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Chapter 3

The next couple of days passed quickly. Hadrian spent time with his godfathers and his grandfather and sent several letters. He sent one to Lucius working in getting the healer for the Longbottoms. He sent one to Neville along with a beautiful gray eagle owl that he insrtucted him to keep as a birthday gift. Neville immediately replied with a thank you and they set up a time for him to come over before school started.

Harry made sure to continue speaking with Draco about several things and within a week knew that this Draco would be a much better version than the last one. He was even willing to deal with muggleborns but absolutely drew the line at muggle's. He wrote that once he had begun being nice to his personal elf and the others he came across his clothing came back form the wash softer and better smelling and his sheets were being warmed right before he went to bed at night. He said his elf was dressed in almost the exact same clothing as he was just made to fit him.

Adrian came over often and they spoke at length about several things. About a week before they were to leave for school Hadrian had all of the boys over. Draco brought Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott and Adrian brought Micah Montague and Marcus Flint. Neville came over as well. While the were all out relaxing on the deck Tibby popped up and informed Hadrian that Adrian's friends had the same spells as Snape had had on and Neville had major magic blocks up that were to strong for her to remove.

"Tibby I need you to go call for grandfather and Sirius and Remus and to please bring me a sheet of parchment and quill." The little elf popped away and Draco asked what was up.

"It seems that the same spells that were on Adrian and Professor Snape are on Micah and Marcus as well. But even worse it seems that Neville has some of the same blocks as the ones I had when we first met. I am calling the grownups so they are here and I am going to send a plea to the goblins for help for Neville." he said as Sirius and Tom came running with Remus right behind.

Tibby brought the parchment and quill and Hadrian composed two quick notes. The first was to Lady Longbottom.

Madam Longbottom,

I am sending this note to you after a surprising revelation from my house elf Tibby. House elf's if you did not know are capable of sensing spells on people and in most cases of removing the spells. Tibby has just informed me that Neville has a very powerful block on his magic and that she is not strong enough to remove it. I have recently faced the same situation and was lucky the goblins at Gringots were able to help. I am sending for the goblin healer Nani to help aid him and request you join us at my manor as this is likely to be a very stressful experience for Neville. If you would just ask Tibby to bring you we shall await your arrival.


Hadrian Potter

"Tibby I need you to take this to Lady Longbottom and once she is ready to bring her here." he instructed her. The little elf nodded and taking the parchment popped away.

He quickly wrote a note to Nani explaining the situation and begging her aid and sent it off with another elf. He explained what was happening to the rest of the grown ups who agreed they needed to send for the others parents as well. Tom left the room to hide until they knew it was safe for him to be seen.

Lady Longbottom arrived within minutes and swept Neville into a strong hug. Oden, the elf he had sent to Nani arrived with a not that she would be there with a team of goblin curse breakers withing the hour. Slowly people began to trickle in. Lord Malfoy came with Lord Pucey and Lord Nott. Lady Zabini came soon after. Lord Montague and Lord Flint arrived just before Nani portkeyed in with two goblins. Hadrian spoke to them all.

"I am certain you have all been hearing whispers about house elf's over the last week or two but let me help set the record straight quickly. You can ask more questions once we are finished. House elf's can sense magic, they can tell when we have been cursed or hexed at unless it is a very powerful block they can remove it. Now they have hidden this from wizards be many wizards treat them badly and so it is how they retaliate. Just ask Lord and Lady Malfoy after we are finished and they will help explain.

Now I treat my house elf's with respect and kindness and in return they do their best and when someone comes into my home with any curses or jinxes on them they tell me. While we were out here relaxing Tibby came and told me that Marcus and Micah both have the same series of spells on them that was recently found on and removed from Severus Snape. They are simple appearance altering spells but they are spiteful in nature. They make it so that the affected persons hair is always greasy and their teeth become crooked and yellowed.. It causes their skin to breakout and if not fixed will leave acne scars. Tibby can easily remove these by herself but I need your permission as their parents."

