Lest I Forget

Itachi has a picture of his family which he always carries with him. He took it from his room at some point in that blurry, half-forgotten time between his confrontation with Sasuke and meeting the Third. Sometimes, on quiet nights when Kisame maintains a respectful distance on the other side of the fire, he takes it out and looks at it. He does not have one of Shisui though. It's not because he never possessed any because he had. But Shisui had hated them, claiming they were too static for him and Itachi agreed. Living up to his title, Shisui had always been in motion. It would be wrong to remember him through a still picture.

He's in Shisui's room. He's just returned from ...the river and he knows he shouldn't be here. The room is filled with signs of Shisui's presence and he half-expects him to come through the door any moment. Clothes are scattered across the floor, no one had any illusions about him being tidy. His weapons are stacked neatly on racks above the shelves holding various scrolls though because that's what good shinobi do and whatever else, he i- was a good shinobi.

He gazes around the room, stopping on the team photo propped on the windowsill. Shisui smiles out of it but he thinks there's silent accusation in his eyes. He looks away from it and he notices a package on the desk. It's small and messily-wrapped with a note on top of it in Shisui's familiar untidy handwriting. Present for Itachi. Don't forget to give it to him this time. The last bit is underlined several times and Itachi feels his lips twitch. He remembers his last birthday. Shisui had turned up late to the party and with no gift. It had taken him a while to live that one down.

But what was this present for...? With a slight start, he realises it will be his birthday again soon. Thirteen. It's not a number with any particular significance for him and he doubts anyone will make a big fuss about it either.

There are voices coming from outside. The meeting must have broken up and people started to return home. He's stayed too long. Turning to leave, he pauses, glancing back at the package.

They're walking down a deserted road. Kisame glances at him.


He focuses in the way that Kisame knows means he's listening.

"What's with the necklace?"

A slight pause.

"It was a present."

I really can't see Itachi as the sort of person who wears jewellery just because he likes it and in a lot of fic, people have him keeping a photo of his family as a reminder of them but never one of Shisui so I thought it would be interesting if he had a different way of remembering him.