The Freshman

„Finally!" Lucy Higgins, the best friend of Tifa Lockheart, called out. "Finally, we are cops!" Tifa smiled, but she didn't really pay attention. After all, the two women just had finished Police Academy, and now they were ready to be picked for the different teams. Tifa looked around in the huge hall and watched how the police inspectors walked around, picking various people. "Tifa!" Lucy suddenly whispered. "Tifa, look, over there! Isn't that guy a hottie?" Tifa looked in the shown direction and spotted a tall man with blonde hair and an amazingly cold stare. Suddenly, the man turned his attention over to Tifa, and their eyes locked. Tifa knew that, if she would look away now, she wouldn't have the slightest chance to be picked for the guys team, so she just looked into his eyes, showing that she didn't fear him – or anything else. Slowly, the man started to make his way over to her. "Oh dear God!" Lucy squealed. "He's coming over!" "Behave!" Tifa hissed, and Lucy quickly calmed down. "Hello." The man spoke when he reached the two women. Tifa immediately checked his suit for any rank ensigns and saw that he was an inspector. "What's your name?" the guy now asked Tifa, and she quickly answered: "Tifa Lockheart, Sir." The inspector wrote her name down and started to walk away when she suddenly called after him: "Sir!" He stopped and turned around, looking at her with an ice-cold stare. "What?" Tifa knew that she couldn't pull back now if she wanted to get into the man's team, and she wanted that badly. "What's your name?" she asked. The inspector frowned. "Cloud Strife." He then said. "You have a fast mouth, Lockheart." Tifa blushed, but her embarrassment turned into joy when he talked on: "I like that. You'll hear from me." With that, Cloud walked away, leaving Tifa happy – and Lucy green with envy.

"Johnny, I'm home!" Tifa called out while she walked into the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Johnny Frasier (A/N: anyone knowing Johnny's real surname? I have *no* clue -_-;;;). "Tifa, honey." Johnny came walking out of the kitchen, embraced Tifa and kissed her neck. "How was the graduation party?" "Great." Tifa smiled. "I think I'll be in a great team." "Good for you!" Johnny cheered. "I made dinner." He then spoke on. "Wanna come and have some?" "Sure, honey." Tifa replied, and the two walked into the kitchen. As soon as they had finished, the phone rang, interrupting their conversation. "I'll get it." Tifa smiled, jumped up and hurried over. "Lockheart and Frasier?" "Hello, this is Inspector Cloud Strife." A deep, male voice spoke. "Am I talking to Tifa Lockheart?" "Yes." Tifa smiled. "Great." Cloud spoke. "I decided to take you into my team, Lockheart. As long as you are interested in working for the department for Crimes commited by insanes." Tifa gulped, but then decided to accept the offer. "I'm honored that you want me for your team, Sir." "No need to." Cloud replied. "You were the best of your class, so I'm honored to have you in my team." "Thank you, Sir." Tifa answered, flattered. "See you tomorrow at eight, then." Cloud spoke. "Just ask the receptionist about my room, he'll call me and I'll come and pick you up." "Okay. See you tomorrow, then, Sir." With that, Tifa hung up and hurried back into the kitchen, throwing herself around  Johnnys neck. "I'm in a team!" The brunette yelped, and Johnny smiled down at her.

The next morning, Cloud already stood waiting in the entrance hall when Tifa arrived. Luckily, she was five minutes early, so she didn't make a bad impression on her first day. Cloud walked over to her and offered his right hand. "Welcome, Lockheart." "Thank you, Sir." Tifa answered respectfully. Cloud made a vague gesture over to the elevator. "Come on, let's get into the office and introduce you to your new comrades." Tifa nodded, and the two of them walked over to the elevator. The drive upwards took place in an uncomfortable silence; neither Cloud nor Tifa knew what to say. Finally, the elevator arrived at the fifth floor, and both got out – only to bump into a huge man with a long red beard and a mass of red hair on his head. "Sorry!" the guy quickly apologized. Tifa looked up at him wide-eyed, and Cloud introduced her: "Lockheart, this is William Norris. He's one of the officers you'll work with. Norris, this is our new colleague, Tifa Lockheart." "Hi." William greeted, smiling. "Will, please show Tifa her place in the office." Cloud begged. "I have to go on a meeting in ten minutes, and I need to get a few files before." "No prob." William gallantly offered his arm to Tifa. "Shall we go then, My Lady?" Tifa giggled and accepted Williams arm, walking off with him. Cloud looked after them, affection for the likeable brunette in his eyes.