Lord Montague and Lord Flint automatically agreed and Tibby called in two more elf's to help. She also informed him that several of the adults had spells similar to what Lucius Malfoy had been under and after quickly explaining it they were taken off as well. Lady Longbottom had a particularly bad one that cause her to talk down to and be cold towards Neville. Once it was removed the normally cold stoic woman burst into tears and held her grandson close. After all the spells were removed but Neville's Hadrian explained it to them while Nani was scanning him. She handed a copy of the blocks on him to Hadrian who gasped in shock.

July 30, 1980

Master healers block

November 01, 1981

Carrier Gift bound

November 01, 1981

50% magic bound

November 01, 1981

Wish magic bound

Hadrian was furious. Neville was a carrier, that was why he had always been timid, and Dumbledore had bound it. When Augusta Longbottom read the list she was so angry things began to shake. Nani asked if she wanted the carrier gift unbound as well and she immediately answered in positive.

They moved into a large open guest room done up almost the same as Hadrian's own and after Neville laid down and Hadrian explained that it would be very painful but over soon Neville took the potions and Nani began her chanting. Hadrian noticed the exact moment Neville lost his breath and he motioned the men to move in. Remus and Sirius held his arms down and Lucius and Lord Montague held his legs.

Micah stood off to the side watching with a very serious look on his face refusing to look away. The people not helping to hold him down gathered over in the seating arrangement and waited. Once he began screaming Adrian and Marcus had to physically restrain Micah from going to him and Lady Zabini was holding Lady Longbottom as she cried. It seemed like forever before the screams stopped and Nani approached to tell them she was finished. She handed an energy boost potion to Lady Longbottom and told them he would wake within the hour.

Hadrian thanked her and led her and the other goblins out instructing her to take the payment from his vault. She just smiled and told him this one was free and after a quick hug she left. He went back to the room to find Lord Montague and Lady Longbottom in betrothal discussions and the rest of the group getting ready to depart. He was still in awe at the difference a few spells could make. When he looked at Marcus Flint he was slightly shocked, where before was an ugly young man with jagged yellow teeth, sallow skin, and greasy lank hair, now was a tan young man just slightly shorter than Adrian with a perfect white smile and neat dark hair. Micah had been similar to Adrian in that he only had slight acne and tinted teeth but now he to was almost as handsome as Adrian. It was going to suck keeping all the girls away from Adrian and he imagined Neville would fell the same way about Micah.

Everyone left accept for Lady Longbottom and Lord and Lady Montague, Micah, and of course Neville who was still unconscious. By the time he finally woke the difference was staggering. He too had become more feminine, his lips had filled out while the rest of him had slimmed down, he seemed to have shrunk an inch or two until he was just about the same size as Hadrian. His dirty brown hair had become a rich chocolate with golden highlights. By the time he was up and around Lady Longbottom and Lord Montague had signed papers and he was betrothed to Micah.

It was decided that since Neville had not done his school shopping yet he and Micah would stay the night and Hadrian would go with them the next day. Lord Montague handed over enough gold to get Neville the exact same things that Hadrian himself had got as they were the first carriers in several years. Augusta tried to refuse him stating that the Longbottom family had as much money as the Malfoy's and did not need more but Micah demanded they be allowed to pay as a late birthday present to his betrothed which shut her up. Micah was given the key to his trust which rivaled all the others and once everyone else was gone the boys had dinner with Sirius and Remus and Tom.

Micah gave Tom an odd look but didn't say anything and Neville simply smiled politely and went back to his meal. He had gained some much needed confidence by writing back and forth with Hadrian for the past couple of weeks but was still very shy. After dinner the boys headed off to bed to get ready for the next day.

The firs place they went upon entering the alley was to Gringots where Micah got several handfuls of gallons and then back up to the top. He had apparently seen Adrian's trunk and bag and wanted one like it. He got his ordered and when Neville went to grab just a basic one he stopped him and ordered a matching one for him with an extra compartment for housing his gardening supplies and with a few places he could hold small plants and cuttings for a few days until he could get them home or to the school greenhouses either way.

