Title: Colds and Sneezes

Disclaimer: Everything is owned by the Syfy Channel and Nick Willing. But I own this sticker I found on my banana!

Summary: There are, of course, colds in Wonderland.

Characters: Hatter/Alice

Notes: set post Alice, part of the 'Mad Watches Collection'

Word Count: 115

Hatter had begun to see the pattern to these things. Alice got that focusy look in her eyes and Hatter would hand her another disposable handkerchief. Then came the hearty sneeze or two. The 'puffy' was then dropped in the trash.

"You don't have to stay you know." She told him, pulling the blanket over her shoulder.

Hatter shrugged. "I'm fascinated."

"No colds in Wonderland?" Alice ventured. The differences in their worlds had stopped surprising her.

Hatter chuckled. "We have colds, not like this however. It's the sneezing that I find interesting."

Alice snuffled a little and frowned. "So no sneezes then?"

"None as cute as yours," Hatter confessed, pressing a kiss to her nose.