom stands in the way and hes crying but the green light hits him and keep coming through even though Uncle Tom falls down with mum. Cruel laughter and pain in his forehead. The mean man with the long beard saying he couldn't be allowed to remember. Getting throw in the cupboard and wishing to be in the kitchen. The mean man with the beard coming and making him hurt and then stealing something and making him forget. Being angry at Vernon and catching the table on fire. The mean man with the beard coming and then he was cold and couldn't get warm anymore, the man made him forget again. The mean man with the beard from his nightmares at the kitchen table telling him to sign the paper but he didn't want to sign the paper, he had money and could leave if he didn't sign it. The man with the beard pointing a stick at him and then he was floating and he didn't remember why he didn't want to sign the paper. The man stealing his memory again.

As the memories came he couldn't stand them just floating so he put each one in a book with memories like it. All the ones of his mum went in one book and of his daddy in another. There was a book for padfoot and one for moony. There were books for everyone he had ever met in this life and the one before. The memories that had not happened yet were put in books that looked like diary's and needed keys to open and then hidden it a secret place under the shelves. There were several shelves of books on spells that he decided didn't need to be hidden. Everything from muggle school took two whole bookshelves and there was one whole bookshelf on Hogwarts and what it looked like and everything he could remember from what it looked like and where everything was. Bookcases on everything he knew. Once everything was in a book and all the shelves were full he decided he needed a place to put the bookshelves so he thought of a bog room. It was bigger than the Hogwarts library and had thick carpeting and a desk and a fireplace with a big comfy chair. He hung tapestry's on the walls of specific memories that made him happy. One was a picture of his parents and another was a picture of Adrian. There was one of the marauders in animal form including Moony. One of his first flight on a broom.

He moved the shelves around and made sure there was plenty of space for new books and then he began casting wards around the library making sure no one could get in except through the floo and even then it needed a password. He didn't know how long he was out while organizing his mind but he finally understood what Snape had been trying to teach him. He woke up long enough to make a noise and get a drink of water before slipping back into his dreams.