They got the same kind of bags that Hadrian had gotten with Micah choosing a dark brown leather one and Neville getting the same cream color as he had. At Madam Malkins she went almost nuts when told Neville was a bearer as well. She outfitted him in almost the same exact wardrobe Hadrian had except for the colors. Where Hadrian's had been cream, pale green, and dove gray Neville's was cream, pale gray and pale blue.

They each got a galaxy system like the other boys and at the apothecary Hadrian gave the shopkeeper a not from Professor Snape and he pulled out pre-prepared sets of ingredients and supplies. Micah explained to Neville that Professor Snape sent out the lists with the school supplies for most of the students but all of the slytherins and any students who showed aptitude for the art were sent a specific note to give the shopkeeper to get a set of ingredients that was larger and more diverse than the basic list. It also had a very nice set of knives and other utensils that could be set for things. There were several knives and each had a function like chop, dice, shred, and crush and then two just plain knifes. The stirring rods could be spelled to complete a specific number of turns in a specific direction and so on.

Neville was appalled that he didn't have them as a requirement on the school lists until he was told the cost of the items.

"They are not cheap. If you are not serious about potions and will not continue to work with them after you graduate then it is kind of pointless to purchase them. You will need potions for a herbology masteries so it makes sense for you to have them but for someone else it may not be the same." Micah explained with a patience Harry would not have expected from the cold Slytherin.

They each got the same type quills from Scrivenshifts that Hadrian and the others had gotten with Neville getting the white peacock and Micah the regular peacock ones. The shopkeeper informed them that after Hadrian and the others were seen purchasing them almost all of the Slytherin students and most of the rest of the school had gotten them as well. He had almost refused to sell the white peacock quills to Neville until Hadrian informed him that Neville was a bearer as well. He had stated that he had only had ten of the white to begin with and once Hadrian had bought them had refused to sell them to anyone who was not a bearer. Including Neville's he hod only sold four sets of the white ones.

Once they were finished they went and got Neville a new wand to use instead of his fathers and they all headed home with promises to meet up at Kingscross on the first. The rest of the week flew by. Hadrian unpacked and organized all of his purchases in his trunk and he added several reference books from his library at the manor and several more for extra reading. He had taken a day trip to muggle London with Sirius and picked up several small compact mirrors that he then had Remus and Sirius turn into communications mirrors which they set up all together. They made over twenty of the things with the ability to add new ones at any time.

Each mirror was set to a person and all you had to do to call them was say their name and wait for them to answer. When someone called you the compacts would chime or could be set to a vibrate mode like a cell phone. To answer you just had to open it and you were ready to talk. Sirius being the pure blood that he was called it the carry around floo while Remus called it the wizard cell phone. Hadrian set one up for himself, Adrian, Draco, Neville, Micah, Marcus, Blaise, Luna (who he would send to here as she would not be at school for another year yet), Sirius, Remus, Tom, Lucius, Gregory Pucey, and Augusta Longbottom. He took the ones for his friends and kept the adults out to give to them at the station.

The night before he left he was sitting wit Sirius, Remus, and Tom when he casually wondered what house he would be in this time.

"You will be in Slytherin because Adrian is Bambi." Sirius stated.

"What does that have to do with anything." he questioned.

"You are basically already bonded with the contracts that are in place just like Neville is basically bonded to Micah. The sorting hat will know as soon as you put it on since you know and will put you in the same house as your bonded." Remus explained patiently.

"But I was apparently betrothed to him last time and it put me in Gryffindor so what is different now?" he asked confused.

"You did not know last time so the hat did not know. Because you know now the hat will know and will sort you accordingly." Tom explained.

"That is weird just so you know." he stated.

After that conversation he headed up to bed. Even though he was seventeen in his mind his emotions and his body was still that of an eleven year old and so the adults had been making up for all that he missed in his first life. They had been tucking him in and giving him hugs and holding him a lot, it was slightly embarrassing but nice all the same so he waited in bed and sure enough within just a few minutes they all came in and kissed him goodnight. He finally fell asleep with a smile on his face.

