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Chapter Six: We heard from the leeches…

Edward POV…

We were home in Forks but would not for long. We planned on never coming back here for a while because there were too many memories of Bella. We were only there for maybe about thirty minutes when Bella's best friend Jacob burst through the door.

"Where's Bella?" he demanded I sighed

"Bella stayed she wanted to…where are you going?" I asked once he turned around and started leave again

"were does it look like I'm going to get my best friend" he said then took off I looked at the family and they stared back unsure what to do I sighed and glanced at Carlisle.

"the Volturi won't like this at all" was all he murmured

"neither will Bella" Alice added shaking her head

Bella's POV-back at the castle…

"you stupid dumb mutt why the heck are you here?" I screeched at Jacob, Embry, Quil, Sam, Jared, Paul, Leah and Seth were all here I wonder where Collin and Brady are?

"wow Bella calm down by the way you look hot!" Paul said I glared at him while Marcus growled Paul just growled back

"ugh stop it!" I yelled as I rubbed my temples I had a major headache

"love are you okay?" Marcus asked as he came up to me and wrapped his arms around me

"yea I just got a headache" I said to him I could hear some of the pack growling at Marcus's closeness to me I gave them the finger causing Marcus to chuckle

"Bells we heard from the leeches that you're staying with these leeches why?" Jacob asked

"cause I'm in love with my soul mate" I stated simply

"yea right come on lets go home" Jacob said

"no it's true Jake it's kind of like imprinting but not we just knew it and Marcus can feel the bond of a relationship between people and Alice saw it and pretty much everyone else once I looked into his eyes I was lost" I muttered as I stared into his blood red eyes now

"ugh, Bella what about your dad?" Jake asked I stiffened

"I don't know Jake I'm eighteen a legal adult I can make my own decisions now I'll just say I'm going to a school here in Italy or something I just don't want to leave you can understand that right? Tell Charlie I love him and I'll see him soon okay I'm going to bed I'll see you sometime soon I'm sure we can cover your flight back I'm sorry Jake but I have to stay" I said and walked back to Marcus's room with Marcus still wrapped around me he just decided to carry me after I leaned on him and I fell asleep shortly after.

*next day*

I woke up the next morning in an empty bed which made me extremely unhappy because I wanted to see Marcus, there wasn't even a note saying where he was which upset me even more. I took a shower and went to the big closet trying to decided what I wanted to wear.

I walked out of the room and down the hall too. I came upon a door so being the nosy person I am I knocked lightly and opened the door. Inside was a pool along with a basket ball court and an inside baseball field I was jumping up and down in excitement because this was an awesome room I knew I had to go swimming in the pool and soon. I walked back out of that room and shut the door quietly.

"miss Isabella what are you doing wondering around all by yourself again?" Santiago said causing me to shriek at him sneaking up on me

"I'm sorry I" I turned around to face him "I... what are you wearing? You look scrumptious" he said I giggled and twirled around. I had dressed in something that should have came out of an old vampire movie with a modern age twist, in which the skirt was short and the heeled booted were tall. it was accompanied with ruby red jewls.

"it's punishment really for Marcus he can look but he won't be allowed to touch because he left the bed this morning or last night or whatever but he wasn't there when I woke up so now he has to suffer it's diabolical don't you think?" I asked Santiago chuckled

"yes very good punishment indeed shall I take you to him?"

"yes please" Santiago held out his elbow for me and I gently place my fingers in the crook of it I giggled as we walked

"that's a beautiful necklace." Santiago asked

"yes, thank you I thought it complimented the outfit" I replied

"it does so how long do you think Marcus will last until he ravishes you?" he asked bluntly I giggled

"shall we make a bet?" I teased

"sure why not?"

"okay I give him under an hour" I said

"you have no faith in him eh I give him maybe three" he contoured

"what's the bet?" I asked knowing I would win I had a couple tricks up my sleeve

"uh money"

"how much?"

"how much you willing to pay?" he joked

"it's Marcus's money so then ten thousand?" I asked

"alright ten thousand it is" he said shaking my hand

"I'll get the others to bet too" he said I nodded

"more there is the more money I get" I said happily

"cocky much?" he teased I nodded and smirked

"ugh women there unreadable" he mumbled causing me to giggle by now we were in the throne room and once I giggled the attention was drawn to me Marcus was slouched in his throne but now as he saw me he sat up straight and his expression brightened.

"thank you Santiago and I will win" I said as I flitted over to Marcus there was a couple of male vampires in front of the throne kneeling they were staring at me intently I went over to Marcus and kissed his check then flitted over to a smiling Jane. Marcus looked mad at me not staying at his side I just smirked.

"why are you wearing that? Jane whispered so only I could here

"come with me and I'll tell you" I whispered back then pulled her outside of the room before I left I heard one of the kneeling vampire speak

"that's your mate master Marcus you are lucky to get anything done around here with her" I giggled at the sound of something being thrown at him and I turned to Jane

"Marcus wasn't there when I awoke nor was there any type of not saying where he went so I decided to torture him in this and I plan to win a bet at it too I betted Santiago that in under an hour Marcus will steal me away and ravish me Santiago gives him three hours but he underestimates my allure" I whispered to Jane she giggled

"I want in what's the bet" she asked

"ten thousand dollars I want to go shopping with the winnings you in?" I asked she nodded

"find Santiago and tell him oh and hurry you better be on my side because with what I'm about to do will make me win for sure" I whispered she giggled and ran off I skipped back into the throne room causing every eye to be on me again I sighed and went up to the thrones again this time to Aro's

"why are they here?" I asked ignoring Marcus, Caius was smiling as he saw this

"they haven't got to their explanation of that yet you interrupted that" Aro teased I giggled

"oh my bad" I said and flitted past Marcus brushing his arm with my hand I squeaked in surprise when he grabbed my hand and yanked me into his lap I giggled when he ravished my neck with kisses

"stop Marcus" I ordered and he did

"no touchy" I said and got up by now everyone was trying to hold in their laughter

"What? Why?" Marcus asked confused

"you know why" I stated simply he looked confused for a minute then realization dawned on him and he made an o with his kissable lips

"oh my dear I'm sorry I had to leave I had matters to attend to" he said thinking that would get him forgiven

"and there was no paper for you to write a note saying this?" I asked "or you couldn't wake me and tell me then let me go back to sleep?"

"you looked to beautiful to wake" he countered everyone was listening attentively to our conversation

"and the note?" I asked he went silent

"I'm sorry I'm not used to having someone worry about where I am" he said that almost made me give in almost

"so you forgot about me then fine" I huffed and walked away I brushed against Felix and winked causing Marcus to growl I smiled to myself and brushed against Demetri and winked also before I could take another step Marcus swept me up and ran full speed to our room where he did ravish me again and again and afterwards I fell into a peaceful sleep knowing that I had won the bet.

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