After Tifa had called the ambulance, she ran back to Cloud and knelt down next to him. The inspector was still unconscious; the wound in his stomach bled heavily, but his breathing was calm and deep, and when Tifa checked his pulse, she found out that his heart was beating in a steady rhythm. A little relieved, Tifa sat down next to him and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Three hours later. Tifa sat in front of the emergency room, where Cloud had been taken to immediately, and waited for the doctor to show up and tell her if her boss would make it or not. Finally, after another half an hour, the doctor came walking out, throwing the bloody gloves he had been wearing into the trashcan. Tifa felt her lunch rummage around in her stomach when she saw the blood, but she forced a smile on her face and asked:

"Can you tell me about Cloud?" The doctor eyed her suspiciously.

"Who are you, his wife?" he then asked. Tifa shook her head no, but suddenly she had an idea.

"No, but I'm his fiancée." The doctor smiled and pointed down the long hallway.

"He's in room 385. But be quiet, we don't want him to wake up too early." Tifa smiled back and hurried down the hallway, until she reached Clouds room.

Tifa carefully opened the door, trying not to make any noise, and tiptoed inside the room. That was when Clouds voice surprised her:

"You don't have to be quiet. I'm awake." Tifa jumped, startled; she'd guessed that Cloud would be unconscious until the next morning.

"Hey." The brunette spoke while she sat down next to the bed, taking Clouds hand into hers.

"Hey yourself." Cloud whispered, smiling weakly at her. Tifa reached out and gently ran her hand down his cheek. Cloud closed his eyes, enjoying the touch of his love.

"Cloud", Tifa now started, "there was something in the hotel room…something you didn't hear anymore." Cloud remembered his love declaration, and an uneasy feeling crept up inside him.

"And that would be?" he whispered, and the uneasy feeling vanished when Tifa smiled at him.

"I told you that I love you too." She replied, her face turning red. Cloud smiled and took her hand into his.

"Now that's good news." Tifa grinned at him and just bent forward to kiss him, when suddenly the door burst open and Scott, William and Logan jumped in, all three of them grinning. Tifa jerked back up and rolled her eyes while Cloud groaned.

"Hey boss!" Scott called out while he scampered closer to the bed. That was when William saw the expression on Tifas face, and when Logan realized that the two were holding hands.

"Umm, Scott", William spoke, getting nervous, "I think we are coming…untimely."

"Why?" Scott asked, totally clueless of what was going on in the room. Logan just sighed, grabbed Scott's collar and pulled him out of the room, despite his protests. William waved goodbye to Cloud and Tifa and closed the door behind him, leaving the two alone again.

"Finally", Tifa sighed, "they are gone again. Now, where were we…?" Cloud just smiled, reached out and pulled her down to him until their lips met in a soft kiss. Finally, after a seemingly endless period, they parted again, both breath- and speechless.

"I think", Cloud finally managed to say, "that there'll be a lot of changes in our department now." Tifa just smiled at her boss and lover and patted his hand.

"And they will be good changes." She whispered into his ear before they kissed again. Finally, after a lot of trouble, they had found together.