His outfit had already been picked out for the next day and apart from the pajamas he had worn to bed were the only articles of clothing not in his trunk. The pants were linen and a dove gray color with a cream cashmere, lightweight sweater and a cream colored summer robe with dove gray trimming. The robe fell to his ankles and had a deep hood that would completely obscure his face. His shoes were ankle length soft leather in cream to pull it all together. Adrian would be wearing a matching outfit in black and silver.

Neville had written that Micah had asked him to match as well so they would all be well dressed. After a long shower and submitting his hair to his grandfather who had taken the wild silky curls and made them perfect straight and pinning the top half back he was ready to go. He shrunk his trunk and lifted the large picnic basket that Tibby had packed for him and his friends. He had his new bag over his shoulder and Lady was wrapped around his arm under his cloak.

One last check and they headed into the floo. It was just after ten so hardly anyone was there but more were trickling in by the minute. Adrian had said that the first person to get there should get a compartment in the second carriage as the prefects had the first one and that way they would be left alone so Hadrian headed towards the front of the train. He got the first compartment in the second carriage and un-shrunk his trunk. He levitated it up onto the rack and set the picnic basket down on the bench with his bag. He locked the door and rushed off of the train to wait for everyone with his grandfather, Remus and Sirius.

He handed the bag of mirrors to Remus to give to the adults. "The each have their name on them so you don't have to guess I have the others in my school bag on the train."

They talked quietly until Neville came running up from the floo station. Harry showed him to the compartment and they went back out to wait. Neville almost matched him accept where his cloak only had the dove gray trim as a solid band Neville's was in the shape of vines along the trim. Hadrian had one like it but Adrian wanted to wear the more casual one.

"You look great Neville. How do you feel?" he asked as the grownups talked.

"I feel excited which is strange because a month ago I was terrified of going to school. Micah has been over every day this week teaching me some basic charms and transfiguration. He also took me through the first few potions we will make this year step by step and with my magic unblocked I can remember things better so its easier. I am also a lot less nervous because I don't have to worry about which house I will be in because Micah is already in Slytherin so I will be there and you will too because of Adrian." he said softly.

They talked for a few minutes more before Draco showed up with Daphne Greengrass in matching robes. Harry had spoken with Lord Malfoy and told him about Pansy Parkinson from his memory. Lucius had actually been working on a betrothal but upon hearing Hadrian speak about the girl had asked his opinion. Harry told him that Daphne had been the prettiest girl in their year and had been near the top academically, along with getting just about everyone to love her because of her sweet personality. The betrothal had been finalized just two days ago and they made a striking couple. Draco was dressed in a dark blue and silver combination that offset his pale complexion nicely and Daphne had dark auburn hair and a silver and turquoise outfit. Her eyes were a turquoise color as well.

Hadrian led them to the compartment and was soon joined by Adrian and Marcus. Adrian enlarged the compartment to make sure that everyone would fit and within minutes everyone else had arrived. It would be a bit of a tight squeeze but everyone would fit. Hadrian pulled out the mirror compacts and began passing them out and explaining what they did when his chimed from in his cloak. He answered it where everyone could see."


"Hey Bambi, sorry to interrupt I just wanted to show everyone how they worked." Sirius said while laughing.

"Thats fine Siri, I was just explaining them to everyone in here so perfect timing. I am going to let you go now. I love you." he said and closed the connection turning back to everyone.

"When you want to talk to someone just say their name. To answer all you have to do is open the compact and close it to end the call. They have been charmed unbreakable but lets not test that alright."

Everyone agreed and went for one last hug goodbye from their parents until the whistle blew and they jumped back on the train. They all sat down and got comfortable as the train started moving. Adrian pulled Hadrian onto his lap and chuckled as he squeaked.

"That was not nice. You could have warned me." he griped. Neville chuckled at him and leaned back against Micah who had grabbed him as well. Soon everyone was relaxing and talking about the upcoming school year. There was a commotion out in the corridor and suddenly their door was thrown open. Ron Weasley stood there looking around until his eyes landed on Hadrian.

