Title: Shattered Rabbits

Disclaimer: Everything is owned by the Syfy Channel and Nick Willing. The allergies are all mine. :/

Summary: Hatter remembers Mr. March

Characters: Hatter, Mr. March

Notes: set during Alice, part of the 'Mad Watches Collection', concerning the connection between Hatter and Mad March (a multi part history), spoilerish

Word Count: 107

Hatter's father never came back. But Mr. March did.

Got a new head.

All the years Hatter had waited, slowly learning the truth. Time had supplied him with room for ideas and the long slow suck on bittersweet dreams of justice. But it was Fate. Fate who finally delivered him his moment.

Murdered my father.

A long knife was drawn. How easily this assassin dismissed him. How quickly he turned to bloody remedies.

Not a boy. Not afraid. Not anymore.

Hatter found the black paint-chip eyes of his captor. He swung back an arm, a fist. Came a shatter of plaster and memory.

Always hated rabbits.

A/N: Italics are Hatter's thoughts, as though I even needed to explain that. :] Heaping thanks to everyone who read and reviewed! Hatter-shaped cookies for everyone!