Title: Sledgehammer

Disclaimer: Everything is owned by the Syfy Channel and Nick Willing. Sponsored by insomnia.

Summary: Hatter always wanted to be a hero

Characters: young!Hatter

Notes: set pre Alice, part of the 'Mad Watches Collection'

Word Count: 104

Hatter's father told the best stories.

They had all the right elements: swashbuckling heroes who fought a Jabberwocky or two and saved the damsel in distress. Hatter's father would always skip the sappy parts at the end too; Hatter didn't like the mushy stuff.

When the story was finished, Hatter would sit on his father's lap, inhaling the tale.

"What makes heroes strong?" Hatter asked of his father once.

"Belief," was the answered.

"Can I believe too?" Hatter looked at his hands, his eyes wide with wonder and possibility.

"Anything you wish."

And so Hatter did. He always wanted to be a hero.