"Harry Potter. Mate you don't want to be sitting in here with these deatheater scum. You can follow me and I will take you to where the future Gryffindors and good guys are." he said as he reached forward to grab him.

Adrian snarled and pulled Hadrian off his lap standing to block him from view. Hadrian noticed Micah doing the same with Neville and Draco moving in front of Daphne. He tried to stand to deal with it him self but Adrian just kept blocking him. Finally he heard him speak.

"You will not ever attempt to grab at my betrothed again, do you hear me Weasley. Hadrian is off limits to you and everyone else so just turn around and get out of our compartment." he sneered.

"Oi, you cant tell me what to do and you slimy deatheater cant be betrothed to him cause mum said the headmaster signed for him to be betrothed to my sister. So you just get out of my way." Ron demanded while trying to get past Adrian. When Adrian and the others continued to block his way he stormed out muttering about getting a prefect. Adrian sat back down and pulled him back onto his lap and held tightly. He eyes were narrowed and his lips pressed into a thin line with his whole body practically radiating danger.

Hadrian leaned back against him and held onto the arm wrapped around his waist. He turned slightly and buried his face in Adrian's neck out of some instinctual submission. The didn't have to wait long before Ron returned with Percy and Penelope in tow.

"Now what is this. My brother says you have Harry Potter in here and won't let him leave." Percy demanded. Hadrian simply kept his face buried and tried to hide himself in his betrothed sensing that it was the only thing keeping him calm. There was now a large group of witnesses out in the corridor trying to get a glimpse of the boy-who-lived. Adrian held him tightly and responded.

"Whether my betrothed is allowed to leave or not is none of you business Weasley. You need to take yourself and your brother out of our compartment and leave us alone." he growled out.

"You cannot be betrothed to Harry Potter because I was there when my Mum and Dumbledore signed the papers betrothing him and my sister. Now you need to let him go so he can join Ron and his friends." Percy demanded. Hadrian could not take any more so he turned to face them and spoke.

"I would stop saying that if I were you. I am a natural carrier and have been betrothed to Adrian since my first birthday by ancient rite. Professor Dumbledore attempted to block the betrothal and ripped up the contract. He signed the contract with your mother against the law. If he had succeeded in forcing me to bond with your sister he and your mother could be charged with destruction of the Potter line as I would have been unable to succeed in impregnating her as I am a carrier. Be glad they failed or I would have called a blood feud with the minor house of Weasley. Now I suggest you leave before I let my betrothed release his tension on you. He is really very angry right now and the only thing stopping him is me sitting here so leave us alone." Harry demanded.

Blaise, Theo, and Marcus stood and pushed them out into the corridor and then warded the doors to prevent anyone else getting in. Harry turned so he was straddling Adrian's lap and buried his face in his neck just holding him and trying to calm him. Adrian had told him of his anger issues and control issues that he had suffered from early childhood. He had done some research and found that the rite his parents had entered them into made Adrian feel more naturally dominant and protective and made himself feel more submissive and they both had certain instincts that urged them to be close and touch was able to help calm them both.

Neville and Micah had both been in the same ritual sometime in the last week so they were probably in the same position right now. It was odd feeling so different from what he was used to, he still felt the need to protect those he cared for but he also felt complete trust in the fact that Adrian would and could take care of anything that came up. It was a nice feeling to be able to sit back and let someone else handle it things for once. Soon the tension drained out of Adrian and he was able to sit up and turn back to the group.

"So who is hungry?" he asked. There was a chorus of agreements and he grabbed his huge picnic basket.

"Merlin Hadrian, that basket is as big as you are." Draco breathed.

"I know, and Tibby still had to put expansion charms to hold everything." he informed them as he began pulling things out. He passed around chilled bottles of butterbeer to everyone and plates and napkins before he pulled out a large serving platter of club toasted club sandwiches that had been placed under a warming charm. He pulled out several containers full of salads and another large one of fresh chips. The smells were wonderful and everyone gradually dug in.

