Title: Pies

Disclaimer: Everything is owned by the Syfy Channel and Nick Willing. I wish I was named either one of those.

Summary: Hatter contemplates pies

Characters: Hatter, slight Alice (in mention... sort of)

Notes: set during Alice, part of the 'Mad Watches Collection'

Word Count: 100

He's always there when the hat was passed.

Had this been some other children's story, he might have been the one with his fingers stuck in all the pies. Perhaps the reward in such a scenario would have been better. Pie, you know: Delicious. As it was, running the Tea Shop got him tea… and apparently, damsels in distress. The first lost its appeal quickly and the second got his heart in knots and his body strapped to a chair and tortured by two seriously disturbed doctors.

Now pies Hatter rather liked. At least they didn't come with electric rods.