Title: Mr. March

Disclaimer: Everything is owned by the Syfy Channel and Nick Willing... and imaginations everywhere.

Summary: Hatter remembers Mr. March

Characters: young!Hatter, Mad March

Notes: set pre Alice, part of 'Mad Watches Collection', concerning the connection between Hatter and Mad March

Word Count: 110

Mr. March was his name. A tall man, he loomed over young Hatter. He had dark eyes and hair the color of sand. He would stare down at Hatter, stare at him as though he were a very small bug.

Hatter suspected Mr. March was very good at squashing bugs.

A friend of your father's, his mother told him when he had asked. And she said no more.

Whenever Mr. March would come to his father's shop, Hatter would sneak outside the door of his father's study and listen to their hushed harsh voices.

One day Mr. March and Hatter's father had left the house. Mr. March came back alone.