Once the main meal was finished he pulled out what he deemed the best part, a still warm apple pie and a tub of fresh made cream. There were several bottles of cold milk to go with it. Blaise moaned when he took his first bite prompting everyone to thank Hadrian for the wonderful lunch. Soon they were playing games of exploding snap and chess and everyone was enjoying themselves. Adrian and Draco were trying to teach him chess and were actually doing a good job instead of like Ron who had just told him how the pieces moved and then trounced him repeatedly. As the afternoon wore on the discussion of houses and how they were sorted came up.

"I am slightly worried" Daphne began. "What if I don't pass the test or I get put in Gryffindor or something."

"It's not a test Daphne, it is a hat that you put on and it reads your memories and mind. It places you in one of the four houses but it will normally at least hear you out if you do not want to go somewhere. Wherever you go Draco will go as well so don't worry." Hadrian said kindly.

"What do you mean Hadrian? If it reads our minds what if Draco and Daphne are different, wouldn't it put them in separate houses?" Theo asked.

"You would think so but because they are betrothed the hat will automatically place them together. Neville and I are both going into Slytherin because our betrothed are both already there. It is the way the hat was designed when the founders made it." he explained.

"Well if you say so. Personally I think all purebloods should be in Slytherin and all the others else where." Theo said.

"Do you really believe that? If that were to happen then you would be stuck dealing with Ron Weasley for a roommate for the next seven years." Hadrian said. Theo looked to be thinking that one over before he got a look of horror on his face.

"No. You are right,, we should all be judged." he said with a green tint to his face.

Soon they were nearing the school and everyone began to change. Daphne left to change in the restrooms and the boys all changed in the compartment. Hadrian and Neville both changed their cloaks for one of the school cloaks that denoted there status as bearers by the cream colored lining and trim. The cloaks were different from regular school robes. They were very similar to the day cloaks that they had been wearing previous instead of the robe like design of the others.

Where as everyone else's robes had sleeves and buttoned close in the front with a simple hood, Hadrian and Neville's were a simple cloak design with a single brooch to hold it together at the base of their neck. The cloak went to the ground even with their healed boots and had a deep hood as well. They were really much to nice for school but as bearers were part of their uniform. Once the train stopped Hadrian handed his bag to Adrian to carry up to the school and he and the other first years headed out to find Hagrid.

It wasn't until the were almost to the castle that he realized they had never sent word that Quirril would not be returning. He thought about it and decided that when Severus informed the headmaster that he had been called tonight after the welcoming feast, Dumbledore would know for sure that he needed a new defense teacher. They had planned it out perfectly, Tom would send out a huge wave of power that would be felt during the feast and then after the feast during the staff meeting Snape would grab his arm in a gasp and say he was being called. It would be wonderful, and the letter sent to Rita Skeeter form the Dark Lord would be printed in tomorrows paper would set things into motion. Dumbledore wouldn't know what hit him.

He had an issue with keeping his evil laughter in check while he really felt like cackling like the muggle stories of an evil witch. They were led up the winding staircase by Professor Mcgonnigal where she gave her speech about the houses. Harry was upset by the disgust he heard in her voice when she mentioned Slytherin. She left them to their talking while she went in to check if everything was ready. Hadrian laughed when people began screaming at the appearance of the ghosts. When they wondered off Ron came over again.

"So Harry Potter, why are you hanging out with these scum. You defeated you-know-who, you shouldn't hang out with deatheaters like them." he said.

Hadrian noticed that Ron wore new robes and looking like a red headed Draco from his first time around. He was flanked by Hermione Granger and Justin Finch-Fletchly. He decided to put an end to this here and now.

"I am not hanging out with deatheaters Weasley, I am hanging out with my friends. I believe I have earned that right just as you get to choose your own friends. I also have the right to refuse the hand of friendship from someone whose mother attempted to end my line whether knowingly or not. I will say this one time with our entire year here as witness, You had better not cross me. I am not a death eater, my friends are not deatheaters, and not one of us has any intention of changing that. That does not mean I like muggle's. In fact to clear the air, until I got my Hogwarts letter I lived with my muggle family who abused me and starved me because of my 'freakishness' which I now know meant my magic. Because of there tender care I hate muggle's with a vengeance but I have nothing against muggleborn's or half-bloods. I believe that muggleborns are needed to bring in fresh blood and prevent inbreeding. But I also believe that they and their parents should be forced into an oath to prevent them from telling anyone about our world for the safety of all. Now, does that answer everyones questions?" he sneered.

Hermione became defensive. "Are you saying all that I am good for is having babies." she shrieked.

"Not at all. I don't need you to have my babies. I am saying that without fresh blood we would begin inbreeding. But I am also saying I don't trust you and your family not to tell secrets that are not yours to tell. I think that muggleborns and muggle raised should attend a prep school from the age of eight learning things a wizard raised child is taught from birth so that they do not hold back the wizard raised children by having to waist class time learning the basics. That is what I am saying." he answered. She glared at him and turned away in a huff.

Soon Mcgonnigal was back and leading them into the hall. When she saw him and his robes her eyes widened in shock. Neville standing next to him in a matching outfit was enough to cause her to look twice. She shook off the shock and led them into the hall. The hat sat on the stool and once they were ready sang its song. It was the same as the one from his original first year and then the sorting started.

Hannah Abbot went into huffelpuff, and everyone else the same until it came to Vincent Crabbe who went to Huffelpuff as well. Hadrian was shocked and even more so when he was followed shortly by Gregory Goyle. Granger ended up in Ravenclaw this time around. Neville had barely steped towards the hat when Dumbledore spotted him. The twinkle quickly left his eyes when he spotted Neville's robes and he almost lost it when the hat called out Slytherin. Daphne was quickly sorted into Slytherin followed by Draco and Theo and then Mcgonnigal was calling his name.

"Potter, Hadrian"

"Did she say Hadrian, I thought his name was Harry."

"Is he in bearer robes"

"Oh merlin is he really a bearer"

"Did he really defeat you-know-who."

"Wow, I thought he would be taller."

Hadrian smirked as he walked forward. Dumbledore looked like he was about to explode, his face was red and his lips were pinched as Hadrian walked confidently forward in his bearer robes. He hopped up on the stool and let the hat fall on his head.

"Well, you are not what I expected Mr Potter. I can honestly say I am not often shocked but I have never met a time traveler before. The headmaster has ordered you placed in Gryffindor you know."

"I can imagine but you know the rules of the founders state I must be put with my betrothed. If you fail in your set duty by the founders Hogwarts will fall. What is your choice my friend?" he asked the hat.

"My makeup is not known to many young Hadrian but I feel you should know. You learned of horcruxes in your past life well I am similar. I am a makeup of a small piece of all four founders souls so they are not so much my orders as my directive. I will follow the decisions of those who gave of themselves to created me. You can go no where but 'Slytherin'" the hat boomed.

All the noise in the great hall was suddenly silenced until Adrian stood and clapped. The rest of the Slytherin table suddenly were standing and cheering louder than he had thought possible for reserved, cold hearted Slytherin's. Even Severus had a smirk on his face and was politely clapping. Hadrian took off the hat and set it on the stool bowing slightly turned and ran to the spot Adrian had saved for him. Neville was directly across from him next to Micah and they were surrounded by the rest of their friends. Soon they were joined by Blaise and Dumbledore stood and gave his speech.

"Welcome all to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. There is a time for speech giving but alas this is not it so let us tarry no longer. Let the feast begin." and with a clap of his hands the tables were laden with food.

They were about halfway through with the feast when Marcus brought their attention to Dumbledore up at the head table. They could not hear what was being said but from the look of anger on Snapes face and the cold look on Dumbledore's it was something they were not going to like. Finally Snape gave one short angry nod and Dumbledore turned back to his meal smugly. As the food disappeared to be replaced with desert there was a sudden wave of power that swept through the room. The power was very familiar to Hadrian and obviously Dumbledore as well. The only difference was where it was comforting to Hadrian it was the exact opposite to the headmaster. He dropped his goblet and stiffened in shock.

The students quieted as they were touched by the wave of power and those who were more sensitive to magical currents were overwhelmed as the wave continued. Hadrian went utterly limp as did several of the more powerful students and several of the teachers as well. Snape could not even hold himself up and slumped in his seat. Dumbledore was only upright out of utter shock. After what seemed like ages the wave of power began to lessen and the ones who had lost themselves in it began to gain control of them selves. Hadrian was leaning weakly on Adrian who was barely upright himself. Dumbledore stood shakily and addressed the great hall.

"Prefects please lead the first years to your houses. Your head of house will be with you shortly but be warned once you have all of your students accounted for we will be going into lockdown until we are certain that what ever that power was did not damage the wards." He said as he swept from the hall.

Snape came over and led the entire Slytherin house down to the dorms. The password was 'aconite' and they were let into the common room. Once everyone had gathered around he began speaking.

"Welcome to Slytherin the house of the sly and cunning. Those of you in this room are the future leaders of our world. That does not mean that the students in the other houses do not have something to offer. For many years now Slytherin's have looked down on all of the other houses and any who they deemed beneath them preventing us from making allies and instead making enemies. It is up to us to change this and to bring Slytherin's back up to the respected levels of our ancestors.

Tonight alone you will be shown the usefullness of gaining friend instead of enemies. I will leave you now to learn. If you have any problems the prefects will be able to contact me. When I leave the common room the doors will seal and you will be locked in until tomorrow morning when I shall return to release you." He said. After leaving a few last minute instructions with the prefects he swept from the room.

Once the door was shut Adrian stood and got everyones attention, once everyone was watching he motioned to Hadrian who stood and spoke.

"A show of hands how many of you have at least on house elf in your family?" every hand in the room went up.

"Good. Now I am certain that most of you have heard the whisperings over the past week or two about Lord Malfoy and Lord Pucey changing how they treat their elf's followed by the Flint, Zabini and Nott families, yes?" he questioned.

"What does that have to do with anything Potter?" a sixth year he did not know asked.

"Let me call my elf and you will see. Tibby." he called. Tibby popped in and as she looked around her eyes grew wide.

"Master Hadrian sir, Tibby be needing help to fix all the curses sir. Is you wanting Tibby to be fixing the rooms to Master Hadrian sir." she squeaked.

"Yes Tibby but first I would like you to tell the students why they should be kind to their house elf's please. Once you are done you can call as many elf's as you need to help." he said knidly from where he had knelt in front of her.

"Alright master Hadrian sir." the little elf's said. She was dressed in green and silver today with a silver bow and black ballet flats. "Yous should be being nice to your elf's because if you is then your elf's be helping you more. Elf's can be seeing and taking away bad spells on on wizards and their things and homes but we not be doing so if the wizards is being mean to us, and we not work so hard if wizards is being mean too."

"Tibby be calling for help now master Hadrian?" she asked.

"Yes Tibby and please be certain to check the dorm rooms as well as the common rooms."

Yes master Hadrian." she said before popping away.

"That was my house elf Tibby and she has just gone to get backup. The Slytherin common rooms and dorms have several spells on them that have been there for many years, the spells affect your thought processes making it harder for you to study and think quickly and they sink into your magical core staying with you even after you graduate. There are also slow acting appearance altering spells that make our hair greasy and our teeth crooked and yellow. Every house elf you have come into contact with since you first stepped foot in this common room has been able to detect the spells but because you have been cruel or rude they have not told you and have not removed the spells. Tibby is getting help and they will undo the spells on the room and then on us so you had better treat my elf's with respect or you can deal with the jinxes yourself." He finished.

Not long after Tibby popped back in with over twenty elf's. Ten of them split up and headed up to the dorm rooms while the others worked their way through the students. It took almost an hour before they had finished. Tibby approached him and informed him that the dorms and common rooms were free of spells and once he had thanked them the elf's popped away. The prefects began ushering them all off to bed and with it having been such a long day